5 Creative Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Does your small kitchen make you feel claustrophobic? Is it boring-looking? If that is the case, then we have a situation. Not only we have to do some arrangement, we need to make it look more enticing. This is the right time for you to find creative small kitchen remodel ideas.

No worries, because there are many ways to make your kitchen look and feel more pleasant. These are the 5 examples of creative small kitchen remodel ideas:


1. Let’s downsize it.


With such a small kitchen, you cannot have it all. Focus more on the function. Keep it simple by having what you most basically need in the kitchen, like appliances for food-making. Keep everything small too, from the fridge, the microwave, and the stove.

White kitchen decorating ideas with wood wall accents and floating shelves combined with colorful furniture accents.
The concept was given to the kitchen that uses a combination of wood, stainless, marble, which provides a charming kitchen concept.
A simple kitchen with a focus on function and a complete furniture accent will help you.
Simple kitchen design uses all-white color selection and focuses on internal functions with complete cooking utensils.
The concept of a farmhouse style kitchen with natural colors and complete furniture accents gives a good function.

image source

2. It’s the fixer-upper.


If your small kitchen is right next to the dining room, then why do you need to keep the wall? Tear down the partition, so everybody can see how you cook before their next meal.

White neutral kitchen design combined with glass ball-shaped chandelier.
This is a kitchen design using red brick walls and a wooden countertop accent with a beautiful chandelier accent.
The all-white kitchen decor features white brick walls and a smart layout.
Special small kitchen concept combined with classic pendant lamps and wooden pillars plus marble walls.
Uses shiny gray brick walls and combined features of glass ball hanging lamps.

image source

3. Keep it open.


Just like the previous choice, it is better to keep your small kitchen open. That will keep you away from feeling claustrophobic. It is even better if there is a backdoor to the kitchen. Another alternative: make the kitchen island a dining table too, so you do not need a dining room. You can have a separate dining room outdoors for special occasions if you may.

Small open kitchen design with walls and of course the natural lighting provided from the outside adds a fresh impression.
The feel of a small all-white kitchen with dominant wood material plus an open kitchen accent.
The concept of a small open kitchen with a minimalist cabinet and natural lighting that is not boring.
The perfect attraction in a small kitchen with a charming countertop marble combination.

image source

4. Have some statement lighting.


Nobody will notice how small your kitchen is with the right statement lighting. This is one of the simplest, small kitchen remodel ideas. It is creative too.

Using a lighting statement in a small kitchen is a creative idea and combined with interesting wood-themed accents on the countertop.
Adding lighting statements to a small kitchen combined with a neutral color selection gives the impression of a graceful kitchen.
A small kitchen by adding a black lighting statement will create a good and charming color contrast.

image source

This nice little kitchen uses golden lighting statements and is combined with blue countertop accents and white ceilings.
A cheerful little kitchen with pretty patterned wall accents and a combination of wooden ceilings and beautiful black lighting statements.

image source

5. Let’s mix up some materials.


With a small kitchen, you may need to mix up some of the materials. Whether they are made of wood, metal, or else, use this trick: use the same color or at least a suitable gradient in between.

With these 5 small kitchen remodel ideas, you will not feel suffocated in your own kitchen. It is even better now that your kitchen looks more enticing too.

The concept of a small farmhouse style kitchen combined with wood, brick and stainless features that gives a beautiful impression.
A complete and special small kitchen using stainless countertop wood flooring plus a wooden cupboard.
Shades gave to the kitchen with white flower wallpapers and subway wall accents plus rugs.
Small marble wall kitchen design and dark wood cabinet plus beautiful wood countertop.
The subway white wall concept with wood cabinets and stainless stove provides the perfect small kitchen concept.

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