3 Transitional Living Room Decor Ideas

Traditional yet modern at the same time, transitional has been a popular blend of two styles. Usually, traditional styling has a lot of intricate designs. Transitional style encompasses soft design as a way to blend both traditional and modern styles altogether. Here are 3 transitional living room decor ideas that will perfectly describe it.

1. Color Palette

Look at how the interior of this room uses neutral colors. The transitional decor uses cream, gray, black and taupe as the color palette of the room. The gray wall and furniture are complemented with hardwood floor. Having a fireplace in the room also adds a relaxing feel to the room. There is often a simple focus wall in the room. The color is all about simplicity that supports modern styles.

Enjoy your relaxing time accompanied by a cool home atmosphere. The choice of wall color is very appropriate.

The dominance of the white color will make your house look more neat and clean.

Sofa with bright colors, making your chat with family will be more fun.

If you have a lot of family, or there are a lot of friends, then make your room rather large to be able to accommodate all of them.

Cool with the choice of green striped on the wall, every time we will see it is not.

Liven up your room is very easy, by installing colorful pictures on the wall.

Cleanliness and tidiness must be maintained at all times when you set foot in this room.

Blue sofa combined with a yellow dressing table, makes this room look very cheerful.

The focus in this room is on the orange seat, plus thick carpet can warm this place.

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2. Minimal Accessories

You’d notice from this decor idea that the fabrics used are mostly suede, leather and chenille. These materials are perfect for a transitional living room, as it is known to have minimal accessories. So, the soft textured materials like these are great. You can also add mirrors and glass windows, or even some metallic décor as they suit this style perfectly.

Room decoration is perfect for holding meetings with your colleagues.

Enjoy your days by choosing it, yes the white sofa that makes it look clean and neat.

Crowded and impressed minimalist, makes you more comfortable to linger in this room.

Long and spacious, making this room very suitable for gathering your family or friends.

Interesting to make your family and friends more comfortable in this room, chatting and eating snacks in the morning.

Your leisure time should not be passed by your days, but make it as interesting as possible by being in this room.

Your afternoon chat will be even more interesting if all your family members or friends are in one room that is so beautiful.

With a wide view out the window of the wide open ocean view will make your heart so calm and comfortable.

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3. Simple Lines

You can find little to no curves in transitional styled room. Simple lines are used in this design. So, you will see squared tables, pillows and other furniture. This keeps the design to look traditional. But, the colors are the one that suggests modernism. Don’t be afraid to go all out with bold colors and patterns because a pop of color will also enhance the transitional style you choose.

Even if you are tired from working all day, do not let you fall asleep to forget your leisure time with your relatives.

City views that you can immediately see outside the window with flashing lights make your night atmosphere so solemn.

With a large expanse of yard making oxygen will enter your house wildly and you will enjoy it to release your fatigue.

Unite the perception between your living room and dining table will make a relaxed atmosphere will feel very enjoyable accompanied by your dinner.

Do not miss your relaxed atmosphere just like that, because by relaxing in this room then your fatigue will pay off.

Light does not always come from your lamp, but light can directly enter the room by making a glass roof on it.

The atmosphere of your days feels very beautiful if you prepare a space that you can use to relax with your family.

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Those are 3 transitional living room decor ideas that might give you some inspiration. The style is mainly inspired by traditional furnishing and decor. However, the overall finish is a blend between traditional and modern due to the modern colors and furnishings.

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