24 Inspiring Ideas for Your Bohemian Decor Style Living Room

While some people love to decorate their living room in one or two tones, there are always some of them who want to bring the more colourful and livelier vibe. If you belong to this group, you may love the Bohemian living room. Psopular as Boho style, this design came from France in the early 19th-century.

Ready to mix and match your living room with colourful tones, objects, and textures? These Bohemian decor style living room ideas will bring a different atmosphere to your home.


1. Patterned Cushions

The easiest way to bring Boho ambience to your living room is by using fabric patterned cushions. You can choose cushions or pillows with vibrant colours. For the patterns, tribal motifs might be a good choice. Having ethnic curtains will also work. If you are not ready to fully decorate the room with Boho style, this will come as the best solution. 

If you are not ready to decorate the room completely in Boho style, this will be the best solution. How to take bright colors, for example patterned cushions and ethnic motif carpet. This easy boho style design you can try to create a comfortable atmosphere.
A greenhouse living room with ethnic motif rugs, curtains, bright cushions and house plants. With a bright color scheme will create a bohemian style.
Minimalist bohemian living room decor with patterned carpet, white sofa, patterned cushions and cactus plants. If you are not ready to fully decorate the room with Boho style, this will come as the best solution.
If you are looking for bohemian style room decorations the patterned cushions with some house plants can you try. To make it perfect put a carper with other color.

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A bright boho living room design give you a festive nuance. Colorful patterned cushions with house plants add a fresh ambiance.
To create a bohemian nuance in your living room, you can put patterned cushion on the sofa. Ethnic curtain give a perfect bohemian decoration.
Many point for bohemian living room decoration. For example, used colorful furniture like patterned cushion and carpet. To create a natural feel, put some plants inside.
If you like a bohemian style, try this ideas. Put patterned cushions and ethnic curtains to make it. Other decorations such as rug and plants can also be added to beautify your room.

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2. Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture will make your Bohemian decor style living room more splendid. Whether you buy second-hand vintage items or modern furniture with old ambience, it’s your choice. Make sure that they fit for the room.

Don’t put too many furniture for Boho living room design, especially straight-backed furniture. Instead, you can throw rugs or carpets as floor-seating. 

To arrange a comfortable room, enter a round wooden table with a white sofa combined with a patterned blue carpet. And let your antique furniture capture the imagination of your visitors and they will always ask what makes your living room stunning.
The furniture you choose must be attractive in a different from ordinary furniture. For example, a table that made of used wooden pieces material, combined with sofa and wall decoration. To makes your living room charming and comfortable you can add white carpet.
The design of a bright boho living room with antique furniture, such as round wooden tables. Red patterned carpets is a perfect furniture to create a bohemian style.
Antique furniture will make your Bohemian decoration more beautiful. Adding a patterned rug make your decoration simple but creative.
To create the concept and layout, take bright colors, such as patterned red carpets. Besides functional, its make your living room look fresh and stylish.

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3. Greenery

Bring greenery as the decoration to the living room. Potted or hanging indoor plants can also bring freshness and a different vibe. Thus, you will feel more comfortable staying in the room.

An amazing bohemian living room decorations for you. Arranging a room with the concept of home plants makes your living room fresh and natural.
To make the room feel comfortable and fresh in an easy home. To make a fresh room, set the house plants neatly and precisely. This bohemian living room design is worth a try.
Bohemian living room integrated with natural feel. By placing house plants next to a storage cabinet making the room look fresh and memorable.
Cozy bohemian living room decor with house plants is a good ideas. You can put beside the windows or hung on the ceiling.
In addition plants make your living room look beautiful. Put the plants at the corner or hung beside the windows.
Plant in the pot or a ladder rack bring a different freshness and vibration. This creates a fantastic background and fresh ambiance.

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4. Decorative Lighting

To light your living room and bring Bohemian atmosphere, decorative lamps may work the best. Unique lanterns, hanging wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps, and even candles will make the room beautiful. You can also optimise natural lighting coming through the windows.

Placing table lamp at the corner of the living room will change the bright atmosphere. For brighter lighting, you can install a unique chandelier. This is a bohemian style design that you should try.
For bohemian light decoration, put table lamp for simple light. To create a brighter feel hung the blue chandelier. Optimize natural lighting coming through the windows.
By installing a unique chandelier and a candle in the living room, you will maximize your lighting. Get the natural lighting from the windows.
To light up your living room and bring a Bohemian atmosphere, chandelier might be the most suitable. Examples of a unique chandelier combined with white walls will produce a cool and charming light.
Charming lighting decoration for your living room with table lamp at the corner. So that the room becomes perfectly bright, a window can also help to light up your living room.

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Those are 4 ideas you can try to decorate the living room in Boho design. It is surely attractive, right? So, are you ready to bring Bohemian decor style living room to your home?

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