3 White-Themed Scandinavian Bedroom Decor Ideas

When you read about the latest trend of bedrooms, the ideas of Scandinavian bedrooms will top the list. The Scandinavian bedroom ideas represent tranquility, minimalism, and peacefulness.

Having a Scandinavian themed bedroom will give you a functional space without being too much. Take a look at these gorgeous and calming white-themed Scandinavian bedrooms.


1. All Neutral Color Scheme

To bring Scandinavian vibes to your bedroom, opt for neutral colors. You can choose broken white, bright white, or any earth tones matching your preferences. Do note that those colors should not be too bright or bold.

The neutral colors warm up your room and give a more spacious look. Take a note that that’s the purpose of Scandinavian room design. You can also choose white rustic wallpapers in a neutral scheme for the restful atmosphere.

White bedrooms combined with white walls, white rooms and plants are placed in stunning white windows
A white bedroom combined with a white mattress, white walls, white carpet and storage case beside the mattress
A white bedroom with white mattresses, white walls, white curtains and beautiful white windows when viewed
The bedroom is added with white walls, white blankets and learning equipment which are placed in the main room
White bedrooms combined with white walls, white rooms and decorations hung by white colors
The bedroom is combined with a white mattress, white metal bed, striped motif wall and storage beside the mattress
A white bedroom combined with a white wall, white mattress, white blanket and bed lamp are placed beside the bed
A white bathroom with white walls, white mattress, brown carpet and a sofa chair placed in the corner
The bed is combined with a beautiful blue and white patterned wall, paintings to add decoration and a white bed


image source


2. Less Natural Wooden Color

Valuing calmness atmosphere, a Scandinavian room tends to utilize woods in neutral or dull tones. Those tones can usually be found for flooring and furniture.

You can pick furniture fully painted in broken white; it will reflect simplicity vibe in every corner of your room. What about the floor? In the Scandinavian design, the floor usually comes in a dull color. 

A bed with a brick wall in white paint, a gray mattress, a white blanket and white carpet that looks stunning
A white bed with wooden walls in white paint, a white mattress, and patterned carpet that complements the decor of your room

image source

The bed is combined with a white mattress, white walls and white flower-shaped lamps that are hung
The beds are added with brick walls, hanging lamps, side fireplaces and white windows
A bedroom with a gray color room, gray wood walls and additional decoration of paintings placed beside the mattress
A white bedroom with a white mattress, white walls, side storage and a unique window

image source

White bedrooms combined with white walls, white rooms, white lights that look luxurious and white learning equipment

image source

3. Monochromatic Color

Having one or two tones for your bedroom is a good option. It is even a great deal in designing a perfect Scandinavian room.

The monochromatic bedroom will work well with limited space; it can make it airier. You can combine black and white colors for your bedroom. White tone can balance black which gives a bold sensation. Meanwhile, the black color will be a good companion of all the neutral nuance.

The rooms are combined with gray mattresses, white walls and greenery places in pots so that the decor looks fresh

image source

A bedroom with gray walls, a gray blanket, a white mattress and a white wardrobe that looks elegant

image source

The bedroom is combined with a gray mattress, black and white walls, paintings placed and black and white room curtains
The bedroom is combined with a black wall, white mattress, black blanket and white storage beside the bedroom that looks modern
A bedroom combined with a white bedroom, white wall, paintings on the wall and hanging lamps
Bedroom with black walls, white mattress, wooden cots and other ornaments

image source

Have you found the right elements to make the Scandinavian bedroom ideas come true? Pick the right stuff delivering the ultimate simplicity, as well as the functionality for your bedroom. Why? Because they are the points of Scandinavian bedroom ideas!

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