24 Creative Apartment Patio on a Budget You Can Copy

Balcony becomes extremely fascinating and functional if you carefully plan on making it work. You can always decorate a creative apartment patio on a budget. All you require to do is to take your time planning and to prepare all stuff you’ll need.

Start working on the patio upgrade whenever you have time, and spend more productive time at your cozy patio space while enjoying the view of nature.

But before that, take a look at our list of creative apartment patio on a budget that you’ll love.

1. Storage Bench + Cozy Cushions

Customizing your balcony bench can be both brilliant and necessary to do for your creative apartment patio on a budget. You can pick wooden bench materials to share more flexible makeover. Get started with personalizing your bench into some sort of storage. 

It’s genius how one part of your balcony décor can offer double functional spaces for you. You can simply keep your books safe inside the storage to provide ease while enjoying both the outdoor view and the book adventures. Add on comfortable cushions for more convenient use of your storage bench.

On the left is the Acapulco seat which not only looks impressive but is also comfortable. Also, this chair is very suitable to be used outdoors. At the bottom right there is a small table that can be folded when not needed. Tapestry gives something soft to bare feet.

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Storage Bench + Cozy Cushions are placed on the second floor balcony giving the impression of relax and comfortable to rest on a tired day.
Placing a mini mattress on the balcony makes this room very cozy. Added with pillows printed with unique motifs. Also complete with decorative elements such as lights and boxes. The whole room shows a monochrome color that is comfortable to look at.
Long-shaped wooden chairs with cushion pads are a comfortable place to relax. If you want to protect the privacy of your neighbors, you can use a balcony divider that is so high that it is not visible from the side. So as not monotonous, Buddy Rooang can decorate his surroundings with plants.
If you have only one small room or aisle in your little apartment, you can make a minimalist reading room like this. With a bookshelf and one reading chair. Beautiful!

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Even on a small balcony you can put a lot of useful things. Here, for example, there is not only a work area, but also a table where you can drink coffee. In summer you will definitely appreciate it!
To improve interior taste, there are many surprising design ideas. The key point in design is to determine specific intended uses, for example, whether this is a place to take food, eat, read, or cook.

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2. Foldable Little Dining Table + Woven Rug

Small space can never limit creativity. Instead of bringing a whole table onto your apartment patio, opt for a foldable little dining one. You can always fold and unfold the functional table whenever you want. Match the table with a woven rug. You can surely enjoy the fine morning or afternoon on your balcony alone or with someone to talk to.

You are certainly familiar with this bistro dining table set. Its nature that can be folded and stored at any time makes it perfect if you want to have a meal together outside. You can put it on your balcony with vibrant colors to give it a vintage feel.
Your house is in the middle of the city or in a modern residential, but want to feel the feel of the village? It’s easy! Decorate the balcony floor with a combination of white and gray. Do not forget to decorate the edge of the balcony with a few flower pots or plants for a beautiful impression. Give a small light on the balcony so the balcony is not too dark at night.
Lazy to leave the house or apartment? Now you can create a cafe on the balcony of a house or apartment. Start by adding a sticky table to the balcony railings, it is recommended that you place the sticky table out to the balcony railing so you can start the day while enjoying the view outside. Also add industrial-style tables and chairs to give an impression of the interior design of the cafe in your home.

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This idea is suitable for plant lovers and for those who have an open balcony. By adding a few vases of flowers and small plants around the balcony railing. Vines become one of the right choices to give the impression of European buildings. You can install a grass carpet so that the small balcony still looks beautiful. Add some essential furniture such as wooden tables and chairs for a natural feel.
If your balcony is too small and makes it difficult for you to put a set of tables and chairs at all times, try using furniture that can be folded. Foldable furniture will make it easier for you because when not in use you can fold and store it without taking up much space.
Minimalist black is a design concept that makes this balcony look mysterious and stylish. Also pay attention to the types of plants that are placed that deliberately have dark shades that make the overall balcony design more harmonious.
Spacious space gives a wide space of design and creation. You can put a bed and pillows and decorate it with decorative lights and voila! Your balcony now seems to be the most comfortable and romantic place at home.

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3. Bamboo Poles + Lantern String Lights

Looking for natural materials for decking out your apartment patio? Try bamboo poles. Pick some bamboo poles in average similar sizes and set the installment on the wall. You can sand and prime these poles or simply clean them with soap and water. For inviting more flickering ambiance to your space, add on lantern string lights on the installment.

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Hang some lantern-style lights above the screen to add soft lighting. Two solar lights to be planted in planters, although they don’t add much light.
You can decorate your outdoor area–balcony, deck or backyard with string lights, candles, and faux lighting items.

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4. Potted Plants on Vertical Planter Wall

Plants can be your best chance for showcasing more vivid hues of nature to your apartment patio. You can install a vertical planter wall that’ll be perfect for your potted plants. Pick your plants and flowers, and be fully ready as they would automatically become everyone’s favorite.

Hopefully, those brilliant ideas for creative apartment patio on a budget give you some inspirations. Have a great apartment patio makeover and enjoy your space!

Create a small structure for support or buy a trellis for climbing plants. You can do it with wooden slats, or bent steel rods.
A minimalist balcony garden feels very suitable for modern apartments who want to display a natural impression. No need to place a lot of pots, but you can simply arrange the pots near the park. Also place wooden furniture tables and chairs with matching brown rugs.
Plants add life and enthusiasm to any space, but some are better than others for pot life on the balcony of your apartment.

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Furthermore, display media for vertical gardens in space can be modified with many variations. If you are reluctant to bother installing a complete vertical garden system, there are many simpler decorative vertical garden alternatives. For example, by making use of easily available media such as wire and iron, wooden shelves, stacking stairs, or just standing pots with high feet.

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Although the size of your home’s balcony is small and minimalist, don’t forget to bring green elements through ornamental plants

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This narrow balcony exudes life and color. Surrounded by flowers and plants, this place reflects the integrity of personality.

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