23 Small Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas and Decor

A laundry room needs so much space. It is a place for folding station, ironing board, stored laundry items, and drying racks. However, it will be a disaster when a laundry room is full of unorganized hardware, products, and clothes. This will likely happen in a small room. If your laundry room is small, these small farmhouse laundry room ideas can be your savior.


1. Idea One

For some people who go to buy some supplies every month or every two weeks, laundry room cabinets don’t seem necessary. They need only one or two products for one task enough until the next visit to the department store. If you are one of those people, a small laundry room is enough.

Think of organizing your washer and dryer wherever possible. Attach some wooden racks and a small cabinet above them to place your cleaning supplies.

A good idea to have a laundry room with a minimalist style that wants to save space. In this case, you can build a small wooden cabinet with simple shelves.
Another cool concept with farmhouse laundry room presents monochrome design. Combine of black and white color with small cabinet above the washing machine is a good job.
White nuance in the laundry room look clean. Adding the small cabinet and shelves on the wall make your space wider.
Laundry room has been the most important for your home. In this case, we would recommend you to implement the idea of a farmhouse laundry room with simple storage such as shelves and small cabinet.
farmhouse concept for your laundry room bring the wooden touch on your furniture. To make it look natural, placing the wooden shelves above the washing machine.
The idea of a charming laundry room brings a modern and farmhouse concept with simple decoration. This idea is perfect to put some storage such as cabinet or shelves made of wooden.

For laundry room you can put decorations on the wall with various items. Meanwhile, the walls are decorated with items such as wooden shelves or storage cabinets according to your wishes.

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2. Idea Two

A laundry room folding table is not an exception for small farmhouse laundry room ideas. They can complement each other as long as you maximize the room. When thinking of a farmhouse laundry room, think of wooden racks that you attach on the wall above your washer and dryer. 

Put several containers for your laundry items there. If there is some space left, place an accessory, like a pot of plant. Attach a board to the wall above the machines to create a folding station and an ironing board without suffering the machines.

Neutral white colors in your laundry room display a fresh atmosphere and look clean. Do not forget to put rack above the washing machine to store your washing equipment.

Table in the laundry room for folding clothes, but often boring and bland. Instead, make a beautiful folding wooden table with stains of your choice and don’t forget to install a wooden shelf to store washing equipment.

Installing wooden shelves above the washing machine give an extra storage for your space. Woven baskets are an adorable way to store towels or washing equipment.

Beautiful and practical white laundry room for your home. To make it more comfortable and fresh, you can add some flowers and simple shelves.
If you are looking for laundry room inspiration, check out this functional laundry room. This is a stunning farmhouse style for laundry room with simple storage like shelves and cabinet.
Make a creative laundry room design with wooden touch. Put some furniture like cabinet and countertop made wood material.
There is always an option to have a lower cupboard, with shelves as an alternative storage in your amazing laundry room.

This simple but stylish laundry is a good idea for your large room. You can also install long wooden shelves on the wall to store washing equipment. And place a flower vase to make it look more beautiful and elegant.

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3. Idea Three

There is nothing wrong with lots of plants in a small laundry room. In fact, they add a farmhouse feel to the laundry room ideas. To create the feel with a beautiful look, you just need some wooden racks while the pots can be hanged if those racks cannot hold them.

For this idea, you need to think of hanging everything possible to hang. Consider adding a metal pole and place some hanging hooks to hang some small items, like a brush. Paint the wall white to make the room looks wider.

Some small farmhouse laundry room ideas don’t require you to suffer in your tiny space. You just need to maximize the room to load the only laundry items you need.

A simple design white laundry room by installing white storage and shelves on top of the washing machine. Placing some flower vases to make the laundry room look clean and fresh.
Enough with green plants as a complement, the appearance of the laundry room will look attractive. To put detergent, you can make a stacking rack that is placed on the washing machine.
In addition wooden shelves to store your washing equipment, you can also install baskets from rattan and make your laundry room more comfortable and elegant.
White color for farmhouse laundry room look clean. Put some plants on the wooden shelves give a natural and fresh impression.
The choice of wooden walls equipped with plants in pots makes your activities more enjoyable. Wooden touch give a farmhouse feel.
You can create a minimalist laundry room with white nuance and wooden touch. You can also install open shelves to store washing equipment and flower vases to make your laundry room to look fresh.

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A storage cabinet made of wood with white color to create a warm and comfortable in the laundry room. Put flowers on above make your work fresher.
Easily think of this farmhouse style laundry room with wooden furniture and house plants. Arrange your furniture one line for space saving.

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