4 Small Modern Farmhouse Dream House Build for Your Inspiration

Farmhouse design has been iconic for decades, and now it is back with a modern twist. Resembling the houses, American has in the countryside; it lets you have the ambience of nature while still having a touch of modernism. Woods are deployed throughout the house, from exterior to interior. From walls made of woods to installing barn-style doors here and there, modern farmhouse is truly a dream house of many people. So, here are 4 small modern farmhouse dream house build that you can take as an inspiration.


1. 2 Bedroom House

If you only have space for two bedrooms in one house, here is a design that you can use. This bungalow-styled house looks bigger with the heightened front door. By building your house this way, you can add huge windows on your basement to let some shines in.

judging by its small shape, this bungalow style house is perfect when using a bedroom with two beds like in the picture above.
Bungalow style house that uses a bedroom with two beds is perfect for you because it is very minimalist.
If you want a minimalist home you can use a bungalow style house that has a bedroom with two beds like this.
One of the characteristics of a bungalow style house is having a bedroom with two beds, because with room decorations like this the bungalow house will save space.
If you have a bungalow style house it’s better if you use a bedroom that has two beds because it saves more space.
Having a bungalow style house is not a problem if you have a large family, you can make one bedroom that contains two beds so that your house is not too narrow.
Building a bedroom that has two beds for a bungalow style house is the right idea. With this room you can stay with your family in large numbers.

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2. Front Porch

Imagine sitting on the front porch with your friends and family while reading the newspaper or playing some games. It will make you feel like you live in the country with a great amount of socialising. This house design makes use of a small space to achieve that.

A modern farmhouse that uses a daybed on the terrace will make the farmhouse terrace more attractive and can be used for relaxing.
Daybed is a lounge chair that is suitable for use in a farmhouse because with this daybed you can relax with your friends.
Porch farmhouse that uses a set of tables and chairs is very useful to be used to gather with family.
The front porch which is given a table and chairs that are useful for gathering is perfect for your use.
Building a modern front porch of a farmhouse that is given a table and chairs is perfect for you to apply, because this table and chairs will make your modern farmhouse look more attractive.
If you want to relax in front of the house, you can build your front porch in your modern farmhouse with a comfortable sofa like this.
Using a soft sofa on the front porch of the farmhouse is very useful for you to gather and relax with friends.

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3. Functional Interior

Your dream house is not merely about the exterior. Look at the interior design of this small modern farmhouse. Open rooftop is a great way to make your house appear bigger, both from the living room as well as the rooftop. 

One way to make your modern farmhouse look bigger is you can build a rooftop like in the picture above.
Besides being able to make your modern farmhouse house look bigger, by building a rooftop you can also use it as a place to relax.
Building a rooftop in a modern small farmhouse house is a good idea, besides being able to make the house look bigger with this rooftop it will also make your home more perfect.
Building a mini rooftop in a small farmhouse house is a brilliant idea. Because with the rooftop you can use it to gather with family.
One of the places to relax that is suitable for you to wake up is a rooftop, besides being used to relax you can also use it for home events such as parties and others.
Building a functional place like a rooftop in a modern small farmhouse house you can use to relax and make your house look a little bigger.
One of the best relaxing places for you to use is a rooftop. With a rooftop you can sunbathe and do other relaxing activities.

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4. Neutral Color

Modernism is often associated with neutral colour, especially grey, that gives a somehow luxurious feel. Playing with colour on your design can turn an ordinary-looking house to something you can consider a dream house. 

A farmhouse house that uses gray is a good idea because with this neutral color your house will have a modern atmosphere.
The cream color used for the farmhouse house will give an attractive appearance.
Using blue for a farmhouse will make this house look unique.
Farmhouse house that is dark green like in the picture above will make it look more perfect.
Gray is the color of the icon for modern farmhouse homes because it is this color that gives the impression of modern and luxury.
Beige farmhouse house is the right choice because this color can give a brighter look.
If you use beige or less bright colors for your farmhouse home, you can use yellow like this for a brighter look.

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Those are some small modern farmhouse dream house build ideas that will transform an ordinary-looking house into a house of your dream. Playing with woods, colour, as well as the interior design, are the main things you can do to achieve that. So, have you got any idea on how your dream house should be?

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