24 Inspiring Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Design

A farmhouse design doesn’t need to be all rustic and vintage. A touch of modern vibe can also be combined to create a new look. Start from the place where you are so lazy to go to, overwhelmed with the task, and tired of the monotonous vibe, laundry room. A modern farmhouse laundry room design gives a fresh and bright look to the room to reduce the overwhelming sensation when seeing piled up clothes. Check out the following design for some inspirations. 


1. I-Shape Floor with Vintage Look

Give a touch of vintage look for your modern farmhouse laundry. Grey floor combined with several groups of mini-subway tiles on blue-gray walls is enough to set the base of a vintage touch. Attach some wooden farmhouse rack to place some laundry items and a farmhouse sink on shaker cabinets. Don’t forget to place drying racks above the washing machine board. You can use the remaining space as an ironing board.

A patterned floor combined with several groups of mini-subway tiles on a white wall is enough to set a basic vintage touch. Place the blue cupboard above the washing machine that integrates with the sink. Don’t forget to put the rattan basket on the washing machine table.
White wall combined with mini subway green tiles green in your laundry room, placing a washing machine integrated with a sink, patterned floor, and greenery is enough to adjust the vintage touch in your laundry room area.
By choosing the laundry storage provides more flexible toiletry placement to be inspire. Installing the wooden cabinet on the wall for laundry room storage.
Modern laundry room ideas that are practical and simple. Install the storage cabinet above the washing machine, the combination of the floor with green on the countertop will look elegant and attractive.
Small modern laundry room design with wooden floor and cabinet. This design is cost effective and space saving that you should need to try.
If you have a narrow room you must selective to choose the furniture. Installing the wooden rack on the wall and some cabinet make your space look neat.
Decorating the walls of the laundry room with storage cabinets for storing rattan baskets, washing equipment and towels. White wardrobe combined with dark grey floor are great decoration for vintage style.
The idea of ​​a brilliant modern laundry room with wall shelves and cabinet for space saving. Patterned floor with  lamps make the room brighter and more comfortable.
A modern laundry room with white cabinets and shelves storage. Add a touch of other elements such as rattan baskets makes the room natural. You need to try this design.

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An attractive modern farmhouse laundry room with a washing machine under a closed storage cabinet. The red floor combined with white walls and greenery adds a cool and comfortable feel.

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Installing storage under the table to make it look neat and comfortable in the laundry room area. Combine of white walls and grey floor give a vintage nuance.
Being calm with white color, besides natural fell the white color make your space look clean. Adding the cabinet with shelves for laundry room storage.

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2. Pastel Blue

A pastel blue color represents both vintage and modern style. Opt for cabinets, shaker cabinets, racks, and drying racks in pastel blue color. Paint the wall in white to enhance the color. You can choose the terra-cotta floor or red floor to complement the look. White granite countertops and baskets for dirty clothes can create a non-monotonous statement for the modern farmhouse style. For an added statement, attach some bars of geometric tiles on the wall.

Basically, pastel blue is a very soft color. The selection of a pastel blue cabinet with white walls is the best way to make your laundry room cleaner.
Lots of inspiration to create a comfortable atmosphere in your laundry room. Color choices like pastel blue in the cabinet combined with white walls is a brilliant idea that you can try.
Make your laundry room cleaner by adding a white countertop and a few pastel blue cabinets to add a soft atmosphere.
Installing the wooden shelves and cabinet with pastel blue color give a soft nuance. Combine this with white walls to create a perfect look.
Pastel blue cabinets combined with white ceramic walls with storage baskets under the table create a cool and modern feel.

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Cool and fresh as in the wild, pastel blue looks perfect combined with white accents. Wicker baskets to store clothes in your laundry area is a simple storage ideas.
The pastel blue color combined with white gives a sophisticated rustic feel to the laundry room.

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3. Think of Green

When pastel colors are in, everything in pastel is called modern, including pastel green. The green color is a good complement to a laundry room. It looks clean and humble. Combine the color with white walls and quartzite countertops for your modern farmhouse laundry room design. Place a metal farmhouse sink on green cabinets attached to flat-panel cabinets. For a farmhouse touch, add some plants and some wooden block countertops. 

If you cannot help to redesign your modern laundry room into a farmhouse look, try adding several farmhouse items, instead of replacing all hardware. Think of rattan baskets for dirty clothes, wooden racks for cleaning items, hanging pots, and some old accessories, like a clock and lamp frame. A farmhouse laundry room sign will never fail you.

Renovation of a farmhouse laundry room design is easy. Place a floating shelf beside the cabinet combined with white drawers and a black floor that make your laundry room feel rustic and comfortable.
Laundry room design with white walls and furniture look clean. Adding the wooden countertop and metal sink to create a farmhouse feel.
One room that is no less important is the laundry room, try installing a floating pastel green rack to put towels and house plants to make it look natural and modern.
An antique black chandeliers and installing by floating shelves above the washing machine making it easy to store clothes. The metal sink give a modern and rustic feel.
Floating shelves that made of wooden material perfect for laundry room storage. Combine this with metal sink and granite countertop to make a farmhouse feel.
Choosing a dark color for the floor will make your laundry room look dramatic. Put some greenery give a fresh nuance.
To decorate laundry room, choose pastel green color combine with white walls. White metal sink and flowers arrangements at the corner make your space fresher.
Wooden floor combined with white cabinets and metal sink are a great ideas to decorate your laundry room like farmhouse feel.
Decorating the laundry room is a big job. To create a farmhouse feel you can choose white walls, metal sink and put some house plants inside.

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