25 Laundry Room Layout Ideas You Might Never Thought Of

Figuring out what type of laundry room that you want for your house is both an easy and hard decision to make. Since the laundry room is going to be a place where you are going to do your chore day in, and day out, it is best to know more than a few laundry room layout ideas.


1. Transitional Laundry Room Layout 

A transitional laundry room layout is applicable for small laundry room layouts due to its multi-purpose quality. Putting a countertop right above or over the washer provides a place to fold clothes right away and having a hanging rod lets the clothes hang dry.

To add style, transitional laundry room layouts usually offer styles through its glazed-typed tiles.

This is a design for you with a small room. Design the laundry room by placing an iron table which can be folded. Besides the washing machine is located under the table to reduce the place in your narrow corner.

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The design of this laundry room is very minimalist and attractive. Why not, with a small space your comfort in this room will be guaranteed perfect. With a washing machine that is set up and a sliding iron table and a clothes hanger next to it will provide comfort when you are in this room.

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With a minimalist design your laundry room will be neatly arranged. This is a minimalist laundry room design that can inspire you. With the arrangement of machines and dryers that are stacked up as well as a clothes rack to store your clean clothes. Also equipped with an iron table attached to the wall.

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Of the several laundry room designs available, this is the perfect design. Complete with foldable iron table, clothes rack to store your clothes and clothes hangers that give a neat impression in your small laundry room.

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This is a design that will inspire you. Design where a small laundry room will look special. With a simple clothes hanger and storage cabinet that gives extraordinary color to the design of your laundry room.

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2. Traditional Laundry Room Layout 

If you are going for a traditional laundry room layout, know the basic: they use a good amount of brushed aluminum colors. It adds to the laundry room layout an effect of a fresh old feel.

Moving on from the topic of color, traditional laundry room layout usually has laundry baskets around, not alone; they are accompanied by drying racks from various sizes.

Traditional laundry room design like this is the right choice for those of you who like classic designs. With a washing machine and dryer under the storage cabinet and baskets for dirty and clean clothes. So as to sort out which clothes are clean and dirty can be separated in the basket.

Basket is one of the design characteristics of a traditional themed laundry room. Keranang as a place to separate dirty clothes and clean clothes. In addition this design uses a lot of aluminum materials such as the design of the washing machine.

Washing machine with aluminum is one form of attractive traditional design to design your laundry room. Along with iron baskets and rattan baskets for cleaning clothes and also your clothes, this laundry room will look even more attractive.


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Still with a traditional design for your laundry room. The aluminum basket on the table gives an attractive traditional impression. With a perfectly mounted wooden rack makes this room more beautiful. Even in a small room this design gives a spacious impression to your laundry room.

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Here is a traditional laundry room design for you to try. With a small and minimalist space, this room looks attractive with a rattan basket that decorates your inatu cupboard. With the function to sort clothes, this basket is quite traditional.

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3. Pet-friendly Laundry Room Layout

A great laundry room design idea if you are a pet owner and love having him around is to have a pet-friendly laundry room layout. It usually fits into a more spacious laundry room. Give your pet a designated haven in your laundry room, one in the corner with a 30 x 30 inches size with a pet bed in it. Now he is ready to be your laundry buddy.

If you like cats, for example, they will become friends when you are in the laundry room. With you making a cage in the laundry room under the washing machine, then when you do activities in the laundry room, your pet will faithfully accompany you.

Dogs are sweet pets. If you are very fond of this animal, maybe you can make a cage near your laundry room. In addition to making pets comfortable, you will also be able to be accompanied when you are in the laundry room.

If you are confused about placing your pet, you can make your favorite dog kennels in your laundry pour. Besides not taking up a lot of places, you can be accompanied when you are active in the laundry room.

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Besides you get your favorite friend while in your laundry room, you will get the comfortable and calm impression. This is a form of your love for your beloved animal. Placing your beloved dog kennel in the laundry room is the right choice. You will get a true friend while in the laundry room.

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If you love your pets, make a decent home for them. If you want a friend while in the laundry room, then you can make animal cages in the laundry room. Because your pet will faithfully accompany you when you do work in the laundry room.

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4. Small Laundry Room Layout

A laundry room does not always have to have a ‘room’, be witty enough with your tight space and turn your coat closet into a small laundry room. This laundry room organization idea will be a great laundry room layout with a stackable washer and dryer. Install lower cabinet for storage and add a pull-out sorting table.


Here is a laundry room design with perfect arrangement in your minimalist little room. By stacking washing machines and dryers and placing a mini clothesline next to it. In addition, small cabinets and shelves where the laundry equipment is also neatly installed.

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If you want a small laundry room design, this can be a reference for you. With a semi-enclosed room this design is neatly arranged with a washing machine and stacking dryer. Beside it there is an iron table which can be folded and several shelves for storing laundry tools.

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Not difficult if you only have a narrow room. Your laundry room can be arranged neatly by stacking washing machines and dryers. Beside it will be installed a closet to diverge clothes. So don’t be confused when you only have a small space to design your laundry room.

This design may be what you’re looking for. With a small room, your laundry room can be arranged neatly. Place a clothes rack and several baskets to sort clothes. And your washing machine and dryer stack. then the design will look neat and attractive.

This amazing design is created, when you can stack your washing machine and clothes dryer and put a clothes rack next to it. Then all the needs and neatness will be maintained in your laundry room.

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5. In-bathroom Laundry Room Layout

Some people love a multi-purpose bathroom, having your laundry room in the same area as your bathroom minimizes maintenance and maximizes space.

The great thing about in-bathroom laundry room layout is that you can hide your laundry room by bringing along a laundry closet to keep it out of sight and open when needed.

At this time many people like the minimalist design. It is not wrong if we discuss about the design of the laundry room that becomes one with the bathroom. Besides minimizing the room, this design is able to give a simple impression.

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This is an amazing design. Putting together a laundry room with a bathroom like this will inspire those of you who have narrow and small spaces. You will get two uses in one room.

Maybe this is not the first time. Design a laundry room into one with a bathroom. You can put the washing machine and laundry equipment beside the toilet by closing it with the door. Impressively open, and hopefully inspire you

Artistic and amazing designs may have been designed for this. Minimize the room by placing a washing machine and dryer in the bathroom. What an amazing idea. Now you do not have to bother designing the laundry room and bathroom money if the tone only has a narrow room.

Still about the design of the laundry room that integrates with your bathroom. You can cover the washing machine and put laundry tools in a storage cabinet next to the bathroom sink. In addition to saving space, this design is perfect for those of you who are lazy to get in and out of the room just to wash and shower.

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Out of these 5 laundry room layout ideas that we’ve told you, which one are you most excited to have?

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