5 Best Vintage Bathroom Ideas in This Year

To plenty of people, vintage bathroom ideas never get old. From cottage-cosy to something chic and sophisticated, you can have your own at home. Of course, to have something classy, a huge effort is needed.

Nearing the end of 2019, you probably consider remodelling your bathroom with vintage style. Here are the five (5) examples of the best vintage bathroom ideas in 2019:


1. The petite form of a sink.

The first impression you get when you see this bathroom is its chic, petite pedestal sink. Its tapered leg and crystal foot show class and sophistication. Add them with a metal chandelier above – and you get.

Antique bathroom ideas with a tiny conch-shaped sink

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Antique bathroom ideas with a small round ceramic sink and an artistic framed mirror
Antique bathroom ideas with square ceramic sinks and antique hanging chandeliers

Image source

Antique bathroom ideas with a small gold sink and lots of other gold accents
Antique bathroom ideas with a dark theme and a cute clam sink

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2. The claw-foot tub.

Let’s go back to the 19th century with the claw-foot tub. The bathtub is placed in the corner of the bathroom, flanked by twin sinks with granite countertops. With the beige wall, this bathroom spells vintage in the most obvious way.

The freestanding bathtub with silver legs is placed next to the window area
The star of the main bathroom is a double slipper claw white bathtub with nickel feet
This traditional main bathroom shows elegance by having a free standing claw bathtub in the corner of the room
A wonderful vintage bathroom with claw-foot tub and artistic rug
A stunning vintage bathroom with clawfoot tub and antique of mirrors

Image source

3. The mixed textures.

Why should the bathroom look bland and boring when it can look hip and vintage? The mixed textures can give it that. For example, you combine a fuzzy rug, fluffy towels, and ruffled curtains. The combination of white towels, white rug, and pattern curtains is a perfect mixture for a vintage look.

Vintage bathroom with floral painted freestanding tub and patterned carpet
Vintage bathroom with plain white curtains and old-fashioned patterned carpet
Vintage bathroom with bluish-white and floral walls on the floor and curtains
Vintage bathroom with floral wallpaper and white freestanding tub
Vintage bathroom with white curtains and floral designs on the carpet

Image source

4. The pedestal sinks.

Pedestal sinks indeed have one weakness: their lack of storage. It is different from the full bathroom vanities. However, a pedestal sink gives a perfect vintage look too in a bathroom. Plus, it does not take up so much space.

Keep it simple with white tiles and pedestal sink for a popular look
In vintage bathrooms, keep the decor simple like this pedestal sink and round mirror

Image source

Vintage bathroom with oval pedestal sink without a mirror but a glass shelf
Vintage bathroom with square pedestal sink with gold-framed mirror
Vintage bathroom with simple pedestal sink and frameless mirror

Image source

5. The oldies for the new look.

Who says old things cannot make anything look new? It is one of the most sensible, vintage bathroom ideas. You can use an old wood ladder as a bathroom display and a rusty table for bathroom necessities or toiletries.

Vintage bathroom ideas with worn wooden stairs that are used as storage space
Vintage bathroom ideas with old wooden cabinets painted in bright blue
Antique bathroom ideas with wooden stairs and candles with stands
Antique bathroom ideas with non-polished brick walls and floors and wedding dresses for decoration
Vintage bathroom ideas with a rugged wooden cabinet and a frameless mirror rests on it

Image source

Vintage also means timeless. With these five (5) vintage bathroom ideas that still look good in 2019, you have one of a kind bathrooms.

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