3 Apartment Bedroom Décor Ideas to Imitate

Living in an apartment can be troublesome. Its beige carpet and off-white paint seem to be default style of an apartment. Thus, you need more inspirations to have it alive. If you doubt your skills to set a style, you can pick one of these three apartment bedroom décor ideas. They are not only sophisticated but also easy to imitate. 


1. Luxurious Style

Give a touch of luxury to your apartment bedroom with a pair of pendant lights. Pick the golden brown color and unique pendant lights. They become the best décor for your bedroom. Besides, they will light your bedroom in an instant radiant delight.

Thick dark-tone bedclothes are the other inspirations to send a luxurious style bedroom out. Choose neutral colors as your bedclothes, such as white, gray, and cream. Then, contrast them with dark brown, dark purple, or bronze bed runners.

A bed with headboard curved black in combination with classic chandeliers elegant shades in the bedroom.
A bedroom with a bed color selection in harmony with the bedroom wall and in combination with a downy rug.

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Large glass walls combined with gray curtains give the impression of luxury in the bedroom of the apartment.
A wallpaper on the wall with a beautiful golden brown motif creates an extraordinary feeling in the bedroom.
Add a fireplace and warm color choices to the apartment bedrooms.

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A headboard using a soft sofa combined with a bed patterned charming, giving the impression of a graceful in the bedroom.

image source

A combination of bedrooms with good color choices gives the impression of a warmer bedroom in the apartment.

image source

2. Classy Style

This apartment bedroom décor idea is recommended for those who want to have relaxing yet stunning, calming yet stylish bedroom look. This style uses a lot of wooden furniture or accessory. 

A wooden low-profiling bed with white cotton bed sheets suits best for your relaxing viewpoint near a window wall. You can see an otherworldly view from it, such as the city landscape, city lights, and stars. 

Wooden drawers next to your bed can add the classy look of the bedroom. You can organize your small stuff as a bonus, such as skincare items, keys, and important documents inside the drawers.   

Cream is a miracle to refresh and provides a minimalist atmosphere in the bedroom.
Wooden cabinets for white walls with bedside windows.

image source

Beautiful wooden floors add to the wooden side table and ornamental plants provide a classy style in the bedroom of the apartment.

image source

A white bed with a blue side table with gray wall color gives the idea of a charming apartment bedroom.

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Beautiful wooden floor tiles combined with hexagonal floors added to the wooden walls with these shelves create an elegant impression.

image source

A classy bed idea with old wooden headboard panels and combined with wooden side tables and placement of beds facing the window.
A minimalist apartment bedroom with white wall color and beautiful wooden cabinets.
A bedroom decor with iron metal bed combined with a side table and wooden floor.

image source

3. Shabby-Chic Style

This last style is genuinely for a girl. Your bedroom will be so girly and cute with a touch of shabby-chic style. To exude this style, apply vintage furniture and accessory. 

A frilly bed skirt with neutral colors warms your bedroom looks. You can use a plain or flower printed frilly bed skirt. To add the girly stuff, plush rugs under a bed is a great idea. 

Charming shabby-chic style bedrooms in this apartment with feminine and cute.
A bed with soft spray with all-white floral pattern on the bed gives a feminine feel more to shabby-chic.
This elegant apartment bedroom with a feminine shabby-chic style is combined with a chandelier.
A decorating a bed with shabby-chic nuances with feminine floral wallpaper and soft-like bedspreads.
Feminine bedroom accents with elegant bedding with Shabby-Chic patterned wallpaper.
the idea of decorating an apartment bedroom with a soft feminine accent creates a Shabby-Chic feel and neutral white color selection.

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Love these apartment bedroom décor ideas? Imitate them!

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