3 Modern Tiny Garden Ideas

Own a small house? Sometimes, small houses make you feel confused during renovations, and maybe you forget one pleasant thing: the tiny garden ideas. Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful garden? A wonderful garden can make a house look green and more sympathetic. Unfortunately, to make a garden requires more space. However, size doesn’t matter, right? You can have your dream garden in front of your beloved modern house.

Let’s take a look at how to make the small garden the way modern people did.

1. Japanese-Style Garden

The typical Japanese garden model carries minimalism and doesn’t play many colors on plants or on fences. This makes the garden feel warm and minimalist.

Giving a fresh impression, you might add a simple and small fountain on the edge of the park. Don’t forget to add a dim garden light that shines beautifully at night.

Japanese-style garden is placed behind the minimalist house.


Japanese-style garden with aor shower from bamboo behind the house.


Japanese-style garden with bamboo fountain is placed in the middle of the park.

image source

Fresh minimalist Japanese garden style behind the house.

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charming Japanese-style garden decoration behind the house with some plants and grass.

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2. Holland Spring Garden

When talking about Holland, you will immediately imagine w a lively garden with gorgeous colorful flowers. Holland is indeed famous for its beautiful tulips.

Do you feel so in love with that concept? Opt for Holland Spring Garden in front of your house. The trick is to put flowers of various colors in the pot, or you can also put a fairy garden there.

Holland Spring Garden with colorful tulips in the back garden for you to try

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Holland Spring Garden with colorful tulips that give a cute appearance.

image source

Holland Spring Garden with colorful tulips in the backyard creates a beautiful appearance.
Be creative and simple by applying holland spring garden with colorful tulips.

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Holland Spring Garden using tulips in front of the house.

image source

3. Open and Airy Terrace

This is the best minimalist concept for a garden at home when you are running out of. Open and airy space is the combination of a garden and also an outdoor terrace.

You can make a lawn chair that extends and attaches to the fence. Place a few pots near the chair and also the bonsai tree. You already have a fresh minimalist garden.

Finding elegant tiny garden ideas is a good way to start. Now, it’s time to shape the space of enduring beauty.

Open-air terrace garden using wood as a place to plant colorful flowers.

image source

minimalist outdoor terrace garden in the corner of the house for you to try.

image source

The terrace garden opens in the backyard by adding a charming pool.

image source

A minimalist and open-air terraced garden with a few plants and add a pool for an extraordinary view.

image source

The garden terrace is open and airy minimalist with several plants for an attractive appearance.

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