23 Cozy Wooden Bathroom Design Ideas To Inspire You

Do you know that Archimedes found a mind-blowing concept which changes the world forever in his bathroom? A bathroom is indeed the birthplace of insightful ideas and inspirations. Relaxing in a warm bath or having a hot shower increases the level of dopamine, a chemical substance in a human’s brain which helps someone to find motivations. 

Considering its importance, it is essential to keep your bathroom cosy and comfortable. To achieve this, wooden material can help you a lot. For the décor, try out the following wooden bathroom design below.


1. Rustic Wooden Bathroom Design 

A rustic design gives a warm and relaxing vibe in your bathroom. This style focuses on the use of organic materials in their most natural condition. It makes natural elements like wood or stone important in this style. Rustic design is commonly bold and natural with an earthy colour palette. 

For its furniture, raw materials like unfinished and reclaimed woods or stones are familiar in this design while modern materials like plastic or synthetic fibre are uncommon. Usually, the shape of furnishings in this design is oversized and handmade to let the material stands out. The picture above is the example of a rustic wooden bathroom design that provides warm vibe using a wooden tub, and a trunk to hang clothes.

A small rustic bathroom design with a wooden sink, wooden walls, hanging lamps, and a big mirror

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A cozy bathroom design with marble bathtub, windows, wooden walls, wooden ceiling, and wooden floor for rustic style
A Fabulous rustic bathroom design with walls that made of wooden and natural stone material, wooden floor, and wooden log ceiling
A rustic bathroom design with big mirror, lamps hung on the wall, wooden walls, wooden sink, drawers and racks on below to store towels
An amazing rustic bathroom design with wooden cabinet, round sinks, wooden floor, a square mirror, and light decoration to beautify your bathroom

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A perfect Rustic bathroom design with wooden bathtub, wooden walls, wooden cabinet, and windows on beside for air exchange

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A simple bathroom design with wooden bathtub, wooden floor, wooden ceiling, and a wooden table for Rustic style
A Small Rustic bathroom with wooden Ceiling, wooden bathtub, and a lamp on the roof to get a natural atmosphere
A cozy rustic Bathroom design with wooden bathtub, wooden floor, and wooden bench on beside to put towels

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2. Modern Wooden Bathroom Design

Similar to rustic style, modern design also utilises wooden and earth-friendly elements. However, this design emphasises more on minimalism. It means a modern design focuses on the functionality of the room instead of its artistic charm. Thus, it is common to find the function of every decoration in a modern design bathroom. 

By using wooden elements, this style maintains its warm vibe. The wooden bathroom design in the picture above uses wood panelling to give a cosy feeling while keeping everything minimal and functional.

A Fabulous modern bathroom design with wooden table, a black sink, a square mirror, and ladder racks to put towel
A Minimalist bathroom design with wooden walls, a square mirror, a white sink, and white racks for modern style
A Modern bathroom design with wooden cabinet, concrete floor, a white sink, a big mirror, and LED lighting to beautify your bathroom
A Nice modern bathroom decor with wooden table, black sinks, a big mirror with wooden frame and hanging lamps for your bathroom lighting
A Simple modern bathroom decor with a wooden table, a white sink , a wooden cabinet on the wall, square mirror, and a wooden box to put towel
A Smart modern bathroom design with round mirrors, white sinks, a wooden table, and zinc boxes on below to put towels
A Wonderful modern bathroom design with a wooden table, a big mirror, a round hanging lamp, and concrete floor

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3. Contemporary Wooden Bathroom Design

Contemporary design is similar to a modern style. They are both embracing the use of natural material like wood while keeping everything simple. However, different from the modern style’s warm colour, a contemporary wooden bathroom emphasises cool and monochromatic colour schemes. 

Unlike the modern style, this design also focuses on the aesthetic charm of its decoration. A monochromatic wood floor can be seen in the example of a wooden bathroom design above.

Wooden material is the most suitable element to have a cosy bathroom. Follow the wooden bathroom design ideas above to try it.

A Cozy contemporary bathroom design with wooden floor, wooden wall, wooden sink, and shower room to get a natural nuance
A Gorgeous contemporary bathroom design with a white bathtub, a big mirror, wooden floor, wooden racks, and light decoration on the ceiling

A Large contemporary bathroom design with concrete tile floor, wooden ceiling, stone walls, wooden cabinets, white bathtub, and house plants to create fresh ambianceImage Source

A nice wooden walls, a wooden door, and concrete tile floor for Contemporary bathroom design
A simple contemporary bathroom design with wall that made of wooden pallet material, a white bathtub, a big window, and dried plants to decorate your space
Best wooden pallet walls, and floor that made of wooden and concrete material for contemporary bathroom decoration

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A Fabulous contemporary bathroom design with a wooden table, a wooden bathtub, a small window, and flowers in the vases to beautify your bathroom
A Perfect contemporary bathroom design with wooden walls, concrete floor, a grey sink, a hanging lamps, and wooden racks to store toiletries
A wonderful contemporary bathroom with a big mirror, big cabinet, a white bathtub, and big glass windows to get a sunlight

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