23 Artistic Apartment Kitchen Ideas You May Try

Are you thinking of moving out of an apartment because the kitchen is a little muddled? Well, it doesn’t solve your problem at all. These three artistic apartment kitchen ideas might change your mind. Having such a place to cook will surely boost your mood. Moreover, it is no doubt that the meals prepared in the artistic kitchen will be so flavorsome.


1. Opt for Artwork

An eye-catching artwork makes a statement over a white rustic dining table or a stainless-steel sink. Therefore, opt for artwork that can elevate your kitchen look. You can have a powerful quote and painting. 

If you feel that buying fine art is pricey, consider something cheap but unique and stunning, such as a wooden basket, a small rug, an old photo frame, and a barn door. Be sure those things have contrast tones to your kitchen wall and furniture. For instance, an old soft peach photo frame will make your straight white kitchen wall artistic yet lovable. 

Unpainted bricks are a beautiful addition to this transition kitchen space
Large paintings make blank walls look more useful and artsy
Blurring the boundary between city and interior landscapes with graffiti
The painting compliments with the wall color and is superbly beautiful
This kitchen room has a very nice color with chalkboard decoration
Custom wallpaper paired with white cabinets
The unique furniture and decor used in one space
Adding the modern painting by the wall was a great touch
Placing a poster in your kitchen is just as cool and funky

Image source

2. Balance Out the Countertop and Floor

Everything needs balance, so does your kitchen. Don’t only focus on things visible to your eyes, such as a countertop. The kitchen floor needs improvement, too. You cannot let the ugly and stained kitchen floor uncovered.

Balancing out the kitchen countertop and floor can transform the dull kitchen look freshly renovated.  If you find that your countertop cheap laminating is broken, you need to fix it soon. Make the countertop be the most high-end kitchen furniture with some help from the contact paper. 

Besides, the kitchen’s tile discoloration gets you another problem to solve. Instead of changing all faded tiles, start with a large patterned area rug to resolve your tile problems. 

White and mint paint do wonders for a refresh, as does a flooring replacement
Wooden cabinets for white walls with black painted cabinets
Deep navy cabinets put a delightfully unexpected spin on light contrast in this kitchen
Beautiful kitchen with marble back-splash and organic shapes in wood
Modern and industrial accents are a nice counterpart to the rustic warmth of the wood

Image source

Redoing the kitchen floor and adding hexagonal tiles can be a pretty
Light-filled and spacious white modern kitchen with hexagon floor tile
Monochromatic floor tiles with patterns for modern kitchen

Image source

3. Give a Little Pop of Color

Start the journey of your artistic apartment kitchen ideas by carefully selecting and contrasting colors. A neutral color backdrop will never go wrong with a pop of dark tones and/or bright colors. 

Therefore, check out your kitchen walls’ or furniture’s dominant colors and accentuate them with a pop of color. A straight white kitchen area can be aesthetically appealing with a pop of grayish-blue, pastel pink, or bright yellow. 

Bright orange bar stools in a white kitchen
Beautiful kitchen with a blue ceiling and bright orange bar stools
Rustic themed kitchen with a bright yellow bar stools
Bright kitchen with white painted walls and green bar stools
Bright blue kitchen bar stools with yellow accents on some furniture
Blue bar stools with curved backs paired with pops of orange hanging lamps
Neon pink bar stools bring some color to this kitchen
Neutral kitchen with bright bluish purple bar stools

Image source

So, are you ready to apply these artistic apartment kitchen ideas soon?

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