23 Bold and Modern Garden Ideas

What is in your mind when you talk about the garden? Maybe you will think of a place that has a tropical feel and also creates a feminine impression.

The stereotype of the park is not wrong, but if you want a different nuance of the park, you can have it. Moreover, if you want a modern and bold theme, something that will make your house look more minimalist.

Let’s look at a few ways to bring bold and modern garden ideas:

1. Functionality of Space

When you want to create a bold garden concept, then you should be able to make the best use of space. Avoid adding unnecessary ornaments and make the garden look too crowded.

Prioritize functionality in the park, and don’t forget to use useful decorations, such as flower pots, chairs, and tables. How about patio concept? Yes, you can try a modern patio with compact furniture made out of matte woods, plastic, or glass. That gives you such futuristic vibes!

The architectural garden design celebrates geometry in all hard asymmetries
Taman modern dengan kontur lembut berdaun dan integritas sosial budaya
Beautiful modern garden with wall lighting and shaded with green plants
Taman modern yang indah dengan perapian dan pencahayaan di lantai
An attractive modern garden with asymmetrical walls and floors and ornamental trees
A charming modern garden with beds for growing ornamental plants
Dynamic modern garden with wooden fences and rectangular ponds
A natural modern garden with a variety of tropical plants and comfortable wicker chairs

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2. Neutral Colors

A garden with modern and bold shades certainly avoids colors that are too flashy. Choose neutral colors such as black, white, or pastel.

Want sharper colors? You can try white and black monochromatic shades. Don’t worry. This color combination is not boring. You will get an ultimate exclusivity.

A modern garden with bamboo groves on a neutral colored wall
Dramatic lighting in tropical gardens and swimming pools with small curved bridges
Tropical plants and lime green seating in the courtyard garden
Modern garden ideas with tropical plants, neutral walls and bright doors

Image source

Modern garden with tropical landscape style fence and concrete bamboo garden path

Image source

Modern garden ideas with a chair that looks like a little out of place

Image source

3. Wood Accent

Wood gives you two kinds of impressions. The first is a traditional impression, and the second is a modern impression. What distinguishes those two?

If you want wood with a modern impression, then you can choose wood with a flat surface and a matte color. This is wood that can be an inspiration fence for bold and modern garden ideas.

Modern garden ideas with wooden partitions and chairs with lime green cushions arranged to enjoy a contemporary and relaxing courtyard view
Modern garden ideas with footing, fences and a small hut all made of wood
Modern garden ideas with wooden fences and unique orange chairs with festive red cushions
The wooden features on the walls and water add focal points while supporting street noise
modern garden with hardwood furniture that is resistant to sunlight and emerald pillows as a color accent
Modern garden by combining weather boards and hard wood for a series of interconnected decks, terraces and gardens
Modern garden by combining elements of wood, concrete, and water to inspire yard decoration

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You will be very impressed with how much change can be brought about by the modern garden ideas above. Your house will look cooler, greener, but not too much. Happy gardening!

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