5 Best Modern Living Room Design for Small Spaces

Modern style has become one of the most preferred themes for home décor design. Designing a living room in both big and small spaces is pretty challenging and requires a careful and creative plan. For those who are looking for ideas for modern living room design for small spaces, look no further. Here are several tips for you to try.


1. Apply Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic colors are perfect for small living room designs. Choose your couch, rug, flooring, wall paint and wallpapers in basic colors, like black, white, brown or deep blue. The color palette you pick will offer a modern and premium atmosphere to your spaces. 

By using black and white living room decor create a monochrome look. The room is bold and beautiful from the black brick wall and grey undertones it just stylish and classy.
Monochromatic living room exudes luxurious comfort. Upscale sofas create the right place to relax. White walls that will make your living room look clean.
With a monochromatic color palette, there is usually room for one or two bold colors that look attractive. You can use black, white and gold to create a luxurious and chic living room.

Monochrome colors make the living room appear more spacious and comfortable. Black marble accent walls behind modern fireplaces and wooden floors subtly enhance the monochrome color with a little contrast.

Organic elements are a marvellous way of opening up a room and softening a monochromatic color scheme. If your living room design feels too harsh, use a few subtle natural components to break through and soften the entire room.

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2. Set Your Home Décor Linear

Set your home décor linear to make your space look higher. Get some hanging racks, photo frames or floating shelves to make it happen. The linear setting will create a simple and modern look to your wall.

Design with only main furnishings in your living room. Choose functional furniture so that your room looks simple for elements in the room. Simple wooden rack on the wall create simple but modern design.
Small living room using the concept of open space. Organize and redesign your living room with some pictures attached to the wall give a comfortable and attractive atmosphere.
Many point to decorate your small living room. You can put some wall rack to give an extra storage and create a modern but simple design.
To beautify your living room, put some ornaments like pictures and paintings. Arranged this neatly to make your room look perfect.

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3. Go Vertical

Designing a small space is often challenging as there is not much space to install the furniture. Going vertical is the solution. Set your furniture vertically to bring the impression of higher look for your small spaces. Or, paint some vertical wall beams to make your ceiling higher.

Arranged furniture vertically like the iron racks and other furniture bring the impression of higher look for your small space. White walls and some flowers make a fresh ambiance.
Create a beautiful and colorful focal point by arranging an eclectic wall. Adding different colors, textures, frames and prints will draw the attention away from the small space.

A classic yet highly effective trick is to paint all of your walls white. Depending on your decor, you can choose a cool-toned or warm white, but either option will help open up your space and keep it looking bright.

Placing furniture on your wall not only adds a bit of walking space but will also help give the illusion of a higher living room. Adding a sofa, chair and low table will help add space that looks more spacious.

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4. Install Mirrors for a Broader Look

Mirrors make a great solution for a small living room. Mirror installation can give your space a broader look from its reflection. Simply hang a square or circle modern style mirror on your wall, and your living room will look bigger than it is.

Using mirrors creatively in your living room can make them not only useful for checking your appearance, but also for capturing light and projecting it into those darker corner.

Placing a mirror at the correct place in a room allows you to optimize natural light. To do so, place the mirror adjacent to a window to perfectly catch the angle of light and bounce it throughout the living room.

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Put a mirror in the area of the upper wall, in order to provide positive energy and happiness. But it also can function as the interior of your living room.
The living room is one of the ideal locations for installing a mirror because this roar tends to have a minimalist size. Attached to the wall to make a nice and wider ambiance.

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5. Stay Simple and Basic

Modern design often remains still with basic choice and simplicity. Avoiding too many geometrical shapes and staying in line with basic colors will bring you a modern living design yet chic and awesome one.

Try these ideas for modern living room design in small spaces. Have fun remodeling your living room!

Make a small modern living room look bigger with a white nuance and simple furniture. With white nuance give a modern minimalist style.
The neutral living room building features an intelligent mix of antiques, which creates a modern and simple atmosphere. Choose natural white nuance give and elegant and fresh look.

A tinge of bright colors and patterns is a great way to add a little excitement to the modern living room. Bright yellow chairs add to life and excitement but they don’t reduce the focal point of the fireplace.

Modern design is a combination with other styles. It has some traditional architectural bones but the furniture and art tends to be modern. They form an almost transitional style that can appeal to many people.

The combination of black and white graphics is ideal for modern design graphic sensitivity. Sharp lines and sleek silhouettes match acute contrast in color and produce a contemporary and gender neutral appearance.

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