3 Modern Basket Laundry Room Ideas

Comfort should be number one when it comes to a laundry room. It is the place where you do two jobs, laundry and ironing. Thus, some baskets in your laundry room mean a lot. It can help you much with the organization and keep everything neat and tidy. This is especially true with a laundry room connected with a bathroom. So, below are some basket laundry room ideas.

1. A Counter and Basket Combo

A combo of washer and dryer can takes up lots of space. That’s why people often overlap them. Thus, you can save some room for a basket and iron board. But you can put them side and topped with a counter. You can use the top as a folding and ironing station.

Then you can put a basket next to it. That way, you can put those clothes straight into the washer without collecting them one by one from every room. That is also a good way to teach your kids some discipline.


The idea of ​​a laundry room with a modern basket for your convenience, besides it also saves space.


Design a comfortable laundry room with an open wooden table for storing clothes baskets so that the laundry room looks neat with a narrow space.

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Some clever ideas here, with a folding ironing board by Whirlpool hidden by the cabinet door. There is also a drying cabinet that has a heating element besides that it also saving space.


Pull wire drawers, cupboards and shelves above the washing machine help keep everything neat and tidy in place


In this laundry area, inserting a larger drying rack into the design, special drying drawers are installed, making efficient use of limited space.

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If you want to make laundry work not too tedious, you can set it up with a washing machine that is integrated in a large cupboard to save space.


Smart laundry room design ideas with a washing machine under a metal table, then place the basket next to the machine, then add a cupboard on it to store clothes.

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Design a laundry room with cabinets, wicker baskets to separate and enough shelf space for laundry items and clothes rods.


The design of the laundry room is complete with a basket beside the washing machine, and above it there is a closed cupboard to keep clothes clean and neat.


Make your laundry room comfortable with a simple design, for example, put the washing machine under the work table, then add a cupboard on it to store clothes, in short, this design saving space.

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2. Baskets Cabinet

You always know that summer is the season when your kids have so many activities both at school and in the neighborhood. Those activities create a huge pile of dirty clothes that get higher every day. When that happens, a single basket is not enough.

While having two baskets standing side by side seems unpractical, why don’t you arrange them upward? You can do this by creating a cabinet for those baskets.Then, place a washer and dryer combo next to it. This will be one of basket laundry room ideas you’ll love.


Design a neat laundry room with a basket cabinet next to the washing machine to make it easier for you to pile dirty clothes.


A beautiful basket cabinet with a sliding system makes it easy to put dirty clothes, in addition to that the child can practice independently and maintain the neatness of the laundry room at home.

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Add a basket cabinet next to the washing machine to keep your laundry room neat and clean.


To make it easier for you to pile up dirty clothes, there is a solution for you to try at home. For example, by installing a basket cabinet next to the washing machine to create an atmosphere of a washing room that looks clean and saves space.

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Put the cupboard next to the washing machine with a basket to store dirty clothes, and your laundry room will remain neat and comfortable.


Design a comfortable laundry room with a white wardrobe, and a clothes basket next to the washing machine to make it easier to take the clothes you wash.

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Laundry storage rack next to the washing machine to store dirty clothes that saves space and looks neater.

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Design a smart laundry room with a cupboard next to the washing machine, then place the basket to store your clothes.

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3. Hanged Baskets

If you are a hard person, separating light from colored clothing is a big problem. This system prevents your colored clothes from staining your white clothes. You can create this system yourself. Hang some cloth bags on the wall of the laundry room. Label it based on your needs, such as light, dark, and fussy. That way, you can use the space below for other things.


This hanging cloth bag will add style to your laundry room, while still hiding dirty clothes.

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The idea of ​​storing in an attractive laundry room, for example with a stacking basket 3 can hold your clothes, but also to separate your clothes.


Display hanging basket in the laundry room is very helpful for you to place clothes so that your laundry room looks neat.


Hang a cloth bag and give a name on the edge of the bag to make it easier for you to separate your clothes to be more organized.

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The idea of ​​smart storage in the laundry room by hanging cloth bags over the washing machine to make it easier for you to separate your fabric colors and look neat.

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Design an attractive laundry room with a basket above the washing machine to make it easier for you to sort clothes.


This is perfect for a very small laundry room to save floor space and sort laundry on the wall


Add a hanging basket to the wall to save space and make it easier for you to sort your clothes.

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By now, getting basket laundry room ideas shouldn’t be hard.

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