23 Indoor Garden Ideas to Lighten Up the Rooms

Make your indoor garden a reality without needing lots of space and difficult-to-find resources. This project can appeal to the owners of tiny homes, offices, and apartments since indoor gardens don’t take up too much space. Many planter options range from usual pots and containers to repurposed and custom-made ones. Moreover, you’re not going to curate much expense, energy, and time to build and preserve the gardens. With proper care, they can last for years.

Set the start button with these five indoor garden ideas we have compiled, which definitely will guarantee to spruce up the whole house.

1. Window Herb Garden

The next time you need herbs, you can take them from your own window herb garden! They suit any container in general, but we would suggest natural color mugs for handling the delicate plants. After that, align them on your window sill to make sure they get enough sun to grow.

A herb plants are placed in miniature stairs in the room.

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a herb garden with white mug pots next to the window.

image source

A mugs with herbal plants are placed in the room.

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A herb garden fresh ones next to the window.

image source

taman herba dengan mug warna elegant berada didalam ruangan dengan di tempatkan di sisi jendela.
A herb garden with elegant color mugs in the room with placed on the side of the window.

image source

2. Teacup Garden

Teacups have their cute character with reasons, and you can definitely use them to house adorable little plants. The teacup garden can work for your child’s birthday party décor or other family gathering events. They’re hassle-free and give you a chance to experiment on the smallest or biggest teacups creatively.

A garden with teacup pots that give a funny look.

image source

A garden with white cup pots creates a beautiful appearance.
A creative and simple by using teacups for indoor garden pots.

image source

A teacup which is functioned as a garden pot in the room.

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A garden indoors by utilizing garden pot teacups.

image source

3. Water Garden

Another fantastic idea of utilizing an indoor garden is by putting water and bright, tall containers to use. Plants like ferns have roots that can bear full water submersion, which becomes our favorite suggestion that’ll contribute to the indoor beauty. Don’t forget: water garden is incredibly affordable, too.


A water garden in the room with beautiful glass pots in the room.
water garden placed on a table with unique pots.
A water garden that is placed indoors with charming glass pots.
A water garden with water hyacinth plants placed in the room.
A water garden with a large glass jar pot placed in the room.

image source

4. Indoor Fairy Garden

Bring the magical fairyland into the house by creating an indoor fairy garden that’s easy to care for and work with basically any plant you desire. You can make fairy garden furniture from natural resources like wood sticks, stones, moss, and sticks to resemble those things actual fairies would have.

Fairy plants with beautiful teacup pots are in the room of the house.
Good creativity by placing a fairy garden in the room with clay pots.

Good creativity by placing a fairy garden in the room with clay pots.

A fairy garden decoration with green moss and pebbles plus clay pots.
A creative fairy garden placed indoors with clay pots.
A garden fairy with level 3 with placed on the corner in the room.

image source

5. Vertical Indoor Garden

For those of you who live in small spaces but with high ceilings, the idea of a vertical indoor garden is what you are looking for. By applying vertically rather than horizontally, you can adjust the same lighting for them by placing lights in each row or near it. You have easy control over it, and that is an easy concept.

From these indoor garden ideas, let us know which one you go for!

A vertical garden is placed on the wall in the living room.
A living room with a vertical garden with spotlights makes an elegant living room.

A living room with a vertical garden with spotlights makes an elegant living room.

Creative ideas with the installation of a vertical garden in the living room creates a charming feel.
A vertical garden that is placed on the living room wall with a blend of light rays directed to the garden.

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