3 Arrangement Tips to Support Chic Living Room Furniture Designs

Creating a chic living room is not a difficult task. Once you throw in the right accessories or decor techniques, the only thing that is left to do is arranging the furniture to increase its attractive level and save more space. It also stirs your creativity when you have to effectively place each furniture and later find out that you’re dealing with a challenging room.

To ease your challenge a little bit, read our tips here on how to make the most of your living room by arranging the furniture. Moreover, these living room furniture designs are among trendy and worth implementing in your sanctuary.


1. Start with Big Furniture

Sofa, cabinet, or TV is one among many big-sized furniture that you can focus on first. You can put them parallel to the longest wall, though be aware that this may instead give a stuffy living room look. You can also try to float the sofa in the centre of the room, so the space between the wall and the couch creates a more extensive visual space.

If you have a TV, and it’s a big one, this living room furniture arrangement will also be paramount. You can put it across the sofa or sectional opposite it. Place it at your eye level when seated, or else you’re going to end up with neck pain when watching it later.

For decorate your large living room, you can choose big furniture. For example, wooden shelves side by side  a fire place and TV give a luxury ambiance.
Friendly and neat interior design, integrated TV cabinet with storage cabinets at the corner it’s a good idea to decorate your small living room.

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Modern living room is the most chosen theme by urban style. Choose important furniture like sofa and storage. Put the bookshelves at the corner to save spaces.
Many ways to decorate your living room. By choosing big furniture make your space look elegant. By adding a wooden storage create a neat space.
A fabulous living room sofas combined with a triangular table, storage cabinets, ornaments and round lamps to make for a warm and cozy atmosphere.
Storage cabinet in the living room to store your valuables. Besides that cabinet furniture can also be a material for decorating the room. With a combination of carpet and L-shaped sofa, and chairs make the room look classy and save space.

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Large storage cabinet in the living room combined with sofas and perfect lighting make your living room feel comfortable and memorable.

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2. Aim for Symmetry

Achieve this by putting pairs of furniture to balance overall arrangement and make it feel compact. For instance, you can place pairs of ottoman opposite the couch or bookcases on the right and left side of the TV.

Symmetrical living room furniture designs work with the basic of not lining pieces of furniture on the same horizon line. Pay attention to every space that can still be used. Taller pairs of furniture like armoires, drink cabinets, or even high-back chairs can make the living room look much taller.

The design of the living room in your home that inspires. For example, put a storage cabinet with a bar table next to the seating area makes the room look brilliant.
White cabinets that made of wooden material to store drinks in the living room. Combined with a fireplace and seating area create a warmer and more pleasant room.
An attractive living room design for you to try. By adding a wooden cabinet next to a sofa and a TV rack can create a minimalist bar feel.
The round glass table and white sofa in the living room combined with the cabinet create the feel of a clean and comfortable bar.

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A modern living room combined with a storage cabinet at the corner is the right furniture to decorate your clean living room.

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Modern shelves for your living room combined with wall mounted cabinet that make the room look elegant and classy.
Big TV rack which is integrated with a long cabinet in the living room with a seating area and white carpet makes you comfortable living room.

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Storage shelves at the corner of the living room that are integrated with the TV cabinet and fireplace make your living room look spacious and amazing.
White stacked storage cabinet to store books at the corner makes your living room look clean and space saving. Give a white nuance to get a fresh ambiance.

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3. Make Use of the Corners

The corner of your living room can be filled by cute living room furniture designs like a tall plant, coat hanger, sculptural floor lamp, shoe racks, or a spacious storage basket for magazines or other stuff. You can also reach them easily when you need them.

Storage cabinet that made of wooden to store books and rattan baskets. To save space put a cupboard at the corner with a white lamp for lighting to make the room look neat and clean.
White storage cabinet at the corner is the right ideas for living room storage. Modern furniture like sofas and small rug give a nice impression.
For living room decoration you can beautify your corner space. By adding floor lamp give a perfect decoration to try.
A floating shelf at the corner of an attractive living room give an extra storage. You can put a greenery at the corner to create a fresh nuance.

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Simple living room decoration with floor lamps at the corner give a modern style. Black sofa combined with blue carpet and windows to create a bright atmosphere.
If you like a fresh ambiance in your living room, putting tall plant at is the right choice. Combine this with white walls and wooden shelves give a natural touch.
Living room decoration with motif wallpaper combined with purple sofa and round table makes the room more lively and spacious. You can put simple table lamp at the corner to create a shinier feel.

These living room furniture designs and ideas can be implemented quickly for a much more improved look. Have floor lamp at the corner of living room to fill your empty space.

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