3 Above Ground Pool Ideas and Design for Your House

We know that water is not only for living but also for entertainment. That’s why lots of people love swimming and wish to have a pool in their yard. Now, we help you achieve that goal.

Instead of having a built-in pool, why don’t you try an above ground pool? It is a great idea if you don’t have enough budget or have soil issues. It is practical, and the design can be as attractive as those built-in pools. 

Take a look at the following above ground pool ideas and design you will love.

1. A Pool with Terraced Deck

A terraced deck is common for above ground pool design. You can build it in the backyard, connected to your high-ground house or across the garden. With the deck, you can use it as a stairway or sit on it. This deck is a great design for preparing your body before swimming by sitting while putting your legs into the pool. If the pool is connected to your house, you can put some folding bench seats.

Ideas for decorating swimming pools above ground with stone decks and swimming pools without limits. Creating a special and beautiful swimming pool.
A comfortable and elegant swimming pool decoration with a stunning rooftop infinity pool and wood deck.
The beauty of a swimming pool above the ground by using natural accents with random pavers, natural stone coping and artificial rock.
The view on the swimming pool above the ground is pleasant with the pool decoration using fire pit and wood accents. Add relax chairs with soft foam.
Swimming pool with minimalist deck terrace and elevated warm tub and integrated.

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The idea of swimming pool A Pool with Terraced Deck by using unlimited footing and concrete spring pads. Plus accent garden that adds freshness to the pool.
Swimming pool in the backyard of the house with a wide terrace with wooden floors and a wave generator plus stunning waterfalls.
Design a beautiful swimming pool using wooden accents on the pool deck terrace plus situated between the main house and pool house ideas.
The idea of a decorative swimming pool in the back yard of the house with accents of multilevel wall fountains plus a limestone deck that gives the feel of a charming swimming pool.

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2. Some Lights for Your Pool

What is the point of spending so much budget on the pool if you can’t see it at night? When most people make their pools practical, you can make yours decorative as well. Lightings in your pool are both practical and decorative. 

That way, you don’t need to end the backyard party when the sun goes down because your pool becomes invisible. When there is no party, the lightings can be a great view when everything goes dark. This is one of the above ground pool ideas and design worth to try.

The selection of lighting using spotlights placed in each corner of the park creates a charming green swimming pool.
Curved swimming pool with a light fixed in the stone structure of the waterfall. Which creates a charming and charming feel
Guitar-shaped swimming pool with pink and blue lights. And it is combined with garden and tile that creates a stunning pool decoration.
Swimming pool decoration With small lamps jutting from the green grassy area gives a lake feel.

image source

A charming above ground swimming pool with accent lights on the edge of the pool creates a warm and elegant feel.

image source

Creative ideas in swimming pools with Blue waters, a cabana and a relaxing swing bed and twinkling cafe lights.

image source

With of layering colored lights in your pool.
Charming swimming pool that uses natural stone accents With of layering colored lights in your pool.

image source

3. Lounge Retreat

If you have a wide backyard at your house or villa, why don’t you use it as an above ground pool? The pool which is a bit far from the main building can create peaceful isolation. Everyone needs to be isolated from the crowd sometimes, and this is the time. 

Design that looks cool with pool access a stunning pool using Large privacy stone walls with patio. Creates comfort and calm for swimming
Use Patterned blue tile and patio to use four poles and a flat roof in this charming swimming pool. Makes it even more fresh and attractive to swim.
Swimming pool decoration with a comfortable Lounge Retreat feature combined using soft foam accents and a hidden floor with cushions and pillows.
Retreat lounge equipped with a thatched roof, wooden poles, and thin white curtains provides freshness in the pool.
The idea of a pool decoration without borders with panoramic views of the beautiful sea views combined using the Retreat Retreat accents. Which gives the impression of comfortable and calm to relax by the pool.

image source

Design swimming pool is cool and fresh with infinite swimming pool decoration directly facing the beach view. Add gorgeous patio features that provide comfort to relax by the pool.
The design of a swimming pool without borders with stunning views. Combined using the features of an infinity pool and accents of Lounge Retreat with thatched roof which is cool and charming.

image source

The wide area of your backyard gives a great view when you are sitting on the edge of the pool. If you create artificial rocks that connect the pool and nature, you will get a sense of living in a fairy tale.

Those are three above ground pool ideas and design you won’t regret having.

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