24 Elevate Your Wall and Floor with These DIY Texture Ideas

Decorating wall and floor is fun to do, and doing DIY projects to enhance the space look is even more challenging. It’s never wrong to have as much inspiration as possible for tile texture ideas for wall and floor to showcase both chicness and sophistication to your room. You can always spark your creativity while beautifying your space at the same time.


Here is our list of DIY projects of tile texture ideas for wall and floor you must know.

1. Creative Patchwork

Touch of handmade creations could display creativity to your space. You can try to make DIY patchwork projects yourselves. Pick some felt in several colors suitable for your room theme and prepare your DIY tools like scissors and glue. Also, have your sturdy cardboard pieces ready and cover them with your felt. Get ready to install your felt patchwork on the wall.

unite some patchwork motifs, then stick it to the wall next to the bathtub in your bathroom. the selection of the right motives can certainly bring a comfortable atmosphere, win, even luxurious.
Beautiful kitchen walls clad in patchwork which add a decorative look to this room. Bright yellow cabinets make the kitchen look lively and cheerful, while sleek windows offer a charming view from the outside.

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To foster an independent nature in children, it is better since early childhood children are taught to sleep alone in his room. Therefore make patchwork so that the child’s room becomes more beautiful and comfortable.

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Decorating the work area in the kitchen with patchwork is an original way to decorate and expand the space.
How do you make a colorful kitchen? With a combination of furniture in various colors ,. So choose a kitchen cabinet with striking color shades and combine it with a dining table and chairs in matching colors.

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2. Whitewash Wood Panels

Touch of nature adds organic sensation and sophistication. Apply whitewash panels as the textures for your wall. Follow the modest arrangement to make the installment finer in design. You can occupy reclaimed wood panels for flooring. It’s wonderful how wood materials can share a warm mood to your room.

Paint, patterned wall wallpaper, or attractive paintings are a common choice in processing the look of the wall. This method is known to be practical and space-saving because it does not require additional space and only relies on the vertical plane of the building.

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But there is an interesting feature that can be an alternative, namely wall panels.
The function of the wall panel is not just to add accents, in some cases the wall panel is deliberately used to cover parts of the wall that are damaged or not neat due to the plumbing system and electrical cable installation.
Many people avoid using wall panels because installation is difficult and costs more to pay for handyman services. In fact, this panel can rely on its own creativity so that the wall does not look blank.

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3. Stunning Stone

Another insight on tile texture ideas for wall and floor is installing stones. Natural hues brought to you by these stones could be placed on the wall and floor. You can occupy more rugged stones in medium size on the wall for decorating your space. Patch them on the wall with cement in a neutral color. You can also install smaller stones with a more convenient surface for both design and health purposes.

The advantage of this andesite natural stone wall is that it is very resistant to weather, mold, and mildew. Thus, you do not need to give too often a special layer of preventing mold and mildew.
No wonder that this natural stone has been popular for home materials for a long time. This natural stone wall from andesite is suitable for outdoor areas that are often exposed to sunlight and rain.
natural stone walls are the most popular among the people who use granite. The use of natural stone walls from granite will create a natural and fresh impression on the interior of the house. The most suitable area for using this natural stone wall is the bathroom and kitchen.
Another technique for preparing natural stone walls is cladding. Usually these walls use several colors at once, then arranged randomly or in sequence. As a result, you will get a natural stone wall that looks like a mosaic. This technique is suitable for the facade of modern home design.
Usually the square motif will be more expensive because it can simplify the installation process on the wall. However, even a random pattern is no less interesting because it can make natural stone walls look more natural.
Not only gives a natural impression to your home, natural stone walls that use this stone temple can give a cool feel. Usually, this temple stone is sold in slabs making it easier for the wall mounting process. The price is quite cheap compared to other natural stones.
Warm tones are suitable for this room. The best choice is a white ornamental stone on the inside. They can cut the headboard area. The stone panel will look good here.
Here they welcome guests or arrange comfortable home meetings. Usually the living room is the largest room in size. Therefore, the stone can be used to highlight the zone.

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4. Natural Bricks

You can let your bricks as they are without more covering on the wall. These bricks definitely boost the natural ambiance to your space. After installing the bricks, make sure you clean the rugged parts on them to make a cleaner effect on the installments.

The above recommendation on tile texture ideas for wall and floor would hopefully share more insight for your DIY home décor. Try some and have more fun!

Spacious space can be difficult to focus on just one aspect of design. A wall with reconstruction stones strategically placed in the living room that can act as focal points.
Natural stone walls are an ideal choice for those who want to give the impression of ‘rough’ the home design. No need to cover all walls with this material, just take one wall in the dining room as shown. Certainly enough to transfer the rustic-style appeal to the place.
As the material which is a mixture produces aesthetically attractive combination, recognition of different styles in the same place can also be translated into a room with a special aura. This is what happens in this room where a stone wall adds a rough spot to a room where modern furniture gives a very inviting eclectic view
Can you imagine this room without a stone wall in the background? Yes, although the wood chosen for the floor partially neutralizes the dominant furniture and decoration, the stone walls break the aseptic vision of the room and create a comfortable atmosphere.
Lovers of decoration with white do not need to give up with rock or brick walls arise. In fact, white painted brick walls are one of the main elements of this eclectic design and elegant living room.
The area of the stairs is often one of the busiest spots in a house that has more than one floor. But certain orography makes it difficult to decorate. One option that can succeed is the placement of natural stone walls like this.
Each of the attractive apartment walls is covered with natural stone. Contrary to what is seen, the choice of this layer gives the impression of a unique character that envelops, offering a comfortable and intimate atmosphere.

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