19 Inspiring DIY Pallet Garden Ideas for Your Tiny Garden

What important elements can you add to a garden? Do you think of pots, beautiful bird boxes, or do you think of colorful flowers? All of that is true, but there is one interesting thing: pallet garden ideas.

Garden pallet is a board that can be a place for plants. Garden pallet is made of wood and has a variety of designs.

Want to add a beautiful palette garden in your garden? Here are some interesting garden pallet inspirations in your garden. You will definitely so in love with these concepts!

1. Herbal Garden Pallet

Why do so many people grow herbs? The reason is that this plant has a variety of benefits and beauty. Herbs have a variety of shapes and colors, making them a beautiful decoration in your garden.

You can buy herbs that are ready to be developed in wood pallets. Or, if you want to be patient, you can choose herbs.

The idea of ​​a small garden with a pallet that is used as a planter of herbs
The idea of ​​a small garden with a pallet placed vertically to grow herbs
The idea of ​​a small garden with a vertical palette
The vertical pallet planter allows you to plant herbs without taking up a lot of garden space
You can also put it in the corner of your home page
Small pots that are hung on pallets are also a garden decoration
Horizontal palette growers tend to take up a lot of space but make herbs more fertile
Add accents for attractive rustic decor
Mark plants with stickers for those of you who don’t understand herbs

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2. Vertical Flower Garden

If you want a touch of more lively color, you can plant beautiful flowers on a wooden pallet. Plant whatever flower you find interesting. Do you like orchids? That’s a good choice too.

The concept of the vertical flower garden is widely used by people because it is very easy to apply. Besides, flowers are light plants and also do not require complicated care.

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Small garden ideas by combining two pallets facing each other
Small garden ideas with red vertical pallet for an aggressive impression
The idea of ​​a small vertical pallet garden with small pots that are hung
Vertical hanging pallet garden for planting various types and colors of flowers
Vertical garden pallet with a blue palette and succulents

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3. Vertical Carrot and Chilli

Do you want a palette decoration that is useful, easy to plant, with beautiful colors? Vertical carrot and chili can be an attractive choice.

Both of these vegetables are very easy to grow. Besides, both are also fast growing. You can harvest these two vegetables in a short time. Very interesting right?

Using recycled pallets to form beds planted with vegetables such as carrots
Use recycled pallets to grow chili and lettuce

Image source

Use recycled pallets to grow a variety of short-term vegetables

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Use a vertical pallet garden to grow vegetables and strawberries

Image source

Small garden ideas using pallets to grow various kinds of vegetables including chili and carrots

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How nice is it not to be creative with a variety of charming pallet garden ideas? Now you can try it yourself at your home.

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