37 Small Laundry Room Ideas to Make It Look Bigger

If you live in a small house or apartment, struggling with a small space for laundry is apparently an everyday problem. For a small house, the laundry room tends to be narrow although it needs a lot of space. However, you don’t need to suffer in your small space. Little hacks and tricks to maximize the room are here. Check out the following small laundry room ideas to help you breathe in the tiny room.


1. A Laundry Closet

Do you have some unused space fit for a closet in the bathroom? You can use it for a laundry closet. The bathroom and laundry room are suitable to stand side by side as they have the same friend, water.

Stack your front-loading washer and dryer on one side and open cabinets on the other side. Maximize the space above the machine and cabinet (if any) for other cabinets to store your laundry items. If there is some space left, you can use it to place some baskets.

Laundry room design combines colors namely gray and white, giving a neat impression. You can install a wooden cabinet over the washing machine to save your washing equipment.
Laundry room does not require a large space you can utilize the unused area that might be available in the bathroom. You can install a wooden cabinet above the washing machine for simple storage.

By using one side of the wall in the room, putting shelves and wooden cabinets are good ideas. Neatly arranged to create a small laundry room look wider.

To create a neatly arranged, try to put the washer and dryer vertically. Add simple storage such as shelves on beside to store your washing equipment.
Laying the washing machine and drying machine vertically will provide more efficient space for the storage area. You can also hide your laundry in a close cabinet.

Large bathroom area can be used to build a laundry room. Put the washing machine vertically and do not forget to complete with wooden cabinet on above or on beside to create neat ambiance.

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Minimalist laundry room can be done in the small space, you can put some cabinet on beside. Wooden material give a natural ambiance.
The narrow space can be transformed into a comfortable laundry room. Make your space look neat with white cabinet beside the washing machine. You can also give it a dominant white color to make it look clean

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2. Get Creative with Organizers

A small room sometimes doesn’t befriend laundry room cabinets. If you need to organize the cleaning stuff, you need to use a tiny room-friendly organizer, like open shelves storage, vertical-sliding organizers, and a hanging basket organizer.

Open shelving idea provides flexibility to your room. You can adjust the height and width according to the size of the room. You can also use containers of your choice to place laundry products.

When there is no space left to store cleaning items, use the narrow space between your hardware to for a vertical-sliding organizer. It can hold some bottles and sprayers. Meanwhile, a hanging basket organizer attached to the wall is useful when there is no space left on the floor.

For a small room, choose some important furniture. Choose simple storage such as open shelves made wooden material to save spaces. Attached to the wall to store your equipment.
Make the best use of narrow spaces to be functional room. By adding wooden open shelves attached to the wall give the extra storage in the laundry room.
Small and stylish are two words that sum up this laundry room beautifully. A wall-mounted rack made of wooden give a natural impression. You can put some house plant and ornaments on it.
If you like a neatly laundry room, choose simple storage to store your clothes and equipment. The rattan basket also perfect to try to put dirty clothes.

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Build the clean laundry room is not difficult. You only need to put simple storage such as open shelves that you can attach on the wall and a small cabinet next to it.
Make your washing job easier with shelves storage above the washing machine to store washing equipment. You can take the items needed easily.
Take advantage of the small space with storage shelves for either laundry or supplies. The open shelves can you try to make a neat space.
Don’t forget to add some storage in your small laundry room. For example, open shelves and small cabinet you can put above the washing machine for space saving.


3. Consider an Outdoor Laundry Room

If your room has already looked cramped, an outdoor laundry room does not contradict small laundry room ideas. A garage or another covered outdoor space can reduce the time to hang up wet clothes.

Some small laundry room ideas are enough for your room. In addition to maximizing an empty space, it means no additional budget to build another room while keeping it clean and comfy.

Outdoor laundry rooms is a good ideas if you if you don’t have a lot of space in the house. You can install curtains to hide your washer and dryer machine.
You can also use the small balcony as a laundry area. Backyard area of the house can be used as a laundry room by dividing the two areas. You can put some house plants to give a natural impression.

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Many ways to build outdoor laundry room. You can save your machine in the big cabinet and arranged vertically.
Design a laundry room in a cozy garage with chairs at the corner and shelves on the wall to store washing equipment to be more presentable.

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Blend your small laundry space with the rest of the house by adapting to its modern elements of clean lines and organized look.

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Utilizing a small space you can make a laundry room on the terrace or side of your house. This design makes the home more elegant

if you do not have a home page, you can make different creations by using the patio area as a laundry room.

Unique laundry room with storage like a cupboard made of wood. A creative idea to save a washing machine for outdoor laundry space

Laundry room as one of the must-have rooms in your home. Setting up an outdoor laundry room makes a brilliant idea.

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