25 DIY Backyard Brick Barbecue Ideas for Summer Day Party

Summer is coming, and lots of people will think about how their backyard goes. The first common thing that comes to mind when the word “summer” hits is barbecue. Every season has its decorating-theme, including summer. That means all people will be busy preparing their backyard for those happy hours.

If you plan to have a barbecue gathering with a big family this season, why don’t you try making a barbecue grill yourself? Below are DIY backyard brick barbecue ideas that you can try at home.

1. Brick Built-In Barbecue

This idea is great if you tend to have a long list of barbecue parties in your house. If not, it is still excellent when you have a barbecue-loving family. You can make it using several bricks. It will cost you less rather than having it built.

First, create a base from cement or concrete blocks. Then, you need to build the barbecue at least 36 inches high. Put a charcoal pan and a grill grate on top. Finally, leave the lower part as a room for ashes so you can clean them.

Brick-built Barbecue Decoration ideas made of brick in a minimalist and practical form with chimney accents.
The red brick accent is shaped as a Brick Built-In Barbecue with faces on the right and left and centre. You can barbecue with lots and don’t need a lot of space.
Brick Built-in Barbecue combined with ornamental plants and brick accents that make a natural and beautiful impression. It gives a pleasant feel.
Brick Design Built-in Barbecue with multilevel grill and accent wait for bricks below for burning charcoal gives a good and easy idea.

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Brick Built-in Barbecue made from brick with a simple shape with an iron grill. You can easily move or remove pairs.
The creative idea with the recording of an U-shaped red brick accented with an iron grill. You can easily remove and clean the burning side of the charcoal.
Creative decoration with Design Brick Built-in Barbecue use bricks glued together using cement and combined with a skillet and iron grill.
Brick Decoration Built-in Barbecue made of brick and cement with a simple U-shaped shape. Which creates a simple and elegant Brick Built-in Barbecue design.

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2. Short Grill

Talking about backyard brick barbecue ideas, this one will be great if you want to have wide grilling space. This barbecue idea is simple. Using several bricks, build them up at a certain height that enough to place some firewood and charcoal. That means those fuel cannot touch the large piece of metal mash you will use. No special place for charcoal since you need to throw them all beneath that metal mash.

Placing Short Grill in the backyard of the house with features of green trees that make it more fresh. With Short Grill, using natural stone and stainless pans creates an attractive BBQ decor.

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Short Grill decoration with broad grills. With a Short Grill made of white bricks and a wood-burning tool. Give a fresh and charming feel.
Short Grill decor with bricks and broad design. The one placed on the patio with wooden pillars on the ceiling creates a pleasant decoration.
Short Grill design with minimalist brick-shaped material with extensive baking can provide a beautiful and beautiful atmosphere in the summer.
Rectangular Short Grill with chimney smoke accents made of bricks. And being able to sustain a significant amount of combustion creates a charming Short Grill design.
Unique Short Girl design made of dome-shaped bricks and chimney access. The ones placed in the backyard of the house are cool and fresh.
Placement of Short Grill in the backyard of the house which is cool and fresh. With a brick short grill and green plant accents and a wide combustion chamber create a pleasant Short Grill design.

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3. Brick Hibachi Grill

If you need a simpler way to create your barbecue grill, this one serves you best. All you need is several bricks and a grill grate.

First, arrange several bricks as the base. Then, lay eight bricks vertically on top to create height and room for charcoal. Put some charcoal or thin firewood in it and cover it with a grill grate. You are ready to have a fun and simple barbecue.

When everyone is busy with their backyard barbecue, the above backyard brick barbecue ideas tell you to do the otherwise.

The simple design of Brick Hibachi Grill made from bricks. With a cube shape and toaster accents using thin metal. Design is simple and easy to make.
Brick Hibachi Grill made from brick which is arranged to form blocks and toaster accents placed in the middle and to make hanging grill accents to make goats or roll pork. Simple decoration but gives a satisfying look.
Brick Hibachi Grill with decoration materials using simply shaped bricks and not too high. Combined with thin metal grill and fuel using charcoal firewood.
Interesting concept Brick Hibachi Grill made from brick-shaped blocks with a form that is not too high and yet minimalist and exhilarating.
Design Brick Hibachi Grill uses red bricks in the form of blocks with U-shaped brick buildings and adds a grill using stainless that gives the impression of being easy and environmentally friendly.
Building Brick Hibachi Grill uses brick and cement in a simple shape forming a U in combination using a metal grill. The simple yet elegant Brick Hibachi Grill decor is placed in the backyard of the house.

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