25 Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas for Small Spaces

The contemporary design seems to be the most popular style used for decorating a living room; even the amateur designers often apply it. It represents the current style with a clean and neat look. Plus, the design doesn’t need a lot of living room furniture and decorations. That’s why it is perfect for those who have a small living room.

Are you looking for the best living room design for a small apartment or house? Look at these contemporary living room design ideas.


1. White walls and furniture

A white tone will make a living room look more spacious, cleaner, and brighter. Besides, it also gives a sense of elegance too. That’s why this tone is a great option for painting walls or floor. Adding some white or pale furniture will also work. If possible, make a space between furniture and the walls.

However, note that you need to bring some pop colours as focal points of the room to avoid the dull ambience. Place some colourful and textured cushions, greenery, or paintings as the living room decor.

Don’t afraid to decorate your living room. Combination of white walls and white furniture give a clean ambiance. By adding house plants make a beautiful and fresh impression.
In addition, the selection of colors for house paint like white for walls combined with white couches and patterned pillows, it will give the effect of a spacious room in your living room.
White is a natural color. You can try to make a white walls for your living room. Than you can choose some furniture with other color to make it perfect.
Start with a white walls to make your small living room look spacious and comfortable. Align patterned cushions along the couch to feel comfortable, and wooden tables with flower to make the natural feel of your living room.

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A comfortable living room decoration for you to try. This design use white for the walls, patterned cushions on the sofa and a green plant give  a fresh atmosphere of a small living room.
Simple decoration for your small living room with white color will be easily. Combined with wood furniture in the room give a natural fell.
A neat and comfortable living room design, combining colors is the right way. You can combine white color for walls with dark furniture. In addition to color, you can also add paintings on the walls and greenery to make the room fresher.
You need to know that the choice of paint color and room size is quite influential. In this case, you can choose white walls and furniture and put plants make your living room feel fresh .
many choices to decorate your living room. Shades of white are a good choice to do. The combination of white walls with furniture of the same color gives warmth to your room.

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2. Large Rug

Never underestimate the power of rugs when decorating a living room. A large rug will make your small, living room space look bigger. Place couches or chairs around the rug perimeter to optimise the dimension. You can pick a bold, soft, or even textured rug to match the living room tone.

The presence of a beautiful carpet patterned in a minimalist home can also further warm the atmosphere of the house when the rainy season arrives. You can also combine it with a white seating area with an antique wooden table. Installing a patterned carpet in the living room makes the room so beautiful and warm.
To design a small living room install a patterned rug combined with a white sofa, a wooden table, white walls and windows so that sunlight comes.
The carpet in a small living room can make the maximum change. For example, a patterned carpet combined with white chairs and a wooden table with a chandelier makes the room look classy and spacious.
Impressive color combinations in the living room you need to try, Examples of blue and white patterned carpet, combined with white couches, windows and white walls. The combination of blue and white in the living room to make the atmosphere look spacious and fresh.
It is undeniable that having a narrow space at home makes it difficult for someone to design a room. But do not give up, by entering a flower-patterned carpet combined with white furniture make the living room look fresh. You should try this design.

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3. Multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional furniture can be a good idea for a contemporary living room design. You can have storage under a coffee table or sofa and lidded stools in your small living room.

If you have a small living room, choose multipurpose furniture. Like this white table that functions to store magazines. In addition to storage, this table can also provide drinks with a flat surface.
An impressive living room design for you to try,colors and furniture are very influential in designing a room. White is the main choice, put a storage basket under the table so the room looks neat and spacious
A unique storage in your living room with a green wooden suitcase, to store your valuables. In addition, it also functions as a table to save space while remaining comfortable.
Small living room design with storage under the table, combined with white floor and flower on the table makes the room look spacious and memorable.

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A multi-function table in the living room that made of wooden material, with storage underneath makes the living room look neat and comfortable.

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4. L-shaped sofa

Place L-shaped sofa in the room since it will not take a lot of spaces. You will have some open spaces to sit on the rug. Just put some large seating pillows to make a cosier living room.

A patterned L sofa at the corner for the living room combined with a moss green patterned carpet and a chandelier make the room look an elegant and spacious.

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A patterned rug combined with an L-shaped sofa at the corner of the living room create a sense of comfort and space saving.
L-shaped sofa at the corner of the living room combined with carpet, black table, and some ornaments can create a comfortable feel.
Minimalist living room decoration with a white carpet and letter L sofa is the right furniture to decorate this. Add some ornaments to beautify this.

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Contemporary L-shaped sofa for a small living room you need to try. The combination of wooden floors with patterned sofas, pillows and pictures on the wall makes the room look elegant.

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With a small space you do not need to confuse designing your living room. For example, L-shaped sofa with  patterned pillows, gray walls and a table lamp to make the atmosphere look comfortable.

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Having a small space for living room will not be a problem anymore, right? Note that you need to consider many aspects before applying these contemporary living room design ideas at home. Ready to decorate your living room?

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