5 Cute and Compact Small Backyard Ideas

Not everyone owns a huge garden, not even with a swimming pool. However, a small backyard is still better than no garden at all. The trick is how to make it look cute and compact, so it will not just be a messy-looking backyard. Since that is the case, you need some small backyard ideas.

With these small backyard ideas, you can make your backyard feel more like a garden.


1. Add a Well-Designed Cozy Sitting Area

Make your small backyard cute and compact with a well-designed, cozy sitting area. For example, you can add an L-shaped concrete sofa and a makeshift concrete coffee table. They do not take up so much space.

You can take advantage of the large, unused backyard to make a small hut to enjoy the hot weather this time. A long sofa filled with pillows will create an atmosphere of warmth in this place.

Summer does feel during the day, but at night the weather will turn a little cooler. So make a concept of sitting area to relax with your family in front of your house. You can choose rattan seats that are very comfortable with your body.

You can use your home page to create a family gathering place or area. Give a small garden in the form of pots neatly arranged in the corners of your tables and chairs. Rest assured that your brother will like to linger in this place.

Very classic and beautiful. When you first set foot in this place, the stress of a day’s work can easily be relieved. How not, your garden area is so beautiful with a seat in the form of a sofa and decorated with very beautiful flowers.

No need to be fancy, but enough to add a few meters in front of your house, will be able to create a relaxed chat place that is so beautiful. You and your family can see life directly outside the home.

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2. Add an Outdoor Living Room Area, a Dining Table, and Hedges Around

This way, you have two points in your small backyard. The outdoor living room area is more attached to your house, while the dining table becomes the center of the backyard. The hornbeam and boxwood hedges surround the perimeter.

The main point of this view is a stretch of fresh green yard with some plants that are on the wall or on the ground. Coupled with placing a table and chairs to eat, then this page will be more alive to chat with your family and friends.

This decoration carries the way to light a fire to warm the body without consuming large space. Very precisely, by making a long terrace and in the middle was given embers, it was enough to warm the body for the people sitting around it.

If you want a natural atmosphere but still with a warm body temperature, then you can make it that way. Sitting at a table in the middle of a fire, your body is guaranteed to be always warm.

This decoration emphasizes the rural atmosphere inside. Starting from a wooden-walled house. From chairs made with natural wood. Then this place is perfect for those of you who like the aroma of the countryside.

Open area by turning on the furnace, then your body is guaranteed to be warm and maintain your health. Choose a gray sofa so that the color matches your wall made of natural stone. Beautiful is not it.

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3. Turn It into a Multi-Purpose Area

Having a small garden, greenhouse, and dining area in one spot is possible with this idea. You need plenty of vines like ivy plants, small trees, a small dining table, and even a romantic addition in the shape of a swing chair.

House of Wine in your home page. Hem, it’s nice not to be able to pick all the time. Invite your garden friends to feel your greenhouse.

Make a location where you can unwind with your friends. You can relax and enjoy the greenery in your yard.

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Greenhouse in addition to functioning to protect your plants and fertilize them, can also function for us to relax sitting with our family. Give a modern touch to both the sofa and wall decoration.

You need to gather with your friends in an open space, in order to get fresh and pure air from your plants in the yard. Put a long table to be able to accommodate many members when joking and hanging out together.

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4. Join Storage and Style into One

This is one of the practical small backyard ideas. By joining storage and style into one spot, you save so much space. Have a sturdy bench that also works as storage underneath it. Store your gardening tools there.

Make use of the free space in your yard to put your garden equipment. Make a small house with a door to make it easier for you to store your garden equipment.

You can use your yard to store your folding bike. Make cube-shaped crates with wood and decorate it with beautiful plants.

Home and garden can not be separated. The house and garden must be harmonious so that beauty is created in it. So make a small house to store your garden equipment.

Cabinets in your yard you can use to store some of your garden equipment. Such as buckets, spades and others to make it look neat and beautiful.

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5. Divide Things into Levels

This is also another effective small backyard idea. Divide things into levels, so you get to have plenty of different plants on different beds. Have stone steps as the connectors between levels.

Make your yard into your personal flower garden. The initial step is to create a terraced floor so that later plants can grow very beautiful.

Your home page can be a pleasant sight for many people if you are able to make it as attractive as possible.

White gravel from the river is an interesting medium to make your home page more beautiful and natural. Add colored flowers on it to make your home page so attractive.

Green yard with plants. Not with paint or other coloring. Oxygen enters freely in this area. Green your yard with plants that are easy to grow on the wall.

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It is possible to turn your small backyard into something cute and compact. All you need is the right small backyard ideas like mentioned above.

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