21 Limited Space is Not a Problem with This Modern House Design

Modern house design is currently associated with squares and clean lines. This kind of design lets the house feels bigger, cleaner, and overall more lavish even if it is small. The modern design promotes simplicity, so when it comes to a small house, this is the best design you can think of. If you want to achieve this style, check out our small modern house design ideas below.


1. Huge Window

This two-story house is designed with the ultimate colour : white, black, and brown. The brown colour that comes from the wood finishes off the house with a touch of nature on top of the modern design. Showing off the interior of the house. If you have a view of trees or garden in front of your house, they can be enjoyed directly from the living room. 

Using white color and large windows of modern homes look attractive because with large windows can show off the interior of the house.
If you want to have a living room that can be used to enjoy the garden, use the big window like in the picture above.

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Large windows installed in a modern black house will make this house look even more amazing.
Having a house with a large window design like this will make this house look more elegant.
One home design that is suitable for you to use is a house that has a large window, because with a large window you can see or enjoy your garden from inside the house.
To get the look of a more exotic home design you can add a large window in your home.

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Display homes that use large windows like in the picture above will make your house look more perfect.

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2. Square House

A square house design like this has been favoured and considered one of the most modern designs currently. Framing the house with some walls, this house has a clean, minimalist finish. With this small modern house design, you need to balance the simplicity of the exterior with unique interior design. 

One of the best home designs that are suitable for you to use is a square home design. With this design your home will look minimalist.
Building a house with a square design is a good idea because a house with a square design will look more attractive.
To get a house with a minimalist but unique design you can use this modern square home design.
If you like a minimalist home you can use a modern home with this minimalist design.
Has a dominant color of white house with a minimalist design that looks more perfect and suits you.
One color that is suitable for use in minimalist home designs is white, because with this color your home will have a cleaner impression.
Making a house with a square design and using black is perfect for you to use because it looks unique.

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3. Dark and Warm

Pairing warm-toned colour and shades of black for the house exterior is another colour combination that you can choose. Instead of one huge window, this house is designed with several windows that are scattered around the house. The purpose is to let the natural light comes in from wherever it can. So, no matter where you are in the house, you will always be accompanied by natural light during the day.

Building a house with a modern design and giving dark colors like black and gray like this will make the house have a warm impression.
Using black and large windows will make your home look more perfect.

image source

Using a combination of colors between black and white this modern home design is perfect for you to use because it looks more exotic.
Having a modern black house that has large windows and many is very useful for homes with dark colors, because with these windows your house will have natural light inside.

image source

If you like dark colors don’t hesitate to use black, but to give a little light in your house, you can provide your house with large windows.
One of the best colors for modern homes is the dark color. With a dark color your house will look more amazing.
Using a color combination between black and brick colors this house is perfect for you to use because it looks unique.

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Small houses make you feel more connected to one another. The modern design supports that idea by encouraging simplicity in both exteriors as well as interior design. If you want that kind of feeling in the house, the small modern house design we have described can be your inspiration.

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