5 Brilliant Inspirations for Splendid Modern Master Bedroom

What do you prefer for your bedroom a luxurious bed with a high headboard or simple wooden bed, an armchair or upholstered bench, and a bookshelf or TV cabinet? I believe that your head is full of those above questions when you start to design your master bedroom. Just like an idiom says, “the first step is always the hardest”. 

However, this “five brilliant inspirations for splendid modern master bedroom” reading is probably handy for you.


1. White Exudes Calmness 

I am calling all white lovers. This idea will please you a lot. We suggest you apply all-white design to your bedroom. You will be so thankful for that.

White is always charming. It can make the bedrooms look more open and airy due to its awesome light reflection. It exposes the modern room look, calmness, elegance and simplicity to your eyes. 

An amazing indeed has an elegant bedroom with touches and shades of white. In addition to providing a comfortable atmosphere, white color can provide light to perfection in the bedroom. Assisted with furniture and white wall paint in harmony with the nuances of white to inspire

Designing a bedroom does not have to cost a lot. This is one design that you can try, to design your small bedroom. Still about elegant furniture wrapped in white that will make the room more comfortable. Lighting from the window will feel brighter with white reflections in your bedroom.

If we are in a romantic atmosphere, the following can be designs for bedrooms that seem romantic to you to imitate. Combined with white, the main bed is very elegant with thick blankets and white pillows. Decorate a few lights on the wall and on the table makes the night atmosphere will become even more romantic.

For some people, choosing a bedroom design will be very confusing. For those of you who are white, this will be the best reference for bedroom designs. In accordance with the simplicity of design, wooden beds are very neat when combined with white mattresses. And will look perfect when the lighting from the window that provides a bright and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom.

Get a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom certainly not escape from how to design the perfect bedroom. We know in the bedroom that we need you comfort in resting. This is one example of a modern bedroom design that is extraordinary. With a large white bed, accompanied by two lounge chairs and a window to get the atmosphere from outside your room.

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2. Drapery Trick

Window treatment is also an important interior design that supports the look. You must carefully think about what and how to install it. Using a floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall drapery is the best idea to state your modern style.

Adding a curtain rod also manipulates the window look. Layer them in two different tones, possibly bright white and soft peach, to showcase their warm and relaxing bedroom look. 

Bedroom designs do not have to focus on the type of furniture. Dressing up well for decoration like curtains is needed. The function of the window, in addition to providing air circulation and lighting sources other than lights is needed. So it is not wrong if the white design will feel perfect with the addition of long white curtains, which will add an elegant impression to your bedroom

Some design needs for the bedroom can be added with curtains that are arranged and installed perfectly. In addition to beautifying the window, the purple blinds function as a lighting arrangement from the window. So it would be nice if we did not leave the design for the curtains in your bedroom.

In addition to the shape of the curtain also affects the color and design. Yellow gold for example, will look harmonious and luxurious when the interior design of the bedroom uses brown furniture. The harmony that will bring your bedroom design to be very unusual and enchanting to be seen

We choose materials for bedroom curtains. Room adjustments must be adjusted. With two very long windows, this will give the impression of luxury with white and thick material. Especially with aluminum rods that are added artistically to your window design

For some people the design of a large bedroom is his dream. This will be fully supported by a large window as well. Because a large room will need more light. Not separated from the window and large bedroom we talk about curtains as a room cover. The balance between the room and the large window gives a role for the white curtains so that your bedroom looks amazing.

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3. Display your Hobby

Giving the bedroom your personal touch is important to do. For you who love reading, spare your space to a reading spot. A gaming corner is perfect for professional game players. Or, constructing a space for a home studio is a great idea for those who love watching. However, just remember to keep it modern.


Room design for teenagers might be different from the ideas of parents. Like the example below is a bedroom design for teenagers who love soccer. It is clearly seen from the design and furniture, all with regard to football. Even the desk is not separated from the breanding around soccer. This is an amazing idea for bedroom designs for football lovers

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Not a bit much room design like this is a choice for action movie lovers. Obviously a film can be popular, even he is willing to reach a lot of money to be like the characters in the film. This is an example of a bedroom design for action movie lovers. Maybe this will be suitable for your teenager as inspiration

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Not kids if you don’t want to try new things. Here is a creative idea for a child’s bedroom beside which there is a rock climbing area for children who love andrenaline sports. An amazing idea is not, this can be your basic idea when your child likes sports. Please try

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Music may not be separated from everyday life. And for those of you music lovers or love to play musical instruments, this is one of the room designs that are at once with the music designs that you like or for your child. Many people who like musical instruments like guitar, drums, piano and so on. And that can be poured into your bedroom design with some designs and perfect placement in the bedroom area.


For some women in East Asia, they really like the violin. Now for those of you who want to remodel your bedroom with a musical theme, this is an example of a design for those of you who like violin. You will feel comfortable playing the instrument even if you are in the room.

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4. Low-Profile Furniture

Low-profiling your furniture does not mean diminishing your bedroom quality look. In contrast, it helps you to get more look for a modern bedroom such as a low-profile bed with bright and light colors. 

You can also install a futuristic-customized headboard to give it a more sensational display of a bed.

Speaking of bed furniture designs, most are made of wood and iron. The right choice if you choose your furniture with wood. Because the appearance of wood will look more artistic. Especially with headboard decorations at the top, this really adds unmatched luxury to your bed design

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It’s endless when talking about beds. Well, we’re talking about the shape and material for our beds. Here it will be very impressive when you choose a bed design made from wood that will be overhauled to be very charming. With just a little polish, this wooden bed will turn into a design that is extraordinary without reducing the view of your bedroom design

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Not a few bed designs without wearing a headboard. Because the headboard will change the bed to be very awake to be seen. This is one example of a wooden bed equipped with a white headbard. An elegant impression will appear when uniformed between the color of the headboard and the mattress that will give you a resting comfort

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Not separated from the unique design, this white bed looks very attractive. Being in a standard room, the white color display for the bed with the help of light from the window beside it adds to the characteristics of this bedroom to be very impressive. Only with the right and perfect color and lighting selection, a bedroom like this will surely be liked by many people.

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From the black and white design, we know that a bed with white color and a standard headboard for the size of the bed will make the design look more alive. Black walls and some white furniture, make a sense of comfort and romance for the bedroom you want

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5. Play the Lights

People usually forget to design their lighting fixtures for a bedroom. They think that two bedside lamps are enough. However, it does not work that simple for a splendid look of a master bedroom.

Modern chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps, headboard lamps, built-in lamps, and nightstands lamps are some options among many. You can mix and match them with your needs and room size.

Well, let’s start your splendid modern master bedroom.

In addition to lighting from a window beside the bed, a hanging lamp will make the bedroom design more artistic and charming. Appearance of a chandelier that is right on the two sides of the bed will make you spoiled by the perfect light from the lamp.

We really can not be separated from the design of lamps to beautify your bedroom. This is one of the lights to decorate your bedroom. besides those located on the floor with wooden stilts, there are also some decorative lamps hanging. Where all these lights have their respective functions. To relax, study and even to chat with colleagues we can choose which lighting is right for us to turn on.

For modern bedroom decor is very important with the lighting design. The following is an example of a modern bedroom design with led lights located on the headboard. In addition there is also a white chandelier and table lamp beside your bed. For most modern designs, LED lights play an important role to remodel the lighting in your bedroom.

The beauty, the luxury of a bedroom can not be separated from the lighting system in the room. Brperan let lamp is important for the neatness and perfection of light. For decoration we can use deain chandelier in the corner of your room. Or you can also put a lamp next to your bed. So that when all lights are on, the room will look very exotic.

Recently appeared a bedroom design with a dark theme. Fun indeed for some people who like peace. But for some people who don’t like going dark it is a bad idea for them. For this one design, it can be said to be semi dark and bright, because even though the lights are turned on it still looks dark. This is a unique design for you to try.

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