4 Easy Tips for Your Cozy Living Room Décor

Living room is the first space where a host welcomes a guest. So, comfort becomes one thing to consider carefully. A home décor makeover would be a great option to make your living room comfortable and cozy to stay. Home décor can somehow be complicated and money-wasting, but check these 4 easy tips for your cozy living room décor.


1. Use Bold Colors

Upgrade your living room décor by picking cozy living room colors. Bold colors can be perfect to make your tiny space much more alive. Paint some corners or linings green, brown, red or yellow. Bring energy to your living room into another level.

A unique living room with purple and pink walls makes a prominent statement in your living room. On the floor is a large purple carpet featuring a perfect living room design
California enlivened this living room with fresh orange wallpapers and bright blue paintings. Bold colors set the stage for neutral furniture to make your living room comfortable and elegant
Decorate the room is a brass accent to splash out for luxury. The items including the floor and the lights mounted on the wall appear beautifully in this blue living room.
The navy blue wall together is a bold combo that makes this contemporary living room in a modern interiors farmhouse based in Minneapolis feel so warm and cozy.
This charming little living room proves that the cream and white color scheme is not boring at all. From wallpaper to wicker tables that make your living room look elegant
White is the natural color in the living room to make it look clean and the blue sofa makes it more comfortable

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2. Pick Geometrical Shapes

Pick some geometrical shapes on your furniture, home décor, rug or floor. Shapes like triangle, hexagon or circle will give some accent of dynamic view to beautify your cozy living room.

Geometric décor on the beautiful living room wall shows an elegant room, you can also add geometirs cushions on your sofa that will make an artistic impression
geometric patterns on the walls in your living room will make the room look beautiful and look elegant
lamp design also gives an influence on the living room there. Hanging lamps with geometric designs will add beauty to your living room
living room decoration elements can use geometric concepts to change its own uniqueness. starting from the chandelier and design furniture in your living room
modern and artistic living room you can try to combine it with geometric decoration on your wall to make it look beautiful and charming
so as not to be monotonous you can choose a long table and carpet that has geometric patterns or pictures so that your living room is more beautiful

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3. Bring the Nature into Your Room

Some touch of nature will create cozy living room décor. It will remind you of a real-like nature situation and will make a refreshing space for you and your family. Pick some home décor furniture which applies wooden materials, leaves, flowers or tiny trees or manage a simple space on the wall for indoor fountain wall for your comfort.

Decorating a living room with plants on a shelf is not a bad idea. this idea will make your room more attractive and fresh
Decorating living room with indoor plants does not limit to shelves and tables. We can cover up the extra space beside sofas by placing large plants. It will look amazing.
Plants purify air for us. Decorating living room with Indoor plants makes us feel more comfortable and relaxed.
Small plants can be placed on a table in the living room and green plants can also be used for decoration so that your space looks fresher

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If you live in a small space, you will appreciate the headrests to accommodate potted plants. The air plants are very cold and can be added to flatter your living room
This plant is planted as an ornamental plant for your living room so that the atmosphere is fresher. As an indoor plant this plant needs care

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4. Install Storage St12airs

Storage stairs will be helpful to keep your stuff or books and make them more accessible in your living room. It will save and decorate your space unexpectedly. 

Those are 4 easy tips for your cozy living room décor. You can also manage some handmade home décor from textiles or ropes. Hang them on the wall or on the ceiling. Have a fun makeover and enjoy the magic of a comfortable and cozy space at home anytime!

If you’re book worm you can put your book collection in the shelves under the stairs. This design is a good ideas to decorate your living room.
Optimal use of space under the stairs will be very beneficial, especially for those of you who have limited space. You can make it as a shelf for storing books.
Many ways to make a storage. the shelves under the stairs make your room look neat and clean.
A living room is an another place at a house where the staircase could be. In order not to waste any space you can organize a home library under the stairs.
Closed cabinet under the stairs will make the room look more presentable. Cabinets under the stairs with a checkered model like this are suitable for storing books
If you have a narrow space, shelves storage under the stairs can your try to give a neat nuance in your room.
You can make a cool storage cupboard or bookshelf at the bottom of the steps of your living room so that the room becomes neater and more comfortable.

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