Best 23 Bathroom Lighting Ideas You Would Love

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It is where people prepare themselves to start the day, groom for special occasions, and relax with steam shower or spa tub after a stressful day. To ensure everything goes well and functional in a bathroom, the right placement of light is very essential. Depending on the purpose and task, different lightings should be applied. For example, drying hair needs less lighting compared to applying makeup. Have proper lighting to keep your bathroom functional by following these bathroom lighting ideas.


1. Say No to Direct Down Lighting

Many people use bathroom vanity for grooming or putting some makeups. Direct down lighting commonly casts shadows on the face and gives inaccurate color effect while makeup relies heavily on accurate color and manipulation of the face’s features. Thus, these kinds of lightings will turn your makeup into a disaster.  Therefore, don’t install the lighting directly pointing on your head. Instead, place the lights on both sides of your mirror. This is one of the best bathroom lighting ideas to make the lights create an even illumination resulting in easier grooming.

a creative decoration lighting next to a mirror for elegant bathrooms
a creative lamps above the mirror with a white sink and gray countertop in the minimalist bathroom
a hanging lamp, a mirror on above sink and gray walls to beautify bathroom
a simple bathroom with a round mirror, a long table and hanging lamps in the large space
a small bathroom with a white sink and lamps beside the mirror in the small space
a white wall, a small mirror and a hanging lamp in the bathroom to look clean
an elegant bathroom with a white table, storage cabinet and lamp beside mirror to beautify space
simple bathroom with countertop, a flower vase and lights in front mirror for large space

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2. Consider Using LED 

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are also one of the bathroom lighting ideas. Compared to CFLs or incandescent lamps, they are more convenient for long term usage since they use less energy. Moreover, if you like a modern look in your bathroom, LEDs are the right choice because they have a clean-lined appearance.  In terms of durability, they are also better since they radiate a very small amount of heat and aren’t affected by humidity.

a beautiful led lighting blue in the bathroom to look attractive
a charming bathroom with blue LED lighting and a large bathtub to beautify space
a luxury bathroom with good lighting and motif walls to look charming
a perfect gold and blue lighting for large bathroom
a simple bathtub with a golden color led lighting for small bathroom
an amazing led lighting with a white bathtub and a mirror above the sink in the large bathroom
an attractive led lights with a small mirror and a white sink for modern bathroom
an easy bathroom with a mirror, a sink and led lighting in the small space
white sink and a long mirror with blue lighting in the bathroom to look charming

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3. Install Dimmers

Another one of the best bathroom lighting ideas is to install dimmers. It works really well since you can easily control the light and mood in your bathroom. In addition, dimmers work even better in a smaller space like a powder room. With dimmers, the light in your bathroom vanity can turn into an all-in-one task, ambient, and accent lighting. Moreover, when you dimmed 10 per cent of your bulb, it will last twice longer than using it in full brightness. This way, you can easily control the light in your bathroom while conserving energy.

By applying these best bathroom lighting ideas, you will have a fully functional bathroom.

a beautiful bathroom with LED lighting, white sinks and dimmers beside the door to adjust lighting
a beautiful bathroom with white walls, white storage cabinets and a large mirror to look clean
a dimmers under towel hook for adjust lighting in the bathroom for small space
a simple bathroom with a white sink, mirror, lamps hang on the wall and dimmers to adjust lighting for small room
a simple bathroom with white sinks and dimmers beside the mirror in the small space
an elegant bathroom with storage cabinet, round mirrors and dimmer on the wall to regulate lighting
dimmers beside to a mirror in the bathroom with a white bathtub and a white sink to look clean
dimmers on the wall, lamps beside to the mirror and countertop in the small bathroom

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