25 Awesome Inspirations for Small Apartment Living Room

Living in a small apartment is challenging when it comes to arranging your furniture. However, having a small apartment should not limit the space for creativity. By doing several simple things, even small spaces can look bigger. For those who get confused in remodeling living room and try to find any small apartment living room ideas, look no further. Here are 5 awesome inspirations for small apartment living room


1. Install ceiling beams 

Installing ceiling beams can help you to make your living room look bigger. Small spaces with off-white color will loom the effect of these beams on your ceiling. Straight lines from their accent would make a perfect match for your apartment.

The design of this living room will be an inspiration for you. With a simple design that is plastered will look elegant with the help of wooden beams for the ceiling of your living room.

With an elegant white design for your living room, it will feel more manly with the help of white ceiling beams as well. This design makes your living room seem luxurious and amazing.

Ceiling beams for the design of your living room do need attention. With the help of wooden beams for the ceiling of your living room more elegant and more attractive.

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Talking about the design of the living room, we are not separated from furniture and colors. With wooden beams for the ceiling of your home will be perfect and feels more comfortable.

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Off-White color selection for the living room ceiling will be an option. Along with the color of the white walls and perfect lighting from large windows, adding to the perfection of the design of your living room more comfortable and attractive.

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2. Use a perfect sofa

Mind a careful plan before picking up your furniture, and choosing a perfect sofa can be the best chance for upgrading your small apartment living room. Mind the size of your space. One big sofa for many people and a couple of comfortable single sofa can be a great option.

In the design of the living room, what needs to be considered is when you place your seat. Comfortable and elegant living room design is created when placing a long sofa and several small sofas.

Get around the minimalist living room, this is an example of a living room design with furniture that makes your narrow room look amazing. Long white sofa is the right choice, which will be coupled with several small sofas.

The living room with a long sofa and several chairs that when many guests come will be able to accommodate all guests. In addition to the elegant impression of this design makes your living room more attractive.

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Of the several living room sofa designs, this might be an option for you. The blue color for the size of your long sofa and the coclat-colored foam chairs that make the design of your living room to be very extraordinary.

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Simply place a long sofa and a small table and not too many supporting ornaments. Besides lighting also influences, so windows also plays an important role to get a comfortable and calm atmosphere in the living room.

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3. Set a corner ladder bookcase

Have a corner ladder bookcase to save your space and still make it function. Set a 5-tier ladder on your corner space and arrange your books on it. 

Placing a vertical bookshelf at the corner of the living room is the right choice. In addition to beautifying the living room, will make the living room will look neat.

When the corner of your living room looks empty, you can place a bookshelf. With a little polish, ordinary wood will become an attractive and beautiful bookshelf. So that it can make the corner of your living room look fun to see.

Seeing the interesting function of your bookshelf, this can be an inspiration for decorating the corner of your living room. In addition to tidying your favorite books, the shelf also beautifies the corner of your living room.

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In addition to tidying up your book, the white shelf in the corner of your living room can also give a decorative tone. Like beautiful flowers and photos of your memories. So it’s not wrong if you place a shelf at the corner of the living room.

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With the existence of these ladder shelves, your living room will look more attractive. With several functions, the white wooden staircase shelf is right if it is in the corner of your minimalist living room.

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4. Less partition

Make your small apartment look bigger with less partition. Let the view from your living room much broader from front to back. You can also install your TV on the wall alongside your living room sofa, and get a multi-purpose room for welcoming guests and enjoying your free time.

Minimalist living room design will look more spacious with not many places in it. By simply placing a sofa and a small table and a wide carpet, this design is able to provide room expansion in your minimalist living area.

The right way to make a broad impression in your living room is to design a living room with simple items. Enough with the letter L sofa and small budar table, which is assisted with the right wall coloring will make your guest room design more attractive.

Only by placing a dark sofa and a minimalist box table and wall decoration, can create the atmosphere of your living room more loose. Supported by lighting from the window and a unique chandelier so the room gets perfect lighting.

If you only have the right room for your living room, don’t worry about it. This can be tricked by designing your living room by placing the sofa and table perfectly. The choice of gray for the sofa and carpet also gives the impression of elegance to your living room.

With just a few touches from a minimalist sofa and wooden table, the design of your living room will look very spacious and comfortable. Placement of some ornaments that support the creation of a comfortable atmosphere in the tiger room is also very helpful.

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5. Play with colors

Get creative and have a fun experiment with colors to make your living room more joyful. Some people love monochromatic colors while others prefer the bold ones. Find yours and create your personal space of joy.

In addition to giving the beauty of the color design of the living room in blue and white can give the impression of comfort and beauty. Connected between the walls of the sofa and carpet with a combination of two interesting colors.

Some people like to like some bright colors. This design is a blend of bright and comfortable colors. The choice of colors ranging from walls, sofas and into the floor and also the carpet all included in a comfortable and relaxing color design.

Next is the design of the living room with an elegant color selection. With a blend of black, white and gray, make a nice mix for your living room color design.

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Besides making your living room look manly and elegant, this design gives a relaxed calm feel. With the selection of dark paint and dark green sofas add to the atmosphere of your living room to be awesome.

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Still with monochrome nuances to design the color of your living room. A common choice for most people is the dark and white colors. The inseparable and mixed color combination creates extraordinary characteristics.

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Those 5 awesome inspirations for small apartment living room are worth to try. You can also manage some hanging home décor furniture and play with the flooring, too. Make sure to have a careful layout for a small apartment. Have fun!

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