25 Teacup Mini Garden Ideas for Home DIY

Ever thought about creating your own fairy garden? Add a touch of enchantment anywhere you want by creating a teacup mini garden. It is a project that you can do with family as it is quick and easy to follow. Merely little maintenance is required, so it is perfect for kids’ project as well. So, here are teacup mini garden ideas to choose.


1. Use Readily Available Items

To start creating your own teacup mini garden, you can start with items that are already available in your home. First, an old teacup as the base. Using a teacup for this project will add a whimsical addition that feels like you are building a fairy garden. The creation process of this will be magic that your whole family can get on.


Making a beautiful work of art can be started from a teacup. By creating a small and pretty garden in a ceramic plate and cup is an extraordinary work.

This is an example that can inspire you to create a work of art in your home. Provide cankir tea and then design a mini garden that will be an amazing work of art at home. Besides being cheap, you can do it yourself without having to buy.

You are confused making decorations to celebrate your Christmas party. Maybe this can help you make it. Only with ceramic tea cups, you can make interesting decorations to celebrate your Christmas this year.

If your table is empty without any interesting decoration, then you can try this design. Decoration from tea cups and some ornaments can make your table attractive. This work can save you money because it’s so cheap.

Make a tea cup as a flower vase? Why not. It turns out that the tea cup can be an attractive decoration with some ornamental plants. This is able to make your home beautiful as a cost-effective decoration, but quite attractive.

It has become a pretty decoration only with a tea cup on a plate. Making a fairy palace in a cankir with some beautiful ornaments creates extraordinary works of art. This can save you money, because you can do it yourself at home.

Creating a beautiful decoration with plants in a blue tea cup can make its own beauty. For creatives of creativity, this is an extraordinary idea. Create a small garden in cankir tea to decorate your home.

An extraordinary work of art by creating a small garden with a dwarf house design like this. A small garden inside a teacup with this dwarf home design can be made at home. In addition, this can save you costs.

This is an amazing idea when you make decorations to celebrate this year’s Christmas season. You can prepare a tea cup to make a minimalist decoration in your home. This design is very simple and saves you a lot of money.

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2. What to Prepare

Alongside the teacup, you need to have soil, pebbles for decor, small rocks for drainage, and some accessories and figurine to complete the look. As for the plants, choose small ones such as succulents and cactus. You can then drill a hole in the bottom of the cup, and pebbles for drainage and soil on top of that. 

Being inspired to make decorations in a cup like making a beautiful garden is extraordinary. In addition to plants and ornaments, the main is a pebble also included in the main ingredients to beautify the mini garden in your tea cankir.

The main ingredient of the mini decoration in the following teacup is sand. Sand and umbrellas are increasingly giving a beautiful and natural impression to the mini beach design on tea cankir as an admirable decoration and artwork.

To make it look natural and natural, use some original ingredients such as gravel and succulent plants. For a mini garden design in a ceramic cup this will look real and very extraordinary. In addition, frog decorations and bandages add the characteristics of your mini garden.

With a beautiful flower design on a teacup as a mini garden media, you can also add original flowers to enhance your mini garden design. With grass and green umbrellas, the unique table chairs add to the features of the mini garden design in teacups as a decoration for your home.

Small decoration to enhance your home design can be created easily and cheaply. You can use your teacup to make a mini garden with some ingredients that are cheap and easily available. You can use wood, gravel and flowers as the main ingredients of your mini garden.

In addition to creating a beautiful garden, you can also make miniature houses with teacups with the help of some easy and inexpensive ingredients. With wood, gravel and plastic flower ornaments can already create extraordinary designs.

The beauty and perfection of a minimalist garden design in your teacup can be with the selection of the right and perfect ingredients. Some of the materials used must be of high quality. Because it will produce a perfect and awesome design.

Beautiful ceramic tea cups with the right ingredients will produce the perfect design. Wood, cactus and gravel can be the right choice for a minimalist garden design in your teacup. In addition to cheap ingredients are also easy to get. So you can try yourself at home.

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3. Where to Get Teacup

If you don’t have any old teacup lying around the house, you don’t need to buy a new one. A teacup that is a little bit broken is fine for the decor, if not perfect. You can easily find these at flea market, thrift shop or a dollar store. You can also seek at your local toy stores because they usually have accessories to fit the dolls.

If you want to create amazing works of art, don’t leave out the characteristics and beauty. Not necessarily with new materials, but how do we decorate and polish the design of your small garden with your old teacup.

If you have a cup that is outdated and unused. Don’t rush to throw it away. You can use it to make beautiful garden miniatures. Adding to the classic impression, an outdated cup will create a classic and unique atmosphere for the miniature design of your garden.

With a little bit of perfect design, you can use your used teacup to create extraordinary works of art. With a beach design, your old cups will turn into extraordinary decoration. Simply add sand and other ornaments to create a minimalist beach in your old cup.

Creating a classic design by making a miniature garden in an old cup turned out to give an extraordinary antique impression. Making this design even more amazing with some old ornaments and old cups.

You should not throw away unused cups. You can become an extraordinary work of art. Creating attractive garden miniatures is very easy and inexpensive. Making your old cup as a very beautiful and awesome miniature garden media.

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Create attractive garden miniatures with earthenware cups for an extraordinary garden miniature design. This design is very easy and doesn’t cost much. You can try it at home and can immediately practice it

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The design of a fairy garden with beautiful fairy decoration, grass and used ceramic cups can add an extraordinary impression to decorate your living room. With a tilted cup design like a waterfall that spills green grass and a fairy who is busy playing underneath.

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If you like creativity, you can make decoration from your used cup. Create a mini fairy garden that you can design with very mini. Some easy and inexpensive materials make it easy for you to make these decorations at home. Please try.

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That is it! You only need to prepare the teacup like that, and you can then decorate them with the plants as well as accessories. You are free to create a mini garden arrangement for this, so make sure you put on your creative hat! These teacup mini garden ideas will provide a delightful element in anywhere the teacup is put.

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  1. Where do you get the tiny figures? I have seen miniature figures but not as small as some of your figures.

  2. Where in the world do you find such tiny minatures? Would love to make some but have no idea where to start looking. They are very beautiful. thx for sharing.

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