23 Easy Farmhouse Kitchen Décor Ideas to Get Your Rustic Theme

Farmhouse and rustic themes are like two paths that walk hand in hand. They put their points on familiarity, warmth, and coziness. How do they work? The farmhouse is the base model to bring the appearance, while the rustic theme is the booster for the vibe. So, here are three easy rustic farmhouse kitchen décor ideas for you.

1. Distinctive Color Palette 

Farmhouse emphasizes its color scheme into a neutral palette. Meanwhile, rustic seeks warmth by giving a deep and natural color. If you want to makeover your kitchen, consider deploying the mix of neutral and strong colors between your stuff.

For instance, place the things that have strong presences with more neutral or lighter colors. You need to get the balance for those things. For the color, try to get the neutral but deep color, such as warm stone, hazelnut cream, or Peruvian violet. The color can bring rustic look if you apply it on a suitable material.

With white walls, the color of your kitchen will look brighter. Add a wooden table and decoration from clay, to create a rustic impression in your kitchen.

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Natural impression, this kitchen design is more attractive with elegant wooden walls. Wooden tables and chairs, in addition to being beautiful also add to the rustic and beauty of your rural kitchen design.

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Beautiful contrasting colors are created in this kitchen design. With white walls and white wooden tables, the color of the floor from the wood gives a beautiful and attractive color contrast.

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The beauty of this rural kitchen design is very attractive. With the dominance of white, making your kitchen look clean. The addition of brown wood flooring adds to the warmth of your rustic kitchen.

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A unique blend of white brick walls, more attractive with beautiful wooden pallet floors. You can add wooden shelves to enhance the design of your rural kitchen.

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2. Rustic Furniture

A farmhouse kitchen will not be the same without rustic furniture. No matter how minimalist approach you get, only the right furniture can work best with this design. Do note that the farmhouse relies on natural material, similar to your rustic style.

So, name your things to get rustic vibes. You can start from a large raised panel cabinet. Applying the rustic color and texture to the cabinet will make a perfect decoration for the farmhouse kitchen. Do the same for the dining table, ceiling, wooden floor, or walls to match the style.

Ceilings, floors and wooden tables in your kitchen can create a warm and natural feel. In addition, some wooden furniture will give a rustic impression to your kitchen design.

Looks elegant, the design of this agricultural kitchen is increasingly charming with dark wooden tables. Besides the wooden floor also increases the beauty and comfort of your kitchen.

Impressive and magnificent, rustic-themed kitchen design with wooden beams ceilings. In addition, furniture in this kitchen design uses wood that is able to give the impression of luxury. As a result, you will enjoy the beauty and warmth while in this kitchen.

In addition to wooden shelves and cabinets, this kitchen floor gives an attractive impression to your rustic design. With the combination of white and brown colors, the beauty of the kitchen tone is more perfect.

Themed in white, the design of this kitchen appears very attractive and extraordinary. With furniture made from wood, a rustic impression will appear to decorate your minimalist kitchen.

The beauty of this red wooden storage cabinet is extraordinary. Plus with brown wood floors, you will feel the beauty in your kitchen.

This wooden table, chair and storage cabinet creates a rustic feel in your kitchen. In addition, with brown wood, beauty and cleanliness will be created in the design of your kitchen.

The beauty of this wooden table and chairs, gives a natural impression to your rural kitchen design. Here, the addition of cabinets and wooden floors add to the natural impression of your rural kitchen.

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3. Rustic Accessories

Apparently, you don’t need to put lots of accessories for your kitchen. They will just make the kitchen look stuffy and less practical, as the idea of a farmhouse. That’s a fact, or at least if you don’t make it right.

Therefore, try to give decorative elements serving your purpose. You don’t need a big and stuffy chandelier; change it with thin-framed iron lamps. This kind of lightings brings industrial look but works fine in rustic colors. If you want extra metal installation, try to get copper knobs for your drawers or small accented items, such as vases or hooks as storage.

In addition to the table and wooden floor, you can add a chandelier with a unique design. Apart from that the combination of chairs from iron and wood will also add to the beauty of your kitchen design.

Here, you can place a push table that will facilitate the arrangement of your kitchen space. Furthermore, you can provide lighting with beautiful chandeliers. For convenience, you can also place chimneys on your stove. Now, you will enjoy the beauty of the rustic design set out in your minimalist kitchen.

In addition to wooden floors and storage cabinets, also provide an iron chandelier that will provide lighting at night. You can also provide beautiful flower decorations to add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Even though it is unique, this rustic kitchen design is more beautiful with ancient decoration. Here, chandeliers in ancient iron scales will enhance your rural kitchen design.

Enjoy the comfort of your seat in a unique and attractive wooden chair. Here you can place the kitchen table in the middle of the room. Next, give a pretty flower sink and decoration to add to the beauty of your kitchen design.

Appear attractive, this rustic kitchen design is more beautiful with beautiful flowers in the urn. In addition, the sink faucet with yellow gold also adds to the beauty of your rural kitchen.

Decorate your kitchen dining table with a unique chandelier. In addition to lighting, these lights will enhance your kitchen design. Now, you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of a family dinner.

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Bet that these rustic farmhouse kitchen décor ideas are the best thing you can get on the internet, right?

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