29 Brilliant Laundry Room Improvement Ideas You Can Try

Laundry room is one of the spaces at home that is necessary to upgrade. The laundry room is often set in a small room. Plumbing is one aspect to manage carefully before upgrading, and decoration is one thing to improve. Looking forward to remodelling your laundry room in a small space? Here are 4 brilliant laundry room improvement ideas to try.


1. Pop-up Ironing Board and Drying Racks

Building pop-up utilities can be a great idea for your laundry room improvement. They can be pop-up and foldable ironing board or drying racks. You can hide them when you do not use them, and simply open up when you’re about iron or dry your laundry. Utilising them is one of awesome small laundry room decorating ideas to save spaces while maintaining functionality.

Attractive hidden ironing board in the white shelf so the room is more simple and neat. White walls that make your laundry room look fresh and clean.

Installing a pull-out shelf is the best way to decorate small laundry room. Your hidden ironing board can save a lot of space in your laundry room.

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Apart from stacked washer and dryer, this laundry area also saves space with smaller elements such as the built-in ironing board.
It’s worth sacrificing one of the drawers of the laundry room to accommodate a small ironing board if you consider how easy and practical everything to do.
The built-in ironing board can remain hidden in a drawer. It’s only opened whenever needed. Special hardware is required for such accessories.

Not all pull-out ironing boards that are built into the laundry cabinetry also have to be small. There’s also the option to have a full-size ironing board squeezed inside a tiny drawer but you’d have to custom-design the whole unit.

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2. Hanging Racks and Cabinetry

If you have many laundry tools but have no enough space to store them at your laundry room, setting up hanging racks and cabinetry can be a brilliant idea. Make other furniture like wall cubicles or floating shelves. Opt for wooden materials to make beautiful home décor furniture or do a hand-made job, i.e. DIY floating shelves or hanging racks to ignite creativity and fun.

a hanging drying rack that raises and lowers on a pulley system, creating an instant laundry room in the smallest of spaces.

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If you’re lucky enough to already have some cabinets in your tiny laundry room, consider upgrading them by adding some pull-out drawers or baskets to store supplies.
This bookshelf was certainly not intended to be used in a laundry room, but it’s perfectly in the space and provides some much-needed storage space for sorting baskets.

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If there is a laundry room. Paired with several black cabinets, this room has a modern function and style.
Not all laundry room cabinets need to be enclosed. Instead, here we see an efficient and small open shelving system that works just as well!
Wooden cabinets are a gorgeous addition to this laundry room. It’s a traditional style that’s functional and really will make doing this nearly daily chore less aggravating.

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3. Counter Space

Counter space is prominent in setting up a laundry room. It is fully-functional for folding clothes or doing other laundry-related jobs. You can add a counter space by simply putting it on top of the washer and dryer.

If you don’t have enough space to keep your washer and dryer side by side, stack them vertically. This is a great way to work with smaller spaces while still having a functional laundry area.

Counter space is vital for folding, placing your laundry basket and other items while you work. Create a custom counter look for your laundry room above the washer and dryer.

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A small laundry cubby can still have many of our design elements like counter. Put the counter above the washer and dryer to save spaces.
Plenty of storage and counter space create a laundry room perfect for multi-tasking. By adding the counter make your space look neat. With white nuance give a clean impression.
The addition of cabinets and storage options create a functional room. Put the counter to save some equipment in the laundry room.
By putting the counter above the washer and dryer make your laundry room wider. This is a functional furniture to store clothes or other equipment.

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4. Vibrant Wall Color Theme and Unique Wallpaper

Play with creativity to make your laundry room more vibrant. Despite the narrow space, laundry room with vibrant walls will loom vivid ambiance, bringing joy and brightness. Apply unique wallpaper onto one or two sides of the wall, and feel the lively vibe while doing your laundry.

Those are some brilliant laundry room improvement ideas. Creative flooring design and adequate lighting are other two things you can explore for upgrading your laundry room. Try them and have fun!

You can find the exact wallpaper for your laundry room. Adding the white flower wallpaper inside make your small space look beautiful.
A yellow lantern lights  in the tiny laundry room make your laundry room look stylish. Combined with Mcgauley wallpaper create a nice impression.
Bright orange trellis wallpaper features in the laundry room combine with white furniture give a colorful looks. Don’t forget to add small ceiling lamp to give a modern touch.
Black and white patterned wallpaper is a great ideas to decorate small laundry room. White nuance make your space feel cleaner.
Using zebra wallpaper is a unique way for laundry room. White washing machine and dryer located under the white cabinet will make your laundry room neat and organized.
Wallpaper accents in the white laundry room

Animals wallpaper motifs bring a zoo character to the small laundry room. By adding sun flowers at the corner give a fresh nuance.

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