3 Innovative Ideas for your Small Kitchen and Dining Room

Bigger doesn’t mean better, especially when we’re talking about the kitchen and dining room space. Good space and design aren’t always exclusive to big houses. All you need are some great little kitchen decorating ideas that keep your little space organised, functional, and beautiful. The eating and cooking area may be small, but it could be significant on style and efficiency. So, let’s look at some great kitchen and dining room ideas for your small kitchen and dining room space!


1. Open shelves

With limited space, making the most of every corner becomes important. Open shelves provide the perfect combination of storage and decoration. By adding a dining table and middle chair set in the centre of the room, it will create a comfortable surrounding together with the various kitchen elements.

Modern kitchen with industrial style lighting and white island with open shelves
A farmhouse-style kitchen with a beautiful island that complements its style with open shelves
A sleek gray kitchen with open shelves and sleek stainless steel countertops
Open kitchen shelves offer a smart display for wine collections
Black and white kitchen design with open shelves and a modern touch
Small kitchen with open shelves for traditional white kitchens
A small contemporary kitchen with an island that has open shelves for smart storage
The bespoke kitchen brings back classic style with open storage
The kitchen that carries open storage with industrial and Mediterranean elements rolled into one

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2. Colour combination

Kitchen and dining room ideas could also include the colour of the walls, appliances, counters, chairs, and even dish towels. It can change the atmosphere and size of the kitchen. Pastels or bright colours, with a nice white colour, reflect light and make the ceiling look taller. It is ideal for a small kitchen to show contrasting colours as it would help the surrounding come alive. Keep everything in the same colour is also boring, so try to add a splash of bold or bright colour. 

dining rooms and kitchens with lively prints to strengthen the entire area
The blush pink and deep aqua lacquer cabinets are reflective
a warm color palette that packs a lot of rich texture material into a small space
A blue-warm layer can help a small space feel bigger
it’s all about unique patterned backsplash and bold paint colors
Contrary to popular belief, dark paint colors can actually make a small space feel bigger than plain white paint
You will need all the lighting you can get in a small kitchen
If you don’t want it to feel plain, add accent instead of covering the entire wall

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3. Minimise storage

You must adjust each element to fit your personal needs. It’s best to make a list of what you want in each corner of the room and what purpose it will be used. Then, before you realise it, you will have a custom-made space that gives you an uninterrupted workflow in the kitchen and the dining room to prepare meals and serve your guests!

The wall space above your dining room can still be used as storage
Don’t be afraid to hang a chandelier on your dining table just because it’s in the kitchen area
The kitchen and dining table with a little hiding storage space are perfect places to apply this technique
Adjust the size of your dining area with your space, do not try to cram a storage space that is too large
Neat proportions can still have a lot of impact, especially when choosing minimalist storage space
The minimalist L-shaped cabinet layout works well around a round dining table
A modern dining room and kitchen with a closed storage space for a neat and uncluttered impression

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Those are the most helpful kitchen and dining room ideas that could save ideal space for your small kitchen and dining room. Of course, you could always think outside the box and save space according to your personal needs and liking. After all, this is your very own kitchen and dining room that reflects who you are as a person.

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