24 Modern Dining Room Ideas

Designing a dining room is like having a trip to the amusement park. What can you do once you get in? Everything! Especially things you love. It is the same with designing your very dining room. You can start from below to the top, from the floor, wall, ceiling, and everything you choose to be there. Every choice will bring you to different sensation, depend on what ride you take inside “the amusement park”. See these Modern Dining Room Ideas so you won’t get lost or confused about what to do.


1. Wallpaper Accent Wall

For those who want a punch to steal short attention in the dining room, wallpaper is one of the options. It doesn’t have to fill the whole wall inside the dining room; a feature wall is more than enough. Combine an intricate pattern and a unique lighting fixture, or wall decorations, or the dining table itself.

Pattern wallpapers and non-repetitive murals create so much movement and intrigue
It’s classic and young thanks to the hue of green satisfied with the iconic portrait
Modern zig zag wallpaper makes this booth pop and separates it from other kitchen spaces
With super large-scale prints that look more like art than your everyday wallpaper
Pale, pink, and blue wallpapers spread light-headed energy throughout the room
Beautiful dining room wallpaper with a blue sky theme
An attractive dining room wallpaper with a circus theme including a flamingo and trompe tent ceiling

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2. Wood Ceiling 

Adjusting everything inside one room to be in one theme can be hard. One strong central element could negate all the necessaries for having one specific theme. Combination of the modern ceiling and wood-covered ceiling will bring unspeakable sensation. 

The dining room which integrates with the kitchen and family room has wooden ceilings and a sturdy frame
Beautiful dining room with wooden ceilings and tubular chandelier
An elegant dining room with wooden ceilings and oval marble tables
An attractive dining room with wooden ceilings and a few holes for natural lighting
An inspiring dining room with wooden ceilings and stainless cabinets

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A charming open dining room with wooden ceilings and ceiling fans

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3. Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is important in every room inside the house. But inside the dining room, lighting is on a whole other level. The experts suggest the dimension of fixtures are one-third of the dining table’s dimension.  You can choose from a huge selection of fixtures. Starts from the chandelier, wall sconces for accent lighting, pendant lights, or flush mount lighting. Combination of same styled lighting fixtures and dining chair will bring perfection looks on the dining room.

A ceiling medal anchored in a gold chandelier
A chandelier that uses a lot of bulbs can emit a lot of light
Long lighting fixtures like this work best on a long table surface that can accommodate more than six people
Simple chandelier with three point lights
Branched chandeliers that decorate the dining room with blue painted walls
Simple chandeliers that are stylish and do not overwhelm neutral spaces

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4. Functional Dining Room

If you have a small to the medium-sized dining room and happen to have it open planned, consider having a small bookshelf. Combine it with numbers of wall decorations above the shelf such as artworks. The top of the shelves can also be used to put some centrepieces or other decorations to add some character to the room. 

A colorful collection of beautiful wishbone chairs and gray bookshelves adds to the charm of this dining room
dThe brick wall brings a brilliant contrast of texture to a luxurious dining room with a bookshelf
Natural light and color schemes give the dining room a roomy atmosphere
Unique dining room and library combination
Fabulous farmhouse style dining room with built-in bookshelves in the background
The walls of the book also help illustrate the space in this contemporary dining room

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There are more possibilities in making good modern decoration in the dining room. It is depending on how you could see the chance through designing and observing. And how you could sharpen your senses. Hopefully, these modern dining room ideas will serve your inspirations.

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