3 Way to Make Your Landscape Greener with Sideyard Garden Design Ideas

Do you have a little space beside your house? You can use this landscape and add sideyard garden design ideas into it so that you won’t waste space to decor. Side yard can sometimes be neglected, but it creates a better look for your house, and you can also walk around there nicely. This addition will give a greater impression to your guests.


1. Welcome the Guests

Having a side yard doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your privacy. You can create a door that welcomes guests to the side yard. The best material for this is colored wood. You can also add an old, rustic barrel to complete the look. This way, you still have privacy even in the outdoor section of your house.

Side yard design combined with green plants with wooden doors that make the entrance area look comfortable.
Side yard doors that made of wooden material, combined with pathways and greenery creates a fresh and safe feel. To create a neat look you can plant the greenery side by side of pathways.
A side yard with a white fence is combined with a wooden terrace, patterned floor and greenery to create a fresh and natural feel.
Comfortable seating area and beds in the yard with greenery and fences so your guests feel comfortable and relaxed in your side yard.
An attractive courtyard design for you to try, for example, a wooden fence with green plants and stone paths that make you comfortable in the side yard.
Beautiful and fresh yard with bamboo plants, terrace, chairs and fence to keep you comfortable and safe in the side yard.
If you want to be safe and comfortable in a side yard, maybe a fence is the first choice. For example, a fence that is integrated with a bed garden and pathway. With this simple design you might need to try.

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2. Make a Pathway

For the guests to be able to walk around the side yard, there needs to be a pathway. Usually, the pathway is made of stone. It is a path that you will step on to get into your side yard, so it needs to have a high-quality stone. It makes the guests easy to traverse around your lovely side yard.

Garden path that made of stone material with green plants and a high wooden fence makes guests comfortable in your side yard.
Comfortable side yard design with natural stone pathways and greenery to create a fresh and natural feel.
Paths that made of concrete material in the side yard with flowers and greenery make your guests comfortable and happy.

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The stone path is neatly arranged, with white flowers that make it easy for your guests to walk in a beautiful and charming side yard.
The stone stairway is neatly arranged with greenery and natural scenery, so your guests can easily walk and feel comfortable in your side yard.
Beautiful courtyard design with house plants, a wooden chair, and stones pathway make your guests comfortable to enjoy your side yard.
An attractive garden in your yard with pathways and white flowers and greenery makes your guests feel comfortable and memorable in your side yard.

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The design of the pathway garden made of river stone combined with green grass and house plant to make your side yard look fresh and comfortable.
Pathway design that made of white stone material with green grass divider to make your side yard more lively and comfortable.

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3. Choose the Right Plants

Side yard also needs several plants. Before choosing which plants you need, you have to understand that the plants that are grown in there won’t get a lot of sunlight. So, you can opt for plants that don’t require heat so it will last at that place. It will make it easier for you to do maintenance in this place.

A stunning side yard with blooming flowers, greenery and green grass with concrete pathways so your guests can walk comfortably.
An interesting side yard decorations for you to try. Examples of paths with brick dividers, house plants to create a charming and calm feel of your decoration.
Garden decoration for the side yard you need to try, with footpaths, greenery, garden lights, and ponds, make your guests can easily walk and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

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An attractive courtyard design with pathways and blooming flowers to create a bright and comfortable atmosphere.
A charming pathway with flowers, wooden fences and greenery make your guests comfortable and memorable.
An attractive garden decorations with greenery, flowers, and pathways to create a fresh natural feel.
Simple and cozy side yard decoration with a dividing green grass and green plants to create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests.
So that your guests feel at home and comfortable in the side yard, you can design a small garden with flowers, greenery, pathway and a door that integrates with the fence, to create a feeling of nature and comfort.
Decoration flower garden with walkways made of stone and wooden fences, to create fresh and memorable feelings in your side yard for your guests.

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Having a side yard garden is a great alternative if you don’t have a space for a garden. Rather than not doing anything with it, decorating the yard will make your family happy to wander around the garden bed. These side yard garden ideas will turn a dull space into an interesting one.

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