23 Vibrant Laundry Room Decoration Ideas

Despite the intention to have the proper and clean look, many people can not stand long in doing laundry. There is much reason that drives this act of laziness, and one of them is a dreary laundry room layout.

That is why every house needs some laundry room decoration ideas to upgrade the washing room into a more vibrant space. And these ideas show you how easy it is to make a change and personalize the dingy laundry room in your house


1. Vintage Laundry Room Decor

Here it sets a vintage look that makes every person easily fall in love in doing laundry. The bright but soft wallpaper enlivens the room, and the white cabinetry embraces the beauty and function. 

Protect the wall that is closed to the washing and drying machine by covering them with white subway tiles that are waterproof and give a strong statement of vintage laundry room decor.

Longing for more pops of vintage? Consider having a basket to keep dirty clothes and some artsy pictures on the wall.

Your washing room will look perfect with a white washing machine and other wood decor, with the addition of white cabinet that will add to your room’s antique look.
Your laundry room will look amazing with wooden shelves and some additional furniture such as a round chair, the white washing machine will also add to your laundry room looks perfect, paintings on the wall will also look classic in the room.
The white washing machine installed between the sinks will make it easier for you, the wooden shelves will make your washing room look perfect.
In a narrow room you can make your laundry room perfectly, by putting the wooden shelf between the washing machine and on top of it your laundry room will look neat and clean.
Some rattan boxes for dirty clothes neatly placed on metal shelves will make your laundry room look neat, not to mention the white walls add to your laundry room looks classic.

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Your laundry room look perfect with a white wooden shelf on top of which is installed washing equipment. Natural white walls give a clean ambiance in your small space.
With the installation of white wood shelves give you clever storage for your laundry room. Combine with white walls make your space wider.
The most important thing in your home is the laundry room. You can choose some storage like white cabinet on the walls to make your space look neat.
Wooden shelves above the washing machine to put equipment are perfect ideas for laundry room. Give a white walls to create a nice and clean atmosphere.

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2. A Sleek Space

Pack a lot of minimalism in your laundry room as shown in the laundry room idea above. Upper white cabinetry is a versatile space to keep any clothes and towels. Other laundry room shelving placed right next to the washing machine painted a shade of nude.

You will fall in love with the patterned floor tiles that lend the splash of vintage. It is a well-chosen decorative accent that pops out in the middle of the white.

The perfect laundry room also have a versatile white storage cabinet above the washing machine, you can put towels and clothes in it and other equipment, so your washing room will look neat.
With a white storage cabinet above the washing machine you can easily put washing tools, clothes and towels in it, so that your washing room will be more perfect and clean.
Small windows will add light to your laundry room during the day, with other furniture such as storage cabinets above the washing machine make your laundry room look neat.

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Wooden shelves placed beside the washing machine add a neat impression in your laundry room. You can easily put washing equipment on it, so that your laundry room will look perfect.
With a white shelf beside the washing machine, you can place rattan boxes, towels and other equipment easily, other equipment such as washing machines will also add to your washing room to be extraordinary.
If you will decorate your small laundry room, you must have some storage. White shelves beside the washing machine make your space look neat and clean.

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Combination of white and black floor of your laundry room add neat look. With other furniture such as storage racks and a large washing machine give a clean and fresh impression.

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If you bored with your laundry room decoration, you can add motive tile design to look classy. Combination of white and black is a perfect idea to create beautiful ambiance.

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3. Bright Color

One of the easy hacks to fuel up your laundry activity is by painting the room. Painting the wall is budget-friendly and doesn’t take a lot of your time. 

Dare to splash the bright color to your laundry room and install the open cabinetry as a small laundry room organization.

If you prefer a more magnificent touch to your washing space, then you might consider choosing one of those laundry room decoration ideas.

Don’t worry you can make a perfect laundry room in a small space. To make a bright decoration you can choose yellow walls and some colorful furniture.

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Your laundry room will look bright with blue cabinet combine with white walls. With wooden floor make your laundry room looks rustic.
In a small room you can create a classy laundry room, with a light green and white  combined your laundry room look perfect.
Combination of white and orange is a perfect to beautify your small laundry room. Besides look clean, this color make your space look bright.

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If you like bright color, green is a perfect ideas. Being calm, green color give a fresh and natural ambiance in your laundry room.

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To make your laundry room look fresh, choose one or more color for wall paint. Combination of orange and white make your laundry room look fresh.

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