25 Kitchen Color Ideas That Will Make You Excited

There is a reason why fast foods choose the color red and yellow a lot. There is also a reason why banks use a lot of blues, oranges, and greens. Choosing colors actually has a deeper meaning than just colors, it affects the way you feel about something, about a place.

Since your kitchen is not an exception in this case, here are 4 kitchen color ideas that you will love.


1. White for Energy

One of the most popular kitchen colors of 2019 is still white. It brings great energy, making you start your day off right with a fresh and clean feel. Make sure to choose white-friendly colors like pastels and soft-colored paints. 

If you are after a more elegant look, try mixing white and grey. Not limited to soft colors, you can also mix white with more contrasting colors to intensify your kitchen color scheme. For example, pair your white kitchen with darker flooring and sleek cabinets for that strong luxury feel.

Choosing a color actually has a deeper meaning than just color, it affects the way you feel something, about a place. White walls combine with black floor give you a monochrome style.
To get a comfortable kitchen, try combining white and black. You can give a white walls with dark floor to make your kitchen look perfect.
Black wooden floor is perfect decoration for your kitchen. To make your kitchen look clean you can give a white walls and several color for your furniture.
White is an easy color but give a natural ambiance in your space. Combine with black wooden floor to get a farmhouse nuance in your kitchen.
Comfortable kitchen decoration that you should try, for example, enter the white color for cabinets and ceiling. You can combine with black wooden floor to create a natural impression.
An attractive white kitchen decor with dark floor make it comfortable and look elegant. For large space, add big cabinet for kitchen storage.
If you bored with your kitchen decoration, you can try this design. Choose natural color like white for walls and combine with black floor to create dramatic feels. To make a stylish kitchen, put the dining table next to the kitchen.
White give you a clean decoration. For kitchen decoration you can choose white cabinet and combine with dark floor. This design make your space look elegant.

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2. Grey

Grey acts as a base color. On its own, it is often considered too cold. Thankfully, gray blends to most colors, so you can find a complementary color that suits your personal taste.

Another way is to pick your desired kitchen wall color and have grey as your countertop and or cabinet color. This makes your kitchen feel brighter and larger.

This kitchen has white cabinets and gray marble countertop. Combination of white and grey in the kitchen give a clean fell and look wider.
This contemporary kitchen only use two colors – white and gray. There is a white cabinets with gray countertop in the kitchen.The combination of the two colors complement each other even though the color adds contrast and depth.
To make your kitchen feel neater and brighter, choose the right color. For example a white kitchen cabinet with a gray countertop and large windows. The gray table can create a comfortable and bright feel.
This contemporary kitchen has many smooth and sleek surfaces that complement each other. This kitchen design look bright and clean with combine of white and grey color on the countertop.
If you like an elegant kitchen design, not only about your furniture but also best color to decorate this. Choose combination of white walls and cabinet with grey countertop make your kitchen look perfect.
Gray and white all work well. White cabinets and gray countertop are two very popular choices for kitchen. This color very helpful in the design of your kitchen.
To make a stylish kitchen design only use two colors – white and gray. There is a white cabinet with gray countertop in the kitchen that helps unite the overall look of your kitchen.

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3. Green

Green is the number one choice if you want to mix and match white and wood accent. Green adds positive and playful energy to the kitchen. Besides, green has endless shades to choose from, letting you be creative in your kitchen color ideas.

And if you feel like adding an adventurous vibe to your kitchen, go with emerald green. Captivate your guests by mixing it with vintage wooden accessories.

In interior design, an emerald green splash can energize and add a fresh feeling to the room. Example input your kitchen cabinet in green with a white ceramic countertop. This is a popular color for kitchen decoration to create a fresh ambiance.
For a fresh look, pair emerald green with a neutral color like white. With a hint of green on the kitchen countertop, this gives a touch that inspires relaxation and calm.
Green has strong associations with nature and the environment. You can choose as a base color for your kitchen decor. Examples of green wood cabinets, white ceilings with brown marble countertop. These color combinations are seen as colors of luck, freshness.
Cozy kitchen decor with a green storage cabinet combined with a gray marble table with a black-and-white patterned floor. Green is a color that symbolizes balance and harmony for your kitchen.
Kitchen cabinets are the most popular because of their simple and clean appearance. If you want to add the sensation of adventure to your kitchen, use green for a storage cabinet with black countertop and white backsplash to create a fresh and calm feel.

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4. Color Burst

If you are up for a Wes Anderson vibe in your kitchen, go with color burst. This lets you play with fun colors that are both soft and full of contrast at the same time. Try mixing yellow, green, and orange. Balance it out with a white island or countertop to tie the kitchen together.

So what is your choice of kitchen color ideas?

Gray and white are neutral colors in your kitchen. Add bursts of color to make your kitchen look cheerful and bright. The color orange for a countertop with a beautiful bar stool that makes your kitchen comfortable and radiant.
Add a little color of cheer to your space with a touch of orange! For example, round lights, dining tables arranged with a combination of orange and white. This color guarantees a good mood and calm feelings, especially if it is the kitchen where you come every morning to drink coffee.
If you like bold colors, you can choose orange kitchen cabinet. This is a simple modern design that will make the kitchen look cheerful and fun.

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If the room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, yellow is the perfect choice for kitchen colors. This is the brightest color. In the color scheme is not too far from white, but has the benefit of brightening up a comfortable kitchen space.
Fresh sunlight is the perfect color for the kitchen. Beautiful light yellow walls with white and yellow checkered floor tiles are beautiful design to make your kitchen look fresh.

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