23 Fairy Garden Ideas That Adults Would Adore

What do you think when you hear of the word ‘garden’? You might think that it is something that always lies in front of your house, or at least in the backyard. Think again, because there are fairy garden ideas.

What is a fairy garden? It is not a real garden. It is a garden inside a pot, and that is why it is called a garden of fairy.

Do you want to invite any fairy to your house? Let’s try this idea

1. A Christmas Fairy Garden

Christmas is always in your house when you have it in your pot. Opt for tiny evergreen bonsai and put some decorations over there, such as fake snows, Rudolf tiny dolls, and Santa!

This fairy garden is such a good deal for you who loves to have an eye-catchy decoration that makes your terrace looks incredible and funny as well. Your kids will surely love it anyway!

Collect a few small Christmas items and use them to create a Christmas-themed fairy garden
Christmas decorations and fairies are always perfect for a happy Christmas
Artificial snow, Christmas miniature ornaments, and fairy lights are all you need

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Christmas fairy garden with snowman and deer
Christmas fairy garden with a Christmas tree and lots of Christmas gifts
Christmas fairy garden with Christmas decorations and tiny garden chairs
Christmas fairy garden with christmas tree and santa
Christmas fairy garden with a Christmas tree decorated with Christmas ornaments

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2. Bird Box and Plants

This is the most used idea for those who intend to design a fairy garden idea on their terrace. The bird box is a good mate for a small flower that you can easily plant into your pot.

The bird box will invite many birds to come and sing in the joyful melody. Do you think it is magical? Do you feel surrounded by heavenly nuance? Sure you will.

Fairy garden with a bird house with leaf roofs and marbles in addition
A fairy garden from an iron bucket with a bird house and a small garden table
Fairy garden with a small house, garden and small bird house
Paint the house, fence, and outdoor furniture and use bold colors
Fairy garden with unique little houses and little birdhouses
Fairy garden with a fairy house, mailboxes, and small birdhouses
Fairy garden with swings from tires and a small bird house
Fairy garden with three colorful birdhouses and park benches

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3. Little House on The Prairie

Some of you might ever be dreaming of having a little house over the mountain like the notable series of Little House on the Prairie. Maybe the dream is just a dream but why don’t you make it true through the fairy garden?

Opt for mountain house miniature, grass, and some dolls that resemble animals to be featured in the pot. You can add a music box to make the fairy garden more wonderful.

This detailed fairy garden was built with a small fairy house and the river and its bridges
This fairy garden house is built on a wooden block and has several levels with footpaths and stairs
This fairy garden has a gnome house nailed to the side of a tree
To get the look, you can reuse a small watering can as a home
This sweet fairy garden uses an elevated garden bed for its base
Take three flower pots and you are heading to the multi-level fairy garden
Each of these houses has a unique style, including small details such as a unique front door
a small sitting area and many well-maintained plants to complete the look of a fairy garden pond
use slow-growing plants along the sides and complete the look with small house elves

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Are you ready to invite some fairies to your house through those wonderful fairy garden ideas?

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