25 Farmhouse Style Dining Room Design Ideas for a Warm Ambiance

A dining room is one of the most popular hangout places at the house. While enjoying homemade dishes, you and your family can chatter about all the interesting things at a dining room. So, to bring warmth into this space, these five-farmhouse style dining room design ideas are worth trying.


1. Modern farmhouse dining room table

It will be a great focal point for your farmhouse style dining room design. Creating a bold silhouette, this dining table set will catch everyone’s eyes. Besides, the wood finished top is exquisite with its combination of dark brown and white. Its simplicity also makes this dining set easily blend with other looks.

Not difficult indeed set the design of the dining room with a rustic style. Identical to wood and some table decorations that can create a warm atmosphere. The choice of dark and light paint colors that will further create a classic impression. White and brown are the right color choices for wood.

Creating a rural atmosphere in the dining room does not have to be indoors. This is one example of an attractive outdoor dining room design in a rustic style. Wrapped in brown and white paint will stick perfectly in the wood to create a rustic impression. And pleasure and warmth will be created in your dining atmosphere.

Outdoor dining space is an extraordinary idea. Especially when with a dark brown rectangular table which will be harmonious with an attractive wooden chair with white color.

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Not necessarily with luxury furniture to get an extraordinary dining room design. Enough with a beautiful square table with the right color. Then the luxury impression will be created with several chairs arranged perfectly. This is an idea where a combination of luxury, modern and rustic feels in one idea to get a warm impression.

If you like rustic designs, then a brown wooden table is the right choice for your design. With a little decoration like a chandelier and flower vase that will add to your dining room more attractive.



2. Farmhouse style dining room curtains

Stay simple with the curtain that you will place in the dining room. White is a good choice for creating more natural lighting in the room. On top of that, white is also included in neutrals, which can be easily combined with various designs and decorations.

To decorate windows choose white curtains so that the lighting in the dining room will look brighter and become more comfortable. The design of the curtains must match the size of the window. Then the design of the curtains must make the window more attractive.

There are several types of curtains, some are long, some are short. We must be smart to adjust the curtains with the window design that will be installed. To design a dining room better to use white, because it serves to create lighting from the window so that the room becomes brighter.


In a farmhouse dining room it really needs a window to add lighting from outside. Here, we can take the example of curtains that are right for your dining room window. With the selection of the right white, will provide lighting in your dining room to be perfect.

White is the right choice for the curtains in your dining room. In addition to giving the impression of elegance, white color can provide bias to the light entering through the window, so that the dining room enough to get lighting.

It’s not difficult to design your dining room curtains. Use white curtains if you want perfect lighting from your window. So the atmosphere in the dining room will look bright.

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3. Farmhouse style pendant lighting

For a spacious dining room, installing a slightly large pendant lighting can be an amazing accent. These ceiling pendant lights, for example, can spread warmth throughout the room. Also, its artistic design gives your dining area a unique, rustic look.

In addition to its large shape, lights like this are able to provide enough light. The dining room will look attractive with a chandelier that serves as lighting in the room. Pendant lighting is perfect for the design of a far,house dining room.


The form of lighting in the dining room is really needed. Hanging lamp is the right solution to make your dining room brighter and more attractive. With an elegant design, the chandelier will be the main attraction for the design of your rustic dining room

Quite often we will find the design of a far,house dining room chandelier. In addition to its simple shape, this lamp can contribute broad and bright light.

Speaking of chandeliers for the rustic dining room, this type of large lantern is the right choice to remodel the chandelier design. With black iron and clear glass, will provide perfect lighting.

Still around pendant lights for dining room designs. Combining classic and modern impression with wood and glass materials, this lamp is perfect for lighting up your dining room at night.

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4. Farmhouse style dining chairs

There is no specific model for representing farmhouse-style chairs. However, the application of warm colors is the key to this design style. Additionally, the use of wood material is the main basis to build a natural and warm ambiance into the dining room.

It is not difficult to adjust the design of your rustic dining room. With a wooden table for a rural dining room, the right choice for a chair that made of wooden material. To combine colors, you can choose black when your dining table is natural brown.

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In addition to the color combination you must to be creative about the design of the dining chair. When a rectangular table has been installed perfectly, it is not wrong when we provide a long chair design on one side. In addition to giving broad impression, a long chair is also able to give a comfortable impression to the user.

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Other than this, it is the design of harmony and natural of colors, shapes and materials. Rustic dining room design with integrated brown wood table and brown chairs, so that the elegant impression is created.

This is no longer a beauty, but the luxury design. Why not, when a combination of black is created to paint a table and chairs in your dining room. Without leaving the rustic impression this design is able to be the best for you.

Learning from some of the dining chair designs, this is the simplest and most inexpensive design. But slowness and cheap do not affect function and comfort. With wood base material, which is painted with natural wood base color, this chair is able to look attractive accompanying the dining table in your dining room.

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5. Farmhouse window treatment ideas

You don’t have to waste your budget to draw lovely window treatments into your dining room. Turn used coffee sacks into unique window toppers. Furnish them with stenciled typography to add some artistic value. Also, hang some decorative ornaments on the window to strengthen the farmhouse-style design.

Did you find new inspiration from our farmhouse style dining room design ideas? Then, immediately perform the plans in your dining area. Good luck!


For window cleaning problems, you can use white cloth as a curtain that serves to protect your window. With these fabrics can double function. In addition to protecting the window, the fabric also serves to beautify your window.

Not a bit we forget about cleanliness in the scope of your window. There is an easy and efficient way that you need to try to protect your window. Utilizing transparent patchwork that serves to protect your window from dirt. In addition, the fabric also functions as a regulator of light from the window.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to make your window more attractive. Enough with the white fabric that you can design to beautify your window. In addition, the window cloth also functions as a protector from dirt. With a little decoration of house plants and flowers, the atmosphere will look amazing.

Still about how to take care of your dining room window. Just add cloth accessories next to your window. In addition to beautifying the window, the cloth functions as a protector from the dirt that clings to the window of your dining room. This is an ingenious and efficient idea that you should try.

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Creating a beautiful dining room design can not be separated from how to beautify your window. A rather transparent fabric wrap is an idea that needs to be tried. We can use the cloth to adjust the lighting from outside through the window. In addition, the cloth also serves to protect the window from dirt that will stick to your window.

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It’s an amazing idea if the lighting in your dining room is taken directly from the window. With a large window shape capable of supplying light perfectly. But it would be nice if to take care of our windows wrapped a little patterned cloth. The use of these fabrics to make the window not easy to get dirty, as well as to increase the attractiveness of your window.

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