25 Inspiring Ideas for a Cottage Style Kids Bedroom

To make kids sleep conveniently in their room, parents need to pay attention to the decoration details. An attractive design and decoration can certainly make your kids like to spend lots of time playing, studying, or even sleeping in their room. So, here are five cottage style kids bedroom ideas that you should try.


1. Modern cottage bedroom ideas

A cottage-style room decoration usually includes high artistic content. And, we can bring the same ambiance in your kid’s bedroom by hanging a wooden canoe paddle. Accentuate your wooden bedside table with a decorative candle holder too. Then, give a shot of burgundy in some parts to create a unique look.

Balancing Modern cottage bedroom with natural texture should be tried for the main bedroom wall. Placing wooden furniture and candle holder in the bedroom can add your beautiful bedroom .
One way to beautify the modern cottage bedroom is by choosing simple furniture made of wood. To make your space more beautiful put some ornaments like candle holder and pictures.
Perfect ways to make your bedroom look clean and beautiful is by adding ornamentation around your furniture. To get a warm atmosphere choose natural materials such as wood.
If you want a modern cottage bedroom, one thing to note is to reduce useless items on the table and place simple wall decoration. Placing simple candle holder and some flowers will make your bedroom more beautiful.
One of the keys is controlling furniture such as tables and ornamental plants in your modern cattage bedroom. Just placing simple ornament or several house plants on the table like flowers and table lamp.

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2. Rustic cottage bedroom ideas

Draw your cottage style kids room with a rustic touch. Use neutral colors to build a warmer impression. Plus, attach wooden floors and some earthy decorations to reinforce the concept. Also, hanging your kid’s clothes as a baby is a brilliant focal point on the wall.

rustic cottage-style children’s room using white to make the impression more clean, wooden storage and some simple furniture that will make your child’s room amazing
To get a natural impression, the bedroom furniture can be started by using wooden elements. If the wood elements are already used, don’t forget to match the color shades with natural color to create a warm impression.
If you want to replace a cottage-style kids bedroom with a rustic design, you must replace the interior with wooden materials. You can put shelves and wall decoration to make your room look clean and neat.
Wooden beds will probably make a beautiful rustic cottage bedroom. With a small windows on beside to make a comfortable room.
This rustic bedroom proves that wood can come in many styles. With natural wooden bunk beds and wooden floor, this creative rustic bedroom marries the idea of rustic style.

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3. Small cottage bedroom ideas

Add warmth to your small bedroom with a gorgeous lampshade. Pick one that has a wood finish for a more natural impression. A classic metal bed can save the space as well, without neglecting the artistic side.

Decorating a small cottage bedroom is not easy, you must be correct in the selection of furniture. Add classic lamp shades and metal bed to add a warm atmosphere.
Giving a white feel to your room is a good thing to give a clean impression. Metal beds are sturdy furniture and are suitable for decorating your cottage room.
Many ways to enhance your toilet. The cottage room is one of the room designs that you can try. Choose a white metal bed and lamp shade to sweeten your room.
Using furniture made of metal elements to add a beautiful and unique atmosphere in the cottage bedroom is a great choice. Placing small metal bed and lampshade with wood touch in the bedroom are the characteristic of rustic style.
Combine of wooden and concrete to build small cottage bedroom is perfect to do. You can choose a bed from metal material and lampshade to create a warm impression.

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4. French cottage bedroom ideas

Aside from being luxurious, a French-style bedroom is also spacious and warm. Embrace the bed with upholstered linen. Further, place some pillows with antique motifs, which are one of the French decor traits. Not to be missed, a white finish bedside made from mahogany will complement your French-inspired room.

Your French style bedroom may look beautiful with upholstered fabric and unique patterned pillows. Wooden touch on the floor and headboard is a characteristic of frnch bedroom style.
Perfect bed that made of mahogany will look luxurious with a layer of fabric. White nuance and wooden ceiling make your bedroom more warm.
Your French style bedroom will look spacious and warm with thick upholstered fabric for a perfect bed. Furthermore placing unique patterned pillows will add to the atmosphere of the room to look luxurious.


White furniture made from mahogany will complement your French-inspired room. Wall art and a hanging lamp give your room look elegant.

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5. Beach cottage bedroom ideas

A beach or nautical style decor is very familiar with the use of white and blue. Then choose furniture that is casual and humble. Conversely, avoid glossy or shiny furniture. Another characteristic, which is easily recognized from this style, is the presence of typical beach decorations.

Get cool inspiration from these cottage style kids bedroom ideas. Also, do not limit your creativity when enhancing your little one’s space!

Combination of white and blue will make your beach cottage bedroom look perfect. Simple furniture with white color make your bedroom more clean and stylish.
Besides the paint color, choose best furniture is important to decorate your room. A colorful double bed and some ornaments will is a characteristic of beach cottage bedroom style.
Cottage beach bedroom decoration familiar with the white and blue color. Some ornaments for wall decoration make your bedroom more beautiful and perfect.
Your cottage beach bedroom will look perfect by using blue and white furniture. With large window and wooden touch make your bedroom look elegant and clean.
The favorite color to build a cottage beach bedroom is blue and white. Combine of white walls and blue furniture is a perfect decoration to build a cottage beach bedroom.

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