17 Ideas to Bring Farmhouse Sensation to Your Dining Room

Combination of old, warm and cosiness is a farmhouse. Bring this combination to your dining room, and you can pleasurably enjoy your dine to the most with farmhouse atmosphere. Check these farmhouse dining room ideas for some inspirations to remake your previous dining room.


1. Neutral Colours

Farmhouse style is famous with neutral colour, especially white. A total white on the wall is always preferable. Have a three colours plan combination. One colour for the wall, the cabinetries and the furniture.

A dining room with a dominant farmhouse style white color.

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A dining room with white walls in harmony with a wooden dining table.

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A farmhouse style dining room with dominant white features.

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A farmhouse style house with a white dining room.
a dining room with an old wooden table in a farmhouse style.
A dining room with a farmhouse style with predominantly white color.

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2. Incorporate Dimension Décor

Never hesitate to take out your old and unused cut boards and use it as a decoration in one corner of your dining room countertop. For instance, a hanging shelf above the sink with a handful old stuff such as cut boards, old tin glass, and exposed wood lettering. 

A dining room with thanksgiving board and white cabinets.
A dining room with wooden floating shelves and white cabinets.
A farmhouse style dining room with white wooden table.
A farmhouse style dining room with thanksgiving boards.

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3. Mix Match Furniture

Don’t be afraid to do a mix-matching between new and old. The farmhouse isn’t all about something perfect. For instance, have a natural cut wooden table with wood stain finishing as the island, and combine it with rustic style stools with wooden seat. 

A farmhouse dining room with chandelier made of stainless.
the idea of a modern agricultural style dining room with a wooden cabinet.
A dining room with pastel white color and white wooden roof.
An alloy old wooden tables in the dining room in a modern farmhouse.

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4. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures play a great role inside the dining room. Good choice of fixtures can be a showstopper for the visitor. For the utmost effect of a farmhouse, try choosing a wooden pendant light.

the idea of a dining room with rattan wood chairs and hanging lamps.
A framhouse style dining room with glass lamp holders.
Dining room ideas with old tables and classic chandeliers.
Old metal arrangements on chandeliers are in a farmhouse style dining room.
Creative ideas with a square-shaped chandelier in the dining room.

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5. Distressed Furniture

The farmhouse isn’t always about new things. The older, the better. So, if you have just repainted your old furniture, don’t be afraid to put some distress in it. Moreover, it is better if you didn’t repaint it at all.

A farmhouse style dining room with an old dining table.
An alloy dining room with an old dining table with a flower vase.
Farmhouse style dining room with classic dining table with natural colors.

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6. Wooden Floor

Wood is all over the place. Adding wooden flooring is suggested. It creates a warm feeling to the room. You can also try wooden floor texture or something like wood-mimicking tiles instead of a real wood if it is too expensive to afford a real one.

A dining room with vinyl wood floors and old wooden door boards.

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A dining room with a combination of wooden floors with a dining table with an agricultural atmosphere.

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7. Floral Centre Piece

Don’t forget to bring nature into the room. Take out some fresh flower into a glass pot and put it in the middle of the island or somewhere which is easy to spot. Branches also serve good as decorations

Creating a farmhouse style dining room is not a hard thing. Just focus on reusing what is unused anymore. Mix matching furniture and everything that is mentioned above. These farmhouse dining room ideas will surely help you in decorating your dining room. Good luck. 

A farmhouse style interior with a dining table and fresh flower vase.

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