3 Spaceship Bedroom Decor Ideas for Boys

As boys grow older, they might be attracted to space as they’ve learned in school before. Since space is always full of fascinating stuff, there is a time that your boys might be fully interested in it and even asked you to do something for them: remodeling their bedroom with a space theme.

Designing the boys’ bedroom with this kind of themes seems a complicated task. However, if you know the right inspirations, you will find it is possible and easy. Get ready to be inspired by these spaceship bedroom decor ideas for boys.


1. Miniature Solar System 

What is kind of dream that might come to your little kids’ sleep at night? They will dream of being inside the spaceship looking at colorful planets or a starry night. Such a nice dream can come true if you know how to decorate your boys’ room in a spaceship theme.

Hang miniature planets on the ceiling. You can also hang a yellow light bulb covered by a sun-shaped lamp shade. Here they are. Your kids’ room will have a perfect and real solar system.

You can use a bed cover in a spaceship theme. Having a spaceship bed will also work to make the dream more real.

A bedroom for a boy combined with a gray wall with sun paintings, a decorative planet hanging planet and a striped blanket that looks cool
The bedroom is combined with space-themed wall wallpaper, hanging planetary ornaments and a white mother’s mattress
The bedroom is combined with a blue mattress, the wallpaper of a planet in black space, the planets above and other outer ornament


image source

A bedroom with sky-wall wallpapers and views, a blue blanket patterned with planets and a large carpet made in green

image source

A bedroom with outer space sky wallpaper, a white round bedroom, hanging planetary ornaments and other cool sky ornaments
The white boys bedroom that can be folded combined with the planet-patterned walls in black and complete the astronaut’s clothes hanging


image source

a child’s bedroom combined with a blue wall with a small planet motif, hanging planetary ornaments and a detailed doll and giraffe to complement the decor
A blue boy’s room combined with a star-patterned blue wall wallpaper, a blue solar-patterned mattress and a wall painting

image source

2. Wall Mural

Are you blessed with an excellent drawing talent? You might consider one of the affordable spaceship bedroom décor ideas for boys.

Paint the wall with all spaceship-related pictures, such as planets, the sun, and the like. You can even ask your boys to join this exciting activity! However, if you are not all set with the kind of activities, you can opt for spaceship wallpapers that are much easier to install.

The bedroom is combined with a wallpaper that has an astronaut motif in outer space, a blue mattress and a white blanket
The blue bedroom is added to the planet-patterned blue wall, a blue blanket patterned with an extraordinary small planet
The bedroom is added to the planet-patterned blue walls and rockets and the bedroom is light green
A blue bedroom combined with a space-themed blue wall and a theme bed and blanket
Children’s bedrooms combined with space motifs and rockets on the black walls and white sandals
The blue bedroom with a blue patterned outer space wall and blue blanket is also a space theme that looks cool
A bedroom with a space-themed blue wall, an orange mattress, orange storage and orange carpet

image source

3. Spaceship Bunk Bed

Let your boys have a great imagination in the space-themed atmosphere with a space shuttle bunk bed. They will be excited about entering this kind of beds, going up the stair, and imagining that they are exploring the space using the special spaceship. If you have more than one child, this bunk bed idea will be a great choice to amuse them.

A white rocket-shaped white bedroom with gray walls and other white furniture
White terraced bedrooms combined with planet-patterned blue walls and blue knit carpets
A bedroom combined with a large white rocket ornament and a cool black mattress


image source

The white rocket-shaped bedroom is combined with a space-patterned wall

image source

White terraced bedrooms combined with white rocket ornaments in the corner and space-themed walls

image source

So, ready to let your children feel like exploring the outer space with these interesting spaceship bedroom decor ideas for boys?

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