3 Rooftop Garden Decorating Ideas

A beautiful garden as a place to relax is many people’s dream. However, this might be difficult to come true when a house has a small or no backyard. Nonetheless, you can still have a garden in your house if you have a vacant rooftop. 

A rooftop garden is very useful for people living in urban areas where spaces for gardening is very limited. But, planting plants in a rooftop garden is not as easy as planting them in the ground. Thus, consider these rooftop garden decorating ideas before having your rooftop garden. 


1. Choose the Right Plants

Rooftop and land gardens have distinct characteristics. That’s why you need to consider planting plants based on the humidity, wind direction, and the amount of sunlight in your rooftop garden. Typically, the space in a roof gets warm easily. Thus, it is better to opt for drought resistance shrubs and plants with high winds tolerance. 

Alpines or dwarf conifers are some of the most suitable plants for a rooftop garden. They don’t need a lot of water to sustain and have the ability to tolerate strong winds and intense sunshine.

If you want to grow plants for your rooftop garden, you need to pay attention to the types of plants that are resistant to wind and sunlight. Alpine and lavender seem to be suitable for this condition. Besides the bush is also an alternative plant to decorate your rooftop garden.

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If you build a house, you might think it will make a fabulous roof garden. Design a rooftop garden that will beautify your home with some plants that can survive the wind and sunlight. So to design your rooftop garden, you can use greenery that is easy to live and able to survive in all weather.

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You love alpines and are integrated with stunning bushes. It will be more beautiful if you have a rooftop garden. You can place these plants in a rooftop garden that will add to the beauty of your garden.

Do you want to have a fabulous roof garden? this can be your inspiration. With a minimalist design, your rooftop garden will look fabulous. With unique tables and chairs and greenery that will make you feel comfortable in your rooftop garden.

Having a fabulous roof garden is inseparable from the types of plants that decorate it. As for some of the plants that beautify your rooftop garden you must be resistant in any weather. Plants such as alpines and shrubs are plants that are resistant to sunlight or wind. So this plant is suitable for your rooftop garden design.

In addition to quality plant material, your rooftop garden must also have plants that can withstand all weather. You must precisely choose the type of plant that is suitable for your rooftop garden. Because the rooftop garden is clearly different from the characteristics of the park below.

Although relatively inexpensive, the type of bush plant will look amazing for your rooftop garden design. Why not, the bush has the ability to withstand hot weather and wind. So the bush will be the right choice for your rooftop garden.

If you have a minimalist rooftop garden, don’t forget you take into account the best design. Some wood pallet as a fence, as well as some beautiful plants that can decorate your rooftop garden.

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This is a roof garden design that will make you interested. Only with a few plants that are resistant in all weather conditions, as well as a few simple furniture enough to make this rooftop garden to be very extraordinary. Neatly arranged and feels natural will make the atmosphere green and comfortable for you.

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2. Install A Windshield

As mention previously, the wind is a typical problem in rooftop gardens. Thus, one of these rooftop garden decorating ideas suggests you to consider installing a windshield. While you can plant several wind tolerance plants as well as natural windbreaker plants, a more modern solution like glass screens are more recommended. 

Keep in mind that you need to put some holes in the screens if you place this shield against prevailing winds. The holes are important to reduce the amount of winds’ force. With a glass shield on your rooftop garden, you will also have uninterrupted views.

Giving a glass fence to the beauty of your rooftop garden is the right thing. We can still enjoy the freedom of our vision, but will be awake from the gusts of wind that can make us uncomfortable. In addition, it can protect your favorite plants that are in your rooftop garden.

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Not wrong indeed if we give a glass fence to design your rooftop garden. You can protect your plants from the wind, so the plants will stay awake. In addition, our views can also still be seen broadly without obstacles.

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If you have a garden, then don’t forget to design a protective fence. Maybe the right choice for your rooftop garden fence is to use glass. Without damaging our eyes, glass provides the right protection for your plants.

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When you build a fabulous rooftop garden, make sure you also protect it from strong winds. If you want to protect your touch and comfort, maybe glass is the right choice. Because the glass will not reduce your view from the top of your home.

This is a perfect rooftop garden design. Placing elegant furniture and attractive plants increasingly gives the exotic impression of your rooftop garden. For fences, mounted glass fence that stretches extraordinary. Glass fence does not obstruct your view, but it also protects your comfort from a rather strong wind.

Never think about your rooftop garden fence. If you are confused about choosing a fence for your rooftop garden, try using a glass fence to design your rooftop garden. This will protect your plants from the wind, and keep your eyesight awake.

If you want to add perfect beauty to your roof garden design, try using a glass fence. A glass fence to design your roof garden will provide several benefits. That doesn’t reduce the flexibility of your view. Besides it will protect your plants from heat and wind.

When your furniture and garden are neat, you need a fence that will protect you and your plants from the wind. Because it is above, the glass fence is the main choice. Glass will not reduce the flexibility of your view. And glass can add an elegant and luxurious impression to your rooftop garden design.

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3. Don’t Use More Than Three Colors

A rooftop garden is supposed to give an airy and relaxed feeling. The colors scheme plays an important role in it. Don’t use more than three colors since it will give a cluttered and busy look. Three accent colors are the maximum you want in your rooftop garden. Light and neutral colors like grey, beige, or white are very suitable for your garden since it will make the plants more noticeable.

Has a perfect rooftop garden can not be separated from the color selection. Although only in a narrow area of ​​the rooftop garden will look spacious and airy. This is influenced by the right color selection, like dark gray and brown flooring. So that the elegant color combination can give an airy impression to your minimalist roof garden.

If you have a rooftop garden that is able to give the impression of comfort and space you should be able to choose the right color. If you are confused, you can choose white as the primary choice for your rooftop garden. You can add other colors to chairs and wooden pots that decorate your rooftop garden.

Rooftop garden is the right choice for you who want to relax. Even though it’s in a narrow area, you can design the right color to make it look wider. Selection of elegant colors like white is perfect for your rooftop garden design.

Having a lounge on the rooftop is impressive. But have you thought about the right color design for your roof space? If not, this is the color design for your rooftop space to make it seem spacious and loose. The combination of black and white is suitable for the color design of your rooftop space to provide comfort for your relaxation.

If you have a rooftop garden in the middle of the city, you will need a space that looks spacious. You can make your small rooftop garden look spacious just by choosing the right color. Selection of colors that are not too many, enough to make your rooftop garden design look amazing.

If you have a minimalist rooftop garden, you can change the color you use to make it look broad and loose. Enough with a maximum of three colors to design your rooftop garden. Then the design of your rooftop garden will seem more extensive. Elegant color selection is the perfect choice for the color of your roof garden.

Using a little color to design your rooftop garden turns out to be able to give a broad impression to your rooftop garden. Just 2 or 3 colors like this design. Only with a cream and gray color, is enough to give an extraordinary impression for your rooftop garden design.

Rooftop garden is the right choice to enjoy harmony with family. If you want a design that can be outside and broad, you can add a color design for your rooftop garden. White is the right choice that can make your garden become very extraordinary.

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It is not easy to build a rooftop garden. Thus, these rooftop garden decorating ideas might help you to do it.

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