3 Affordable Small Bedroom Decor Ideas

Designing a small bedroom is challenging because you must deal with the tiny space and utilize all the corners well. It is why you need some small bedroom decor ideas that are simple and affordable.

Take a look at these ideas to help you give a great touch for your bedroom.


1. Go Bold with Wallpaper

Make a statement in your small bedroom using the wallpaper you love. The wallpaper will give you the jewel-box effect, definitely a beautiful splash to your tiny space.

To add intimacy, pick the wallpaper that features a minimalist design. Instead of the entire walls, you can make it more affordable by only covering one side of the bedroom.

A small bedroom with a non-boring design that gives splashy go bold on a wallpaper and the bed a classic-modern feel.
These air balloon wall wallpapers bring a sense of dream and movement to the small bedroom. plus a wooden shelf combined with a beautiful patterned pillow.

image source

A small bedroom with a flower wall wallpaper that gives the feel of feminine combined with a bed that makes a beautiful spark.
A small bedroom design accented with a striped wallpaper pattern with the bed in harmony with the wall color.

Pink bedroom combined with pink wallpaper motif walled, pink bed that looks cute and pink and white pillow covers

image source

The bedroom is combined with white walls that are painted with beautiful blue butterflies, wooden ornaments in the shape of sweet potatoes and white mattresses that look cool

A bedroom that is applied with a green plant wallpaper on a black wall, a light blue blanket and a white mattress that looks very harmonious

image source

2. Pick a Daybed

When you are running out of space, opt for furniture offering functional benefits, such as a daybed. You can choose this bed doubles as a couch to maximize your small bedroom.

Fold the bed in the daytime, so it becomes the couch. Besides, it can work well as a seating area like in the living room. You can open the couch at night-time to be a bed again.

A small bedroom that is applied with colorful blankets, white mattresses and white curtains and bedroom ornaments such as paintings and other ornaments

A small bedroom combined with white painted wooden walls, a bunk bed made of wood and a black iron bed lamp placed in a corner

A bedroom combined with a white mattress, white walls and white curtains that look very cool

A small bedroom added with a small white mattress, matching blankets with brown curtains and a simple window so that you can see the view outside

A white bedroom combined with a white mattress, white walls and ornaments like carpets and other ornaments

A small bedroom combined with feather pillows, a white blanket, storage underneath and a white box-shaped storage next to it

image source

A small bedroom combined with a white mattress, green pillow and a brown sofa table beside it

Small bedroom with white mattress, white domination pillows, rattan storage, glass and simple windows

A small bedroom combined with a white mattress, gray pillows and additional decorations such as red roses in the pot

image source

3. Use Bright Color

The dark color absorbs light; that is why the color is not on the top list of small bedroom decor ideas. Meanwhile, the bright color will make the bedroom look more spacious and inviting.

If you think that your bedroom is too tiny and you want to make it look wider, make sure that you paint the room in a bright and beautiful tone. The tones you can choose are white, ivory, cream, blue, and even green.

Think a neutral color like white look dull or boring? Opt for the additional design using wallpaper or sticker that can add charm to your bedroom.

A bedroom design with bright color selection, blue color combined with patterned carpet.
A bedroom decorating ideas with flower wall wallpapers mixed with bedding and downy rug accents.
A look of the bedroom with the selection of bright colors, dominant purple makes the bedroom feel charming.

image source

A bedroom decorating ideas with bright wall color accents that are not boring combined with patterned pillows and cute curtain motifs.
the choice of a pretty yellow color with a decorative accent that clings to the wall gives a more elegant impression in the bedroom.

image source

the bedroom with a dominant purple color with accented patterned pillows and rattan wood tables makes a chic combination.
A creamy bedroom with a white bed combined with soft carpets and greens, making it a charming color combination.

image source

Never be intimidated by the limited space in your house. As long as you know and try to design the room with these small bedroom decor ideas, everything is going to be okay and fun. Good news, those ideas are quite affordable and simple.

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