3 Simple Bedroom Decor Ideas for Newborn Baby

Are you looking for a functional, simple bedroom decor ideas for your baby? When you are designing a room for the baby, you need to embrace both function and style.

Get ready for the fun-tastic parenthood journey by looking on tons ideas of lovely baby rooms.


1. Compact Room

Having a fancy room for your baby is not wrong. However, you need to consider more important thing. Make sure that you can easily find anything you need to take care the baby, such as wet tissue, diapers, baby clothes, baby bottles, and even ointment. The idea of a compact baby room or crib is a good start. 

A compact baby room doesn’t require ample space. Instead, you only need a tiny room and some functional furniture. Place the baby bed in the center of the room. Meanwhile, you can put a multi-purpose cupboard and mattress for changing the diapers on the right side.

A white baby bedroom with white walls, white storage cabinets, white lights, white windows, white curtains and white hairy carpet
A white nursery with white walls, white carpets and decorations for the baby that look harmonious
The nursery is combined with patterned blue walls, white storage cabinets, and cute looking blue carpets
The baby’s room is added with white storage cabinets, white furry carpet, and pink curtains that make the decoration look cute
The nursery is combined with red walls, white storage cabinets, round rugs and cool white dog dolls

image source

Little baby’s bedroom combined with white walls, white storage and curtains and white windows

image source

The nursery is combined with white walls, wooden storage and a long fluffy rug with a black striped pattern
Little baby’s bedroom with pink walls, artificial hangings, paintings, white storage and zebra-patterned rugs
A white baby bedroom combined with a patterned white wall, wall paintings and a rectangular patterned carpet that looks cool

image source


2. Waterproof Wallpaper

Your baby will grow up as a toddler. During that time, many things can happen, starting from spraying his pee in the room to drawing his/her first alphabet on the wall.

The waterproof wallpapers are a good option to apply. They are easy to wash and quite durable. The wallpapers can even help you to keep the room clean and save the budget. 

You can choose various wallpapers to perfect your baby bedroom. The alphabet wallpaper might be a good choice. It might help your children in learning to talk.

The baby’s bedroom is augmented by a red wall with a white pattern, a white toy, a white feather carpet and a black sofa placed in the corner
A white baby bedroom with striped walls, white wooden windows and light blue balls that look good
The baby’s bedroom is combined with a large urban-patterned wallpaper, green sofa and fluffy white carpet

image source

The baby’s bedroom is combined with a zoo-themed wallpaper in green and stuffed animals that adorn the decorations
Baby’s bedroom is added with watermelon motif on the wall in white paint, and other animal toys
A baby’s bedroom with a white wall patterned in green trees, a round white lamp attached to the wall, a feathery white carpet, and wooden toys that can be ridden

image source

A baby’s bedroom with a blue wall pattern in a small boat, a very large giraffe stuffed in a corner, and a long photo for parents to sleep

image source

The baby’s bedroom is combined with animal-patterned walls, white storage shelves for toys and rattan rocking chairs

image source

3. A Nightlight

What does your baby need at night? A lullaby and better visual lullaby. The nightlight will help your baby having a good sleep and become a great hush-a-bye. 


Using some unique lampshades will help your baby fall asleep. Moreover, if the lamp features the calming lullaby, it will be a perfect match to give your baby a good dream.

The baby’s bedroom is combined with a fairy-patterned pink wall, white storage and cool green carpet
Baby’s bedroom combined with wooden walls, wall lighting, white windows and sofas that look cool
A baby’s bedroom combined with a white wall with a butterfly pattern, white flower plants placed in the corner and other butterfly ornaments
A baby bedroom with orange walls and writing with a mermaid, white storage and a white sofa to complement the decor
The baby’s room is augmented by a gray wall, a large round mirror, a lighting lamp on a wooden table, and a large dog dance.


A white nursery with white walls, paintings of animals on the walls, stuffed animals with large giraffes and white hairy rectangular karepts

image source

Which lovable material that you would like to pick for the simple bedroom decor ideas for the baby room? That is all your call!

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