25 Scandinavian Design Dining Room Ideas

Scandinavian style has suddenly boomed and become popular because of its simple and modern charm. Also, the Scandinavian style creates a brighter home environment that looks naturally bright and practical. To create a home-style like this, you can start by looking at some minimalist Scandinavian dining room ideas. If you are interested in bringing this atmosphere, below are some ways you could do to upgrade your dining room.


1. White colour takeover

Scandinavian dining room ideas and style emphasises the concept of a clean-cut; meaning the interior arrangement that looks clean. It can be seen from the white colour that dominates the interior, starting from the walls to the furniture in the dining room. The appearance of the dining room also looks neat as the furniture placement is not that simple to arrange, though it must consist of simple furniture. As a result, there is an impression of relief and spacious because of the effect of the colours applied.

A white Scandinavian dining room with natural light and herringbone floor
A contemporary white dining room with Scandinavian minimalism
Subway tile is a classic that never fails in Scandinavian settings

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To avoid monotony, you can mix and match chairs in various colors and shapes
The matching chrome legs on the chairs and table top add a clean touch to the design
Another good combination can be a white table and brown wooden chairs
You can add flowers to a plain white corner with a carpet or artwork on the wall
A very simple and traditional dining table with antique chairs and benches
To make the room feel more spacious, you can choose furniture in the same color as the wall

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2. Add some plants

Plants are a universal decoration that can be placed anywhere and fit in with any room design concept. Adding some plants decorations into the dining room will certainly bring fresh air and natural nuances in the Scandinavian style dining room.

Add a touch of plants to simple wooden chairs and white walls that are in harmony with Scandinavian aesthetics
You don’t need a big space to celebrate Scandinavian style as proven by a table of four people with a touch of this plant
The bright yellow dining chairs in this open attic room provide a beautiful and modern contrast
This beautiful modern pastel dining chair and plant touch adds a unique feminine style
Forest green accents in the dining room serves to take you into the wild
The dining room with a little touch of this plant gives a really comfortable feel
The white dining room with a touch of green from the plant stands in contrast to the floor and ceiling beams
Lamp fixtures and large flower vases make this two-story dining room feel more comfortable

Image source


3. Wood flooring

Original Scandinavian woods such as pine, aspen, birch, maple and alder are often used in decorating the interior. Most of the wood is not processed, which means it is raw and natural and gives its own impression to the room. That is why those woods are often used as a flooring material in Scandinavian-style dining room designs.

White bricks and cabinets open up bright and bright spaces decorated with white accessories and wooden floors
This Scandinavian dining room looks completely white with a wooden floor, table and cabinet
The wooden floor and the entrance of the white tile met with striped carpet, wide-paneled cabinet, and round lamp from the fused flakes
Desain ini memiliki jawaban di lantai kayu yang dipernis, kabinet putih yang memeluk dinding
Dining room design with wooden floor and blackboard to give the impression of a long space
wooden flooring and benches play amongst industrial white lighting
The dining room with wooden floors and golden spider chandelier is located on a wooden table

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Those Scandinavian dining room ideas can certainly provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere when you and your family have a meal together. So, are you ready to adopt this style?

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