24 Rustic Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas to Make It Cozy Easy and Comfortable

Rustic design is preferred for its cozy, easy, and comfortable atmosphere. It is known for the simple design and shape which lets the material stands out. The furniture in rustic design is usually oversize, using large raw logs, stones, or boards. Thus, this design is suitable for a big space.  But don’t worry, you can also apply this homey feeling design in a small room, for example, your bathroom, with these rustic small bathroom remodel ideas.


1. Reclaimed Wood Vanity Top

A butcher-block vanity top using reclaimed wood material gives a rustic charm to your small bathroom. Put woven baskets, recycled wooden pallets or crates under the vanity top to make your bathroom feel particularly homey. Besides the rustic look and extra storage, this idea is also environmentally friendly. 

A brilliant reclaimed wood top with a big mirror,a small sink in the rustic bathroom
A unique reclaimed wood top with small mirrors,towels and rattan basket in the small russtic bathroom
A stunning reclaimed wood with a big mirror,white towelsl and greenery in the pot for clean bathroom
A simple Reclaimed wood with double sink,towel hooks,wall lamps and toiletries in the bathroom
A classic reclaimed wood with rattan basket,double sink,a towel hook and small mirrors in the simple rustic bathroom
An elegant reclaimed wood top with a big sink,a mirror and towel hooks in the clean bathroom

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2. Wooden Framed Vanity Mirror with A Window Box

Assuming your bathroom provides a vanity mirror, you can utilize it to give a rustic look. Frame the mirror with weathered lumber boards. Put a window box made with wooden material under the framed mirror. You can keep your perfume, make-ups, or other quick-touch-up items here. Now, you have a rustic looked bathroom with a little extra storage

A perfect vanity mirror with wooden rack to put towels and small sink to create rustic nuance


A best small vanity mirror with white sink, towells a in the clean modern rustic bathroom

A beautiful vanity mirror with a towel hook,wall lamps and small sink for small rustic bathroom

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A classy wooden window box to store greenery and toiletries in the small bathroom

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3. Wooden Floating Shelves 

When your bathroom has unused wall space, installing floating wooden shelves may be a great choice. These wooden shelves give an organic and rustic look. Also, they provide easily accessible extra storages to put toiletries or small plants. Add hooks beneath the lowest shelf to hang towels or clothes. 

A creative wooden floating shelves to put yellow flower and toiletries at the corner for small bathroom
A luxurious floating shelves that made of wooden material to store rattan boxes,towels and toiletries in the rustic bathroom
A small bathroom with wooden floating shelves to put toiletries in the clean space
A white floating shelves that made of wooden material to store toiletries at the corner to look clean
A wooden floating shelves to save rattan boxes and towels in the clean bathroom
A special floating shelves to put white towels,greenery and toiletries in the small bathroom
A stylish bathroom with wooden floating shelves to put toiletries and greenery at the corner

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4. Wooden Ladder Towel Rack

Annoyed that single hook hanger takes forever to dry your towel? A wooden ladder towel rack may be a good idea, especially when you have a small bathroom. It doesn’t need a big space since it is vertical. It is also functional because you can spread your towel wider to make it dry faster. Besides, the wooden material gives a rustic vibe in your bathroom. 

These rustic small bathroom remodel ideas are not major changes. However, the small touches may give a big impact on the atmosphere of the bathroom, making it looks rustic and feel homey. 

A stunning wooden ladder to store red towels at the corner for beautiful rustic bathroom
A creative bathroom with wooden ladder rack to storage white towel for rustic bathroom inspiration
A simple wooden ladder rack to put towel to create rustic nuance
A unique wooden ladder rack to put white and black towels in the small bathroom for space saving

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A classic wooden ladders rack to save patterned towels in the clean bathroom

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A nice rustic bathroom with wooden ladder rack to put gray and white towels in the small space
A stylish ladder rack to store white towel attached on the wall for rustic bathroom
A favorite wooden ladder racks to put greenery in the pot and towels for clean and neat bathroom

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