24 Attic Bedroom Design Inspirations to Improve Your Space

Do you want to redecorate your attic bedroom? Or maybe, you want to build one in your attic. If so, there are several elements that you need to consider when improving your bedroom design. Here are five attic bedroom design ideas that will inspire you.


1. Attic bedroom storage ideas

Built-in storage will maximize every centimeter of space in your attic bedroom design. Only build it around your bed and let the storage follow the arch of your roof. Also, this storage idea offers a place to display your valuables. Or, it can function as a bookshelf.

Loft storage in your bedroom will look clean. With neatly arranged hangers clothes that will make your room more beautiful and organized.
The atmosphere of your room will look clean and comfortable with white walls. And your bedroom attic storage will make your room look neat and nice.
Your books will be arranged neatly on a storage rack in the bedroom. Storage around the bed will be a perfect organization for your attic bedroom.
Your bedroom will look luxurious with storage around the bed, this storage idea offers a place to store your valuables, and it will all make your room neat and clean.

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2. Attic bedroom paint ideas

In terms of size, an attic bedroom is classified as a small room. Therefore, prefer colors that can make your room look more spacious. And, white is a very popular color in attic bedroom design. That’s because it can reflect light and make the room brighter. Also, this color is really easy to be merged with other hues.

Your attic bedroom will look more spacious with white paint. It will reflect light and make your room look bright with simple furniture that made of wooden material.
The combination of white and light blue paint will make your attic bedroom look clean and luxury. Put some plants to create a fresh atmosphere.

Many kind of attic bedroom designs, indeed many require decoration to decorate it. Color is also a form of comfort. White is an elegant color. So, for an elegant design of your attic bedroom, don’t forget to combine room decor with white paint.

When using white to dominate every room furniture, it will feel integrated with the perfect lighting from the window. So that the comfort that is in the attic bedroom will be balanced and comfortable.

While the modern impression is created from the white bed and a little lighting from the roof of the room. In addition, white rooms with decorative lights will add to our relaxed atmosphere inside. This will be a material consideration for your room design

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3. Attic bedroom wardrobe ideas

Adopting an open wardrobe can avoid the impression of stuffiness. The look of clothes left hanging will also be an interesting decor in your attic bedroom. On top of that, you can make this wardrobe design easily by yourself. You only need to buy a chrome finish hanging rail and some clothes hanger.

for bedroom organization put a simple wardrobe. The hanger clothes will be a best wardrobe in your attic bedroom, and as much as possible you should design your own wardrobe to make it look perfect.
A long coat hanger will be something very interesting in your attic bedroom. In the small space, you can put some hangers to store your clothes collection.

You can also design a wardrobe in your attic room with your own inspiration. For example sliding storage with hangers to store clothes to make your attic bedroom more neat.

Your loft storage will look perfect with several shelves and long hangers to place your clothes neatly, so your room is clean and amazing.
Narrow room will not discourage you to make your bedroom storage closet. By putting up displays and clothes hangers will make your clothes look neat, so you must have this inspiration to build a perfect room.

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4. Attic bedroom lighting ideas

Adding a window will be very helpful in lighting the bedroom—especially during the day when the sun is shining brightly. Natural lighting will also help you save electricity. However, be careful in determining the location of the window. Do not let the window gives too much access to the sunlight that can cause you to glare.

To save electricity costs during the day you can make a window in your attic bedroom, lighting can be replaced with sunlight during the day, and the window can also be for air circulation so that your room is always cool and comfortable.
The window above the bed might really help you to light up the room during the day, natural lighting can help you save on electricity costs, but you shouldn’t choose the wrong location because it can make you glare.

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Your attic bedroom will look perfect with a window above your bed, so that incoming light can illuminate the room during the day, because of that you will reduce the cost of your electricity payments.
The best small attic bedroom with some wooden furniture will make your room look neat, the addition of a window might be very helpful lighting during the day when the sun is shining, and it will all make your room look perfect.
A white bedroom will make your room look clean and neat, simple furniture will add a classic feel to your room, the addition of a window might be very useful for daytime sunlight so that your room looks bright.

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5. Attic bedroom furniture ideas

When considering the position of the attic room, it is much more difficult to use large furniture. Besides, it can make the room feel cramped, especially if your attic room is quite small. So, pick a simple and small one. Therefore, when some rearrangement is needed, you can easily do it.

Did you get some cool inspiration from our attic bedroom design ideas? Then immediately apply it to your room!

Your attic bedroom will look perfect with cream-colored walls, simple and small furniture that might make your small room attractive, Installation of windows on the roof might help with lighting too.
Small table lamp, simple bed that’s just a small part of your loft bed furniture. Adding a white walls make your room look very clean and neat.
Wooden bed and other furniture make your loft bedroom beautiful, white will be the first choice for your room to make it look perfectly clean. Especially with the roof window will make your room bright during the day.
With wooden floors and storage cabinets will probably add to the atmosphere of your attic bedroom looks neat. With a small room you can add other furniture such as table lamps and beds so that your room is comfortable, so that the rearrangement is easy.
Your small attic bedroom will look perfect with the presence of some wooden furniture such as storage cabinets and bed. Maybe it will be added perfect with white paint, which will make your room look perfect.

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